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28.57% Harry Potter and the Demigods / Chapter 2: Gringotts

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Chapter 2: Gringotts

Vasenya hold her child's hand firmly. With stable steps, she glided upward the grand marble staircase.

Valkorion took in the surrounding quietly, he glanced toward the burnished bronze doors in amazement. Standing guard at the door, two goblins wearing red and gold suit look at them. They stare at them for a minute, before their mouth come agape.

Vasenya keep on walking up the steps of the door. She does not faze at the attention she was gaining. Her head held high like a proud peacock, she arrive at the bronze door. She stopped for a moment, her eyes wander across this doors in reminiscence.

The bronze doors are massive, their metallic colour still gleam brightly in the sunlight. On the door are magnificent murals, etched on exquisitely by the craftsman. The murals in question depicted story of the mighty Olympians, and lore of their children, the demigods. The centerpiece of the doors is a depiction of a man holding a thunderbolt, depicting and expressing his mighty power.

These murals give of an atmosphere of power and might of time long pass. A message to all intruder, who dare to stole from this place.

Vasenya pushed open the bronze doors, and go inward. Her hand gripped tightly around her child, making it seem like she was unwilling to let go.

Valkorion look around the entrance hall in wonder, this must be his fiftieth time spinning his head around. The main thing he look at is the massive silver doors inside. He was squinting, trying to read the poem that the goblin has left behind. A wry smile touched his lips, the poem were so abrazzen yet the security was so lax.

There were murals on this door too, but not of the same pantheon. The murals depicted what is to be assume two sets of gods, battling one another in a massive war. The battle was fierce, but in the end a symbol reigned on top of this land. Valkorion recognised that symbol, the symbol of the patron god of Europe. The triquetra, the symbol of Odin.

As he was gawking around, a symbol caught Valkorion eyes. It seemed to look like a hammer, with its head pointed downward. No doubt about that, the symbol must belong to Thor.

The symbol seemed to instinctively drawn him toward its and Valkorion want to respond. As he reached his hand out to touch the symbol, his mother grabbed his shoulder. Vasenya beamed a smiled toward Valkorion, and leaded him inside.

Through the massive silver doors, that has been guarded by two goblins as well. Valkorion finally step in to the Wizarding Bank, and it was majestic to be hold.

The giant hall was hold up by massive pillars, each pillars disguised as a statue hold up the entire hall. The face of the statue was detailed and life like, each one hold a different emotion, a different souls. The body type of the statues was different as well, some were famished, while other musculars. Each however, are doing their part, holding up the massive roof.

Valkorion can count five massive chandelier hanging above him, each were glamorously decorated by gold and diamond. There light refracting from the crystal, shine every corner of the hall. Each corner of the room were covered in French decor, making them look like the king's palace. The oval windows were painted glass, but light enough for natural light to pass through. The silk purple curtains draped on the side of each windows, making the entire hall look quite lavish.

Oak counter lined the two side of the halls, with wax dripping down their side. On each counter, a goblin is doing calculation with a golden scale, their desk are covered in Galleons. At the end of the hall, a massive desk stood above the rest, with a stoic goblins sitting their; his eyes survey the employee like a hawk. Valkorion can see many witches and wizard doing transaction with the goblins, their discussion was unknown to him. None of them however, are doing business with the head goblin, a strange sight from the perspective of the books.

Vasenya stepped into the hall confidently, she look around for a bit. As if seeing every desk was full, she stride confidently toward the head goblin.

"I wish to open my vault" Vasenya demand the head goblin. Her voice was neither soft or hard, but it's very persuasive.

The head goblin look at her face, he seemed frozen when he recognized who he was talking too. He hurriedly get of the podium, and run to the front of the hall. His action has drawn attention toward Vasenya, but she doesn't mind.

The goblin finally got down from his countered, strangely enough he want forward and kiss Vasenya's hand. He look up in admiration, which surprise many wizard in the surrounding area. He croaked loudly toward Vasenya

"Welcome back home, Madam Barassac. You should've told me you were coming today, I would've been more prepare." The goblin tried to put out his best smile.

Hearing Vasenya last name, witches and wizard started to whisper excitedly. Some of them started to cry, while other look at her with reverence. Vasenya seemed to be acquaintanced toward this type of behaviour: she merely smiled at the goblin.

Her beautiful smile seemed to let everyone in a daze, they have never seen anything quite as beautiful. Taking advantage of the rare silence, Vasenya voice rang out across the hall.

"I would like for you to hurry up, head goblin. All this attention has scared my child" She spoke quickly, not letting him continue."Here is the key to the Vault, I hope you can arrange the cart for us."

"Right away, Madam Barassac. The cart and its driver would be here shortly" Said the head goblin. His attention was fully on Valkorion, trying to see the new heir of the Barrasac family.

Moment later, a cart driver came up from the rail system for the Vaults. He hurriedly escort the pair of mother and son toward the cart. When the cart finally leave, wizard and witches in the bank started gossiping about the new child. Soon the gossips would spread to the streets, instigating people to wait outside of Gringotts.

The source of these chaos was sitting in the cart with his mom. He look at her questioningly, hoping she would answer him about what just happened. However, Vasenya just smiled and ruffled his hair. She merely pats his head, and look outside the cart. Seeing his mother poor attempt at dodging an explanation, Valkorion just sighed tiredly.

The cart was travelling quite fast, image blur past Valkorion, allowing him to see nothing. The cart travel in this labyrinth of rails and tunnels, couple with the dimly lit caves, it make Valkorion quite nauseous. However, everytime he was about to puke, his mother soothes him down considerably.

Finally, the cart slowed downed. Valkorion was presented in front of him a giant shifting wall of mercury like substance . The goblin smiled and shoved both of his hand again the wall. The wall seemingly absorbed his hand in to its, moment later he take his hand out of the substance. The mercury slowly spread out, forming a hole big enough for the cart to fit through.

The cart sped up one more time before coming to a full stop. Valkorion wobbly step out of the cart, his mother saw this and just elected to pick him up. Valkorion look around his surrounding, he was quite surprised in the architecture marvel before him.

Calling it a bank within a bank would be an understatement. The whole structure was made out of marble, with many doors banching outward. The middle of the infrastructure was an fountain, that was spewing out crimson liquid. Each of the doors was made out of a black metallic substance, with a slot to insert what's presumably the key.

Vasenya slowly moved to the far right one, she slowly insert her wand in the sockets to open the door. The door open with a slow creaked, and the shining splendor inside was reveal.

Gold Galleons laid across the floor in mountain like shape, many accessories can be seen lay all over the place. Jewels and gem laid a strewn on pile of galleon, making it shine marvelously. The most valuable thing in the Vault though are knowledge, and material. You can see massive bookshelf holding thousands of manuscripted in spell and dark arts. You can also see brewing materials that are extremely rare from distant land, lay in container.

Vasenya grabs a couple hands full of Galeon and a long package before closing her Vault. Shielding Valkorion eyes from the natural splendors of her riches. With everything done, the duo goes back up to the surface.

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