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39.17% Harry Potter but AU??? / Chapter 82: Chapter 82- equipment

Chapter 82: Chapter 82- equipment

Harry's POV

The two weeks after he decided to study the philosopher's stone were filled with traveling to Hogwarts and the Greengrass house.

It only took him 5 hours to determine he can't understand anything about the stone without expensive equipment and learning alchemy.

So he did the only natural thing, he went to the big thigh he knew of to hold it- which meant going to mr Greengrass and convince him to buy the equipment he needed.

Luckily, it was super easy


"Hello mr. Greengrass."

"Oh please, call me Basitil, after all you are not only a friend of Daphne but a life saver of Astoria. Can I call you Harry?" Basitill said with a smile that felt like one a politician would use.

"Sure." Harry felt his face is trying to mimic the smile Basitill did unsuccessfully.

"You probably arrived to know the progress about the time turner," when Basitill said it his smile brightened "I'm happy to tell you I succeeded in convincing your professor to get you the time turner," his bright smile faltered "though, in return you would have to become the potion's professor helper for the year, as he needed an excuse for the reason for the time turner."

Hearing this, Harry's happy expression changed for a second before returning to a calm smile.

"This is Acceptable. Now that our deal is complete, I need you to buy the equipment I need to speed the work."

Basitill's smile couldn't have been sunnier.

"Of course, tell me what you need, spacial cauldrons? Rare ingridiants?"

Before knowing Basitill managed to get him a time turner, as the winged person in the deal, Harry was planing on telling him to just give him the money needed to buy the needed equipments, but now that he managed to bring the promised object back to the table they were back on sort of equal grounds.

"Actually, I thought to buy them my self, if you just give me enough money."

"No no, as much as I know you can manage to do it by yourself, not only getting unique equipment would be hard for you because you are a child, it would also be hard because of the fact you have been disinherited." While Basitill said it like that, Harry could see the man was just scared he would cheat him and ran away with the money.

"what I need right now are one Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel or Intel Paragon XP/S 140," Harry started to state the needed equipment "an MRI machine, Sony DKC 5000, Toshiba MC200A and a Confocal Microscope."

Basitill looked confused, likely because he has never heard about any of those things.

"Why would you need a wind tunnel? And what are MRI and confocal microscopes? I don't know anything about any of the equipment you need!"

"This is why I planed to buy them by myself," Harry sigh, and continued "I will explain to you each one of the equipment and what am I going to use them for."

After a quick nod from Basitill he started.

"Lets start from the easiest to understand, the Sony DKC 5000, the MRI machine and the Toshiba MC200A are different kinds of cameras which I will use to create something similar to the DNA spell I used, only that one would be of Astoria's body."

Basitill interrupted by asking a question.

"And why do you need all of those? Can't you create a spell like before?"

"It's not as simple as that. Your DNA is found in every little part of your body, so my spell just need to hit a part of you and I can get your DNA as a hologram.

But the body is much more complicated then that, think about it, while healer have General healing spells, most of the serious problems need specific advance spells and potions to be cured.

Not only that, but healing is the one job that keep creating new magical things in a world that hasn't grew by much."

Harry could see a frown grow on the face of Basitill, reminding himself to stay away from the subject of lack of progress he continued.

"The body is one of the most complicated creations, and to create a spell like the basis charm I created for the entirety of it is impossible to do in a short time, it will take me at least two years even with the time turner."

Harry could see how at the thought of wasting two years made Basitill grimes.

"And why do you need to create a copy of the body?"

"Think about it this way, if I find a theoretical cure, would you rather I try it on your daughter's actual body?"

"I will buy them," Basill hurriedly said "let's move along for the next equipment."

"Confocal microscopes are the other easy to understand equipment." Harry said "this equipment will let me study the DNA better and"

"Say no more," Basitill interrupted "it will be bought."

"The next equipment is ether the Fujitsu Numerical Wind Tunnel or Intel Paragon XP/S 140, both of them will have multiple uses, they can be used to help in studying, there for letting me have more time to work on the cure, they can also help in creation of spells, but it's main job would be to unite all the pictures the cameras do to actually create the copy of the body and to put the cure in it to make sure it is working."

"You would have it, next."

Harry could see that Basitill truly loved his daughters as he never once asked for prices, nor did he care those are devices and knowledge was acquired from muggles, both are things that truly made him appreciate the man.

"Sooo... Do you want me to buy them? It would be easier as I know how to deal with the muggle world."

"Wait! Those all are muggle devices?! Why would you use things muggle made when you can use magical objects?"

Harry would have bust out laughing if he was not worried the man would deny him of the equipment, as while it was possible to continue the research without any of it, not only would it be more difficult, it would also take more time he wasn't to use for different things. Not to mention he need those things to reach as quickly as possible to the next level of body strengthening.

"Didn't Daphne told you? My entire way of research is based on muggle knowledge. After all, it's not about whether it's magical or not, it is about whether it is useful or not."

Harry could see the man wanting to disagree but wasn't willing to let him interrupt him.

"Just like how the first flying brooms were created from the devices muggle use to clean their home, I will improve the devices that muggles invented with magic! Don't think about this as using muggle devices, think of it as the basis to new magical devices!"

He could see the affect his partially bull**it words did on Basitill, it helped him let go of the little bit of resistance he had about using muggle knowledge and devices to save his daughter.

"Fine" came out of Basitill's mouth like a deep sigh "How much do you need?"

After telling the man the required money and convincing him not to strangle him because of it, Harry left the house with a smile and a heavy purse


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