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Chapter 60: You love Xin Mei!

"Mister Su, you don't need to do anything to throw her out of your mind. The more you try the deeper her thoughts will affect you." Psychiatrist spoke with much politeness.

"After hearing from you and seeing your eyes and facial expressions, I can say that you are in love with this girl. You love her very deeply that now she is affecting you both physically and mentally."

"Not possible doctor," Su Yuchen immediately protested. "I love my Mian."

"That's your problem mister Su. You are being stubborn that you love your Mian. That's why you are not able to comprehend your deep feelings for Xin Mei." Psychiatrist stood up and walked toward Su Yuchen. She gently placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Mister Su, I have been seeing you for the last two years. I have seen your craze for Mian. I have seen your sufferings before. In the past I had suggested you to let Mian go and today also I will suggest the same to you."

"You are searching for Mian like crazy which you don't even know if she is alive or not. You love her crazily when you don't even know if she loves you or not. You should not forget about the fire which had broken out in your orphanage ten years back. No one came out alive. We can't say if Main died in that fire or not."

Tears filled in the eyes of Su Yuchen who said with very stubbornness. "I know she is still alive. Mian can't die."

He was about to stand and leave the clinic but the doctor stopped him. She pressed her hand hard on his shoulder and pushed him down.

"That's your problem, my child. You think she is still alive. You aren't ready to part away from Mian, a part of your childhood. I don't think you have ever loved her, you just seek your Mian to fight your loneliness."

"A few months back, you have told me that you didn't remember your Mian when spending time with your grandparents and I had told you the same reason. At that moment, you didn't need to seek for Mian to fight your loneliness."

She tightened her grip on his shoulder. Body of Su Yuchen was shaking. He wanted to stand up and leave her cabin. He can't let anyone say that he seeks his Mian only to fight his loneliness.

"I get it that Mian was an important part of your life. You had spent nine years of your life in her company. She was your family for nine years. But she is no longer here. You can't hold her forever. She cannot remain your source to fight loneliness."

"Your heart also knows this but you are not ready to accept the reality. Now you cannot wait for your imaginary Mian to return. That's why your heart has decided to fall in love with Xin Mei. You want to have her in your life."

Su Yuchen stood up angrily and glared at his psychiatrist. "I don't love Xin Mei. I love only Mian. She is my one and only." He spoke before making his way toward the clinic door.

"Su Yuchen, I advise you not only as your psychiatrist but also as your aunt, life has given you a second chance by making you fall in love with Xin Mei. Don't let this chance go because of your stubbornness. It will be good for you to accept the reality that you are in love with Xin Mei."

Su Yuchen didn't wait for another second before leaving the clinic. Words of his psychiatrist aunt were continuously ringing in his mind. Had he sought Mian to fight his loneliness? Was he really in love with Xin Mei?

Full day, he couldn't concentrate on anything except for the words of his aunt. He wanted to yell and throw things aside. He didn't know what he wanted. He tried to remember his Mian but what he saw was the face of Xin Mei.

During the night, with a lot of guts, he messaged Xin Mei with a 'Hi.'

He didn't know about what he was going to talk with her but he wanted to talk with her. He wanted to speak with her.

When his mobile beeped with the message from Xin Mei, warmth spread in his heart. All the suffocation which he was feeling from the morning was gone. The realization was dawning upon him that he loved her.

Su Yuchen didn't know how to tell Xin Mei that it was him, Su Yuchen. Before his mind could form anything, his hands were automatically typing and he had sent a message, 'The man to whom you have proposed for marriage.'

He cursed when he read the words of his message. How did he become so bold that sudden. She probably didn't remember that night and now he had to remind her that night.

Su Yuchen sent another message to Xin Mei and closed his eyes in frustration. He reread the messages and now he was sure that Xin Mei was going to avoid him at any cost.

He felt pain in his heart upon the thought of her ignoring him. His guess came right when Xin Mei didn't message him back.

Fear and loneliness crept in his heart, the same fear and loneliness which he used to feel for his Mian.

And at that movement, he realized that he had indeed fallen in love with Xin Mei. He didn't know how strong his feelings were but he was sure that he was in love with her.


In a blink of eyes, many days flew away. Xin Mei tried her best to avoid Su Yuchen and Su Yuchen tried to avoid her. He visited the sets a lot of times but never met her nor she met him. They moved around each other like strangers.

Su Yuchen was still very confused with his feelings for Xin Mei. He didn't want to give any wrong hopes to her before clearing his mind about her. For a major part of his life, he had loved Mian, he couldn't push her back just like it.

Where Xin Mei was feeling embarrassed about her proposal in her drunken state. So she maintained a distance from him.

Xin Mei continued to receive gifts from that mysterious person, SZ regularly. Now she had her personal massage chair, cooling pad and portable air-conditioner on the sets. She had also received many movie tickets, sponsored dinner in some expensive restaurants and many more other expensive things.

Looking at her gifts, other female stars had tried their best to flatter Xin Mei but soon they turned their side to Zhou Mingyu, they all realized that the mysterious sender of Xin Mei sent gifts only for her. There was no use for them to flatter Xin Mei.

On the other side, Zhou Mingyu had asked Qian Fan to send her gifts daily with anonymous names. The gifts were always such that she could share with her colleagues and lock them by her side. She always showed off that her fans were also sending her gifts where all the gifts were from her pocket or the pocket of Qian Fan.

Xin Mei could only sigh and look at her colleagues. They were all like twisting toys. They kept changing sides. They didn't love anyone. They loved themselves and always follow the person who could give them benefit.

"God, save me from selfish girls like them." Xin Mei sent a small prayer to the god and looked at Zhou Mingyu who was enjoying fake flattery from others.


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