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Chapter 4: Souvenirs

Valkorion look closely at the girl. His eyes squinted lightly; he look confuse and bewilder. His astonishment does not escape the girl sight. She smiled brightly while turn her chin slightly upward, her eyes carefully probe him.

Valkorion did not know what to say toward the action the little girl has displayed. Standing in front of him, the cruelest Death Eaters ever known to the Wizarding World, displaying the haughtiness of a five years old. He felt his image of the dark witch was shattered indefinitely. However, there was no denying that the little girl in front of him is Bellatrix Lestrange; their every feature was incredibly familiar. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Valkorion snap out of his stupor; while still bewilder he reached out to shake the girl hand."Hello, my name is Valkorion. It is quite nice to meet you Bellatrix." He smiled gently as he take the girl hand, stunning Bellatrix for a few second.

A slight tinge of red appear on Bellatrix's cheek before quickly disappear."Nice to meet you too Valk...Volko...Valer.." Her brows scrunch together as she tried to pronounce the word. Her cheek flushed in embarrassment in the process.

Seeing Bellatrix struggle with the unusual name, Valkorion let out a small smile."You can call me Val for short." The little girl nodded intensely, her eyes full of relieve.

"You can call me Bella too, if you like. It's my family nickname for me." The girl blurted out quickly as if she had not think about it. Moment later, she covered her mouth with her dainty hands; shock about what she just said.

Seeing the girl about to cry; Valkorion quickly find ways to cheer her up. Confused, and extremely antisocials; he quickly hold her hands to make her stop; an action his mother has always done to him.

Seeing the boy took her hand, Bellatrix turned extremely quiet. Her face slowly heat up as she fidgeted about; this was the first time a boy hold her hand. She was extremely nervous; trying not to mess the situation up by crying.

After a few minute, Valkorion slowly let goes of her hand. He stood there and watch the girl for a minute; his eyes staring straight at her eyes. Soon enough, he flashed her a smile, before dragging her along to find cool stuff.

They've found many interesting trinkets in their interesting adventure. A whiskey glass that constantly refill itself; a giant book that only have a row of moving words; a tea kettle that will not shut up; along with many other.

Among the many useless item, both Val and Bella have chosen their favourite trinkets to bring home with them. A worthy feats in this maze of junk magicals items and trinkets.

Bella in true crazy witch fashion, has chosen a magical dagger to bring home with her. The blade of the dagger were pitch black; with many saw like tooth covered the blade edges. It has a golden curved handle that allowed you to grip the blade in a fist; with each punched be able to puncture your opponents. She has taken in by the blade with a sadistic smile on her face; demonstrating what she could be in the future.

The best part of the dagger was that it was enchanted. On the body of the sleek, black dagger, runes can be found all throughout. Bella, in an act of demonstrating her heritage, has identify the dagger to belong to Polaris Black; a wizard of the Merlin's Era and her ancestor.

Bella is quite happy finding the dagger; demonstrated by the fact that she keep fiddling with weapon.

Val on the other hand, have found an intriguing magical coin. The coin is bigger than a Galleon, but small enough to make it dance around his fingers.

On one side of the coin, a bugs was engraved inside of the coin. The carapace of the bug had a menacing skull; hover above its. The bugs was surrounded by two skulls, and flying banners with words on its.

The other side was decorated with a bundle of goldens arrows passing through a smaller golden coin. The smaller golden coin shown a flying demon, playing violin in the sky; with a menacing grin on his face. There were ridges surrounding the golden coin; if look at carefully rows of sharp teeth can bee seen. Flying banner was once again shown to be surrounding the coin, with tiny words scribble in.

What interested Val the most, were not the coin in of itself. No, what interested him were the words; a phrase in latins that read "In diaboli speramus." Both side of the coin have these words engraved upon them; proving their importance and can not be underestimated.

Satisfy with the gains he got from this shop, Valkorion walk back toward his mother. His mother have now finally finished her shopping; she was standing there talking to the Black family and the shop owner, Eobott Casia. With Bella in tow, Valkorion quickly make his way to her.

Vasenya was quite surprised to see her son come back with the Black's eldest daughter. By the look of its, the two children quickly becomes friends; a fact that she took in stride; as was Bella family. She hastily walk over to the childrens to greet them; with the Black family in tow.

Upon nearing the two childrens, she noticed that they were each carrying a souvenir. Bella with her Polaris Black's dagger and Val with his silver coin. On their faces traces of longing and reliance on the object can be found.

Bellatrix, the boldest of all, happily show her new treasure to her family. She present them the dagger like an achievement; an achievement that both her parent seem to appreciate. They talked to her about the dagger; happily buying the blade for their daughter.

Valkorion on the other hand, shown the coin to his mother. Vasenya slowly examine the coin; flipping it two side carefully. Her eyes scrutinise each engravement inside the coin; her finger tracing along the archaic word. After a few minute, she give the coin back to her son. She ruffle the boy hair before buying it from Eobott; who was all to please to make the deal.

The duo stay inside the shop a bit longer; waiting for Vasenya's order to be place. They've continue talking to the Black family, who were very pleased with development. Druella Rosier, Bellatrix's mother even asked to add their family address to Vasenya's floo network; to which Vasenya gently agreed.

Within a few minute, Eobott Casia come back with thirty feet of parchment floating next to him. The parchment were filled with words; scribble so incoherent only the writer could understand. Valkorion sighed with relief seeing the man came back quickly; he had to suffer Cygnus Black speech of how to be a respectable wizard for long enough.

Vasenya quickly took out her wand to seal the deal with Eobott Casia. After a few minute, the deal has finally been settled; earning a sigh of relief from Vasenya. She quickly say her goodbye to the Black family; well as quickly as a wealthy woman could anyway.

Standing a bit further back, Valkorion just watched as the scene unfold before him. He quietly watched before getting a slight tug to his sleeve. Turning around, he saw Bella looking at him; her eyes look slightly downcasted.

"Will I ever see you again?" She quietly ask, her face lowered toward the ground.

"Sure you will. Didn't our mothers exchange address? After we got our floo network working, you can visit anytime you want." Valkorion said happily, trying to cheer the girl up.

"Are you sure?" She ask again, this time a bit more happy.

"Yeah, pinky promise." With that said, Valkorion show his pinky toward her. The little girl happily accept, crossing her pinky with his.

After the goodbye, the duo quickly left toward another shop; trying to buy more stuff along the way.

Vahone Vahone

Next time, we continue to shop for more items.

Stay tuned for the next episode of Dragon Bal...wait a minute.

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