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62.5% Harry Potter and the Vampire From Another World / Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Lily and James Potter's Death - Part 2

Read Harry Potter and the Vampire From Another World - Chapter 5 online

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Lily and James Potter's Death - Part 2

Kai Nova's POV:

Kai saw a hooded figure making his way down the empty street in a slow and dramatic way, causing him to envision the music that could be coming from the background as if it were the movie. Seeing the signature white want in a pale bony hand come out of one of the sleeves of the robe reaffirmed Kai's thoughts on who this was, Lord Voldemort.

Kai left his car and ran up to him and pulled back his cowl on Lord Voldemort's snake like head. Grasping his arm and feeling that Voldemort's arm was just skin and bone, leaving him a feeling that he was incredibly malnourished to the point that Kai marveled that he even had the capability of moving like a normal person. Kai theorized that Lord Voldemort's body was so weak due to the result of him slitting his soul into six unequal pieces. Extending his fangs Kai retracted his venom so that he wouldn't transform him into a vampire Kai bit into Lord Voldemort's arm. He felt utterly revolted from having put his teeth into such a disgusting snake and skeletal hybrid of a human, but he managed to steel his resolve and drank a bit of his blood. The taste was delicious and disgusting at the same time, very similar to having a hamburger and ketchup with vinegar that had been injected into a burger. After sucking his blood Kai moved back to his original position but moving just a little way away from his car hiding behind a tree. (This entire event took but a moment due to him moving fast enough that it seemed like time had slowed down.)

As he hid, he watched Voldemort reaction as he checked his wrist and Kai subconsciously held his breath. Kai started to feel shocked at his own bravery, as Lord Voldemort was the endgame at the level of a super villain. He had been the cause of fear of everyone in the wizarding world and even calling out his name was taboo. Calling him "You know who" instead of his real name or title. With this realization Kai found that with all the new power that he gained his personality was changing and not even a day had passed since entering this world.

Seeing Lord Voldemort stand at the entrance of the house and he appeared to be thinking about something important because he froze in place for a few moments. Kai couldn't see Lord Voldemort's face due his cloaks' hood covering his entire head, but Kai could just imagine the creepy faces he could be making.

"Alohomora," comes a whispering voice from within the hood, unlocking the front door.

"Damn it!" Kai says quietly thinking to himself, 'I forgot to open my runic eyes and missed his casting process.' Kai quickly opened his runic eyes and saw strands of golden light and under the cottage was a huge magic circle.

Within the circle that were countless "scribbles" or at least they looked like countless "scribbles to Kai. Looking at Lord Voldemort kai saw an extremely bright radiance compared to his own meager glow. Turning his eyes away from Voldemort to the inside the cottage he saw a large bright glow and a smaller glow. There was also a small grow that appeared to rival his own in intensity and guessed that it must be baby Harry. Kai then say a larger glow run out of the room and stop in front of the radiance that was lord Voldemort.

Kai established that this larger glow must by James as he takes out his wand and the moment, he hid so all the glow or magical energy went into his wand. Lord Voldemort also seemed to prepare to activate a spell and all of his magical energy gushed into his wand as it lit up radiantly just like his body had second ago.

From what kai understood, the wand acted as a medium or a catalyst that let the witch or wizard use their magic with complete control. "Confrigo," Kai heard James shout a exploding curse and Lord Voldemort shout, "Avada Kedavrah," the killing curse.

What normal people would have seen if that had been in Kai's place were two fully grown men pointing sticks at each other and a thin green light shot out of Lord Voldemort's wand while out of James' wand came a large mass of orange light.

However, Kai saw that when the two men shouted out their own individual spells their magical power condensed into a ball of shining energy at the tip of their wands. When they both made the appropriate movements right after that balls of light transformed. James transformed into a smoky mushroom, while Lord Voldemort's transformed into a human skull with its mouth open like it seemed to want to swallow its' target.

Both spells shot toward their targets and hit eah other at the same time as both spells were released at the same time and angle. Kai saw the skull swallow the mushroom causing it to lose some of its' glow, but it continues on hitting James. Kai saw the skull swallow a silver light in the form of James.

Kai was horrified because he was pretty sure he knew what that silver light was, his soul, but he wasn't sure because he was introduced in the seventh book when the resurrection stone was used, and he came back in the form as a specter.

Lord Voldemort moved over James body and continues to walk toward the direction of Lilly and Harry, not even sparring a glance at James corpse.

Through the window Kai saw that the rooms door had been barricaded by Lilly with furniture from around the room. When Lord Voldemort tried to turn the doorknob, he realized what Lily did. Stepping back, he points his wand at the door saying "Bombarda," magical energy condensed into his wand and out towards the door.

The door and the furniture baring the door were obliterated with a loud bang. Stepping in the room Lord Voldemort surveyed the room before looking in the corner where Lily was hiding Harry. She had her back partially turned not giving him access to Harry or hurting her ability to look around the room.

Lord Voldemort attempted to persuade Lily to hand over Harry to him saying, "I've promised one of my loyal followers that I will try my best to spare your life. However, if you don't give me the baby,' switching to a threatening tone, "you will die alongside him."

Lilly who was ignoring what he said begged him to leave as she said, "I will give you my life, just don't kill my precious baby." Lord Voldemort was moved by her display of love momentarily but then said in a partially questioning and forceful tone, "Are you sure you want to die, this is your last chance to live?"

Lily acted as if she never heard his words and just kept begging him to spare Harry. "Avada Kedavra," he shouted angrily and Lily's lifeless body fell to the ground but even as her body was falling it still positioned itself in a way that would protect Harry from the fall.

Harry only now understood that what was happening around him wasn't a game devised by his parent but was instead all too real. He was still a baby with a child's mind who could not do anything but wail and cry.

Lord Voldemort was annoyed at the fact that he would have to tell Severus what had happened and hear his complaints. As the same time though he was excited about how was about to end the one life form standing in his path to sovereignty.

Extending his bone like wand and aiming it at Harry…

DragonSorceress DragonSorceress

Hello everybody I'm back writing again sorry it took so long I've been dealing with family, work and college matters.

I Hope everyone is doing well!

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Creation is hard, cheer me up with votes!!!

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