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2.58% Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife / Chapter 10: You will see my Revenge.

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Chapter 10: You will see my Revenge.

Next day, Xin Mei invited Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan at her home when no one was present. She wanted to know why? But she didn't want her parents to know how they both had cheated on her.

Her family hadn't liked Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu much but they born their attitude because they were close to Xin Mei.

Her father despised the working method of their fathers but he helped them because of the pleadings of Xin Mei and what she got in return? Their betrayal!

"Xin Mei, Why did you call me in so much urgency? You know I was shooting. I come here only because you said that it was urgent."

"I will tell you. But first, we should wait for Qian Fan."

"You have invited bro…" before Zhou Mingyu could complete, Qian Fan entered in her room. He was looking confused.

"Why have you called me Xin Mie?"

"Qian Fan. Come, come, I was waiting for you only."

Qian Fan frowned upon hearing her. It had been so long that he had heard Qian Fan from her mouth instead of bro Fan.

Xin Mei smiled toward him but he found something odd in her smile. Same was the case of Zhou Mingyu, in her guts she felt as if something was wrong.

"Meimei, why have you called us here?"

"I called you because I wanted to congratulate you both for your anniversary." Xin Mei beamed. Her smile was so chilling that it made Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan froze.

"I was so blind, wasn't I? You two had fooled me for so long but I never doubted you both. Two most important people of my life were cheating behind my back and I was so ignorant towards them. I want to laugh at myself."

"What do you mean by anni-anniversary? Who cheated behind your back?" Zhou Mingyu spoke up but there were traces of nervousness in her voice. She clutched her fist hard to control her anxiousness.

'How come Xin Mei got to know that she and Qian Fan were cheating behind her? Her whole plan will get destroyed if her facade is to be removed at that very moment.' Zhou Mingyu thought.

She bit on her lips in worry and flattered her eyes toward Xin Mie.

"Do you doubt on your Mingyu that I am having an affair with bro Fan behind your back? Don't you trust your Mingyu? You know that I treat you like my sister then how can I do something so gross like this?"

"Aren't you a good actress?" Xin Mei scoffed. Her eyes were blank of any emotion.

"You had fooled me with your acting for so long. But now I know that your friendship was only an act. You both..." she pointed her index finger toward Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan, "...You both were acting all this while, you acted that you care for me but behind my back you both were using my innocence. You never truly cared for you."

She pointed her finger toward Zhou Mingyu, "you never thought me as your best friend but as a stepping stone to your success." Then she looked at Qian fan, "And you never really loved me. You were always using my love to achieve success. Weren't you?"

"It's not like that Meimei." Qian Fan spoke up. He couldn't let Xin Mei doubt his love especially when he and Zhou Mingyu were planning something big in which they needed her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/you-will-see-my-revenge._38267452991271204">;s-bewitching-wife_14208050205641905/you-will-see-my-revenge._38267452991271204</a> for visiting.

"I love you and you only. That's why I have proposed you to be my girlfriend. I have talked to my parents that you and only you will become my wife."

"Really? Is it so?" Xin Mei chuckled before she pulled out a photo from her shirt pocket. The photo was of Qian Fan. He was on his knees proposing to Zhou Mingyu. "If you love me and only me then why are you proposing to my supposed to be best friend?"

Xin Mei looked at the pale faces of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. The entire smile vanished from her face. Traces of sadness appeared on her face and tear glittered in her eyes.

"Why have you cheated me like this? I trusted both of you but behind my back, you both cheated me? Why?" There was so much pain in her voice that it could break the heart of any person.

"Why didn't you both tell me that you both were in love? Why did you cheat me? Why?" She broke down and took the hold of the collar of Qian Fan.

"Why did you cheat me Qian Fan? Why? What wrong I have done? Why?"

She shouted and punched on the chest of Qian Fan. She also called names to Zhou Mingyu after losing control over her emotions.

"You want to know the truth right? Then listen, I cheated you because you were a princess born with a silver spoon in your mouth unlike me." Qian Fan yelled before pushing her away from him.

"From the moment I had seen you I knew that you were my key to success. My father told me that your father was a big name who could help him in business. So I decided to use you to get the desired benefit and you like a fool had given me everything which I needed to make Qian corporation a big investing company."

"Xin corporation had started so many projects and I knew that if my company got to invest in them then we will earn a great profit and it happened. All thanks to your help."

Xin Mei froze upon hearing him. What she had thought once was coming true. Qian Fan had always used her as a stepping stone for the success of his own company.

"Xin Mei, I had never loved you. I had always loved Zhou Mingyu. She is the one made for me. I am glad that you got to know our secret. Now we no longer need to hide our relationship from the public."

Xin Mei gasped in pain and looked at Zhou Mingyu. "Mingyu, why did you cheat on me?"

"Because my father told me to do so. You see our fathers are business rivals and he needed a spy."

Xin Mei stumbled back on hearing her.

"Moreover, I needed your uncle to become the actress which I am today. You really are a fool, Xin Mei. You gave up your bright future and worked very hard to make me the best actress. You made me the goddess in the film industry." Zhou Mingyu mocked with a chuckle.

Tears were flowing from the eyes of Xin Mei as she looked at Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan. Their facade was removed. Now they were making fun of fooling her. Xin Mei scolded herself for being blind. For always defying anyone who tried to open her eyes that Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan weren't true to her.

"Out…both of you get out of my house. I am loathing myself for becoming friends with you two evil. Get lost from my life. I don't even want to see your faces." Xin Mei yelled at the top of her lungs. "From now on, this Xin Mei doesn't know you both. I have only hate and hate in my heart for you."

After taunting Xin Mei to their full, Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu left her house. There was happiness on their faces after seeing that heartbroken face of Xin Mei but there was also sadness because soon enough they were planning to dupe money from her. Now they had to find some other source of money.

Xin Mei who was left alone in her room broke down into loud sobs. Her heart was clenching with so much pain. She felt that her whole life was a big joke.

What not had she done for Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan? She became a completely different person to be suitable as the wife of Qian fan. But what did she get in return?

So many times, she had fought with her parents to help the parents of Qian Fan and Zhou Mingyu. She had made her father suffer so many losses. More tears left from her eyes upon thinking the loss which she had brought upon her father.

She covered her face in the loss. She had reached her limits of despair.

For the whole night, she cried in her room. She didn't listen to the call of her parents and her brother. She was feeling embarrassed to face her family, the family which always tried to open her eyes yet at the same time supported her.

Xin Mei walked toward the table and looked at a group photo of three of them. Tear burned her eyes before those tears turned into fury.

When she looked at the smiling faces of Zhou Mingyu and Qian Fan she felt as if a fire was burning in her heart. A fire of revenge!

At that very moment, she had decided that she would be having her revenge. She would snatch everything from those two. She would snatch the crown of the best actress from Zhou Mingyu and would snatch away the business of Qian Fan, at the same time she would break them apart.

"Till now you both have seen my innocence. Now you will see my revenge."


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