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Chapter 6: Akatosh's blessing

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As soon as I took the wand out of the box, I knew that my worst fear had come true. I felt the wand's discomfort at my touch. It's not that the Wand didn't recognise me as its owner, but rather, it sensed the changes in me, and it did not approve of them. Our natures do not match anymore.

12" in length, Rowen wood with a Unicorn hair core.

Rowen wood, great for defensive magic, has never been owned by a dark wizard and is happiest when placed with someone clear-headed and pure-hearted.

Unicorn hair, the most faithful of cores but most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts and prone to melancholy if mishandled.

I may consider myself clear-headed, but in reality, I can be quite temperamental, purity of my heart is debatable at best and when it comes to Dark Arts, I am touched by death itself. I can see why my wand does not like the changes that it senses me.

It is only the faithful nature of the core that is keeping it from rejecting me.

"Wing-gar-dium Levi-o-sa," I said with a Swish and Flick of my wrist, targeting a piece of paper.

This time I was able to gently lift the paper. I could feel the resistance from the wand and I had to concentrate a bit harder to overcome that resistance. It was as if the wand was showing its displeasure by not doing its job properly.

'This is going to be a problem, how am I going to face the likes of death eaters with a wand that fights me every step of the way, it is only a matter of time before it explodes in my face.'

Hogwarts is not your average boarding school, with the number of things Harry Potter faces in the series, I am not comfortable with anything less than the death stick, let alone a wand that's a wrong spell away from blowing in my face.

'This can't be happening, I am not even a gifted wizard, to begin with, without a proper wand, I am not going to have an easy time at Hogwarts.'

"I will need a new wand, I wonder if I have enough money."

I pulled out a box from among the pile of magical toys under my bed, this simple-looking wooden box was my treasure chest.

I open the lid to reveal its contents.

A small wooden figurine of a Griffin guarding a stack of chocolate frog cards, some gold, silver, and bronze coins and a few other small trinkets.

The Griffin came to life and let out a cute scream at me that sounded like a screech and a growl at the same time. I rubbed my finger on its tiny beak and it let out another cute scream and then went back to sleep. I took out all the coins and counted.

"Three galleons, seven sickles and fourteen knuts."


This is not enough, even if it were, how am I to explain why I need a new wand? I just got it last week from Ollivander's.'

"I wish there was another wand shop…"

Everything went quiet for a moment and I felt a sharp pain in my chest followed by a loud heartbeat.


I felt a sudden surge of warmth arise from my heart that was now beating like a drum, it slowly spread through my whole body making me swallow a huge breath and throw my head back.

Soon my body was covered with sweat, and I could feel a strange power pumping through my veins, my non-existent muscles started to swell as if I just had an intense workout.

As my heartbeat calmed a little and my breathing became normal, a dense dark mist-like substance with white flashes of light mixed in it started to come out of my chest and formed a black screen with a bright seal of Akatosh shining in the middle.

'What in Merlin's name is happening to me?' I thought as I tried to touch it, but my hand disappeared into the black screen. I would have doubted my eyes, but I could feel it with my hand. It felt like running my hand through a stream of water but only It was a lot softer, somewhere between liquid and gas.

As I was beginning to question my sanity, the shining seal of Akatosh in the middle dispersed and transformed into a list of items. The messy list included all kinds of things.

'Is this real? I have a shop in my body and it's Skyrim-themed?'

"Can I buy spells tomes here?" As soon as I said that, the list transformed again, and this time it only showed spell tomes. These were all novice-level spells from the game.

[Alteration: Candlelight, Oakflesh.

Conjuration: Bound Dagger, Bound sword, Conjure Familiar, Raise Zombie.

Destruction: Flames, Frostbite, Sparks.

Illusion: Clairvoyance, Courage, Fury.

Restoration: Healing, Lesser Ward.]

A/N: Removed CC spells that I had previously included.

"Merlin's beard, this is bonkers."

I thought about what else was there and was presented with a list of all the other items in the shop. It was a little disappointing, there were only novice spell tomes, a lot of level-one potions, poisons, a few food items like apples and carrots, a few jewels, iron ores and iron ingots.

"Not much, but it will do for now, I'm sure there will be more in the future."

'Now what to buy first? Let's see here, the cheapest spell is bounded dagger and it's 38 septims'

"Now where in the world do I get septims from?" As soon as I said that, the list in front of me disappeared and it became a black mist with bright flashes of light in it.

"I wonder if?" I murmured as I took all three galleons out of my treasure box and pushed them into the screen.

The galleons started to melt as soon as they touched the screen and dispersed like drops of gold ink in water and then reformed into a shiny gold coin with the seal of Akatosh in the middle.

'Three galleons into one septim? This is a terrible conversion rate.'

I could buy 3 ounces of dragon liver with 3 galleons but a septim is only worth a carrot in this shop.

"Maybe I could…."

A/N: Cliffhanger san is back, comment what you think the MC is about to do.

DreamyApe DreamyApe

Ahhh, I'm so tired. I had to go read through a ton of articles to set up this shop, I didn't want to make the system too OP or make the novel too game-like, I wanted the system to feel like something from a magical world. If you appreciate my work, please leave a review.

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