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Wizarding World

In a familiar and unfamiliar room, a boy was absorbed in thoughts and feelings that flooded him more and more.

The room was well decorated, luxurious and extravagant in a way, the walls in blue, the bedding in gray. The furniture was in rustic wood, which oozed antiquity and nobility.

His pajamas were light and had a soft texture, unique to a delicate and refined piece. However, even with all this luxury around him, him eyes were captivated by a photo in a portrait under the bookcase.

In the photo, there were three people, a handsome and tall man, with light brown hair and black eyes, he was smiling and hugging the woman in front of him. The woman was beautiful beyond what words could describe, her face was delicate and her smile charming, her beautiful blue eyes and long brown hair. In the woman's arms was a beautiful baby, who was sleeping peacefully.

The boy got up and walked to the dresser, picking up the portrait. The photo was beautiful, and it caused him a lot of feelings during those four years, after all it was his parents in the photo, and they were no longer with him.

But today, it was a different feeling that I felt when I saw the photo, shock, longing and excitement mixed together. The reason ? it was simple. The photo moved, as if it were alive, it replayed that moment. The man hugged the woman, she smiled at the baby and relaxed in the arms around him, all in repeating harmony.

The young man, still a bit dazed by the events of that night, returned the portrait to the dresser and went back to bed, lying down so that he could see the beautiful starry sky through the window.

''So I died... no, I'm finally alive,'' he mumbled, tears escaping his eyes. There, alone, the boy cried and let his feelings flow.

What the boy didn't know was that the moment he started crying, it also started to rain a thin rain all over Paris.

Some time later, the boy stopped crying, and began to organize his mind which was a mess, full of new memories, which were mixed with the current ones.

Somehow, the boy died in his old life, and will eventually be reincarnated in this world.

''At least I didn't steal anyone's body''

After analyzing this body's memories, he had come to an answer; he had been reincarnated into this world in a 'normal' way, born naturally. From the moment of his birth until now, he has always been in this body, but last night, when his magic awakened, he triggered a phenomenon that made him recover part of the memories of his past life.

Although he regained his memories, it was strange, there was nothing there that gave him a sense of his former identity. He remembered the taste of certain foods, places he visited, subjects he studied at school, stories he had read, games he played in childhood, or even feelings he felt in past moments.

But it was as if it were all a movie, and he was nothing more than a simple spectator. Things like, his name, his appearance, he didn't remember anything, there was nothing.

Then there was his current identity, Adam Davies.

Adam Davies, boy, born July 1980, now four years old. Son of Alice and Robert Davies, and only member of the prestigious and ancient Davies family.

Unfortunately Adam's parents were no longer in this world, they die in the same way as many other parents and relatives in the last decade, murdered.

Currently, George, the butler, was Adam's guardian and responsible for the family business.

George was a kind man and had been with the family since before Adam's father was born.

The Davies family is one of the oldest and richest families in the Wizarding world, especially in the western part. Its fortune comes from centuries of investments and expansion of various trades.

The family was focused on business, owning thousands of stores around the world, and owning parts of many others.

However, the family had some strange customs, which Adam attributed to pureblood ideology. The most curious of them was the fact that you could have only one child per generation, according to traditions this kept the fortune and family 'united'.

Whether the child was a boy or a girl, there would only be one per generation, Adam was the youngest member of the family, the new generation and only living member.

In addition, when a marriage took place, the outside party should marry into the Davies family, taking their surname.

''If I died, the family would cease to exist''

In Adam's mind this was a ridiculous custom, one that almost led to the demise of the family. But he didn't want to think about that now, he was the future of the family and he would make his choices when necessary.

Among the memories, the thing that most fascinated him in this world was the existence of magic.

''I'm in the magical world of Harry Potter''

In Adam's memories, he saw strange situations, like Uncle George disappearing under the fireplace with a green flame, or objects that floated in the kitchen.

And another strong evidence, was the enchanted portrait under the chest of drawers, he had no doubts, he really was in the magical world.

Adam flashed back to last night's event where he had been sleeping and had kicked the sheet off the bed, and in a moment half awake, half asleep, under his momentary desire the blanket had floated up to cover him.

At the moment of what happened, he widened his eyes in surprise, but it was erased by a headache and a series of memories.

Even now, Adam couldn't calm down, there was a mix of excitement, anxiety and desire that made him want to scream with happiness. This was a magical world, filled with fantastic creatures, incredible places, and of course dangers hidden in the shadows.

But Adam had a certain level of knowledge about this world, after all it was his favorite story, and that gave him a little more confidence.

Maybe it was the awakening in the magic, the new memories, but Adam soon started to get drowsy, and he fell asleep.

Before he blacked out, he made an oath in his heart, he would live intensely each day, and nothing would stop him from pursuing his goals, he would pursue power, to have his own freedom, worthy only of the strong...

When the first rays of light appeared, they went straight under the sleeping Adam's face.

''I need to remember to close the curtains,'' he murmured, his hand on his face.

Adam sat on the bed and took a deep breath. ''So it was all true?''

He smiled upon knowing the answer, last night had not been a dream, and now it was time to live his new life, and see what this world has to offer.

Adam put on his slippers and left the room, in the hallway he saw several old pictures of Wizards, the walls and furniture depicting even more the ancient tradition of the family and its wealth.

Before he could take a few more steps, he turned around and in the same instant he heard a snap and a small figure appeared.

The little elf was surprised for a moment, in her mind the thought that her young master anticipated her arrival came up, but she soon dismissed it, after all she never knew a wizard who could do that, even more so her young master who was barely four years old .

Leaving her thoughts, the elf bowed. ''Good morning, young master,'' she said.

''Would you like me to prepare a hot bath?''

Adam had his eyes on the house-elf, but his thoughts were elsewhere.

'How did I do that?', he could have sworn that just now he had felt some kind of sensation coming from his back.

''Young master?'' called the Elf.

Adam decided to save those thoughts for later.'' Good morning Grini, great day indeed. Today I'd rather eat first, I'm starving''

''I'll prepare your meal, young master,'' she said before disappearing.

'' Apparition.'' He murmured, recognizing the magic the elf used.

Seeing this magic with your own eyes was different from seeing it in the movies, it was completely incredible the idea of disappearing from a place, with a simple snap of your fingers. Adam couldn't wait to learn this magic.

It wasn't difficult for him to move around the house, after all although he regained the memories of his old life, it was essentially always him, so the memories of the last four years are his too, there was nothing strange, it was as if the two lives came together and a 'new' Adam would emerge.

Following the corridor he went down the stairs, arriving in the main room. There he saw a man in his sixties, wearing a suit, sitting in an armchair and reading a newspaper.

''Good morning, Uncle George,'' said Adam as he approached, a wide smile on his face.

George looked up from the newspaper, and frowned, "Good morning, young master. Did something good happen? a good dream maybe? '' asked the butler upon seeing the happiness on little Adam's face

'a dream ? no, it's better than that…'

''Something good happened,'' said Adam, looking mysterious.

George put the newspaper under the table and looked Adam up and down, but he didn't notice anything different.

''Look at you, trying to look mysterious,'' he said smiling. ''come on, you shouldn't play with that old man''

Adam grinned as he said, ''I had a magical accident yesterday''. That's what it was called, unchecked magic.

George was paralyzed for a moment before he got up and hugged Adam tightly.

''Congratulations young master, congratulations'' I said, still hugging him.

Adam could feel George's happiness, and hugged him back. They stayed in that position until George calmed down.

''Grini, prepare a feast for tonight,'' he said in a loud voice.

''Come on, tell me all about the accident,'' said George, sitting down and patting the seat beside him for Adam to join him.

Adam sat in the armchair next to him and explained last night's events, just the normal part of the whole, how he made the blanket float.

Hearing that nothing dangerous had happened, George was reassured. It was common for young Wizards to make a mess of their first magical accidents.

George urged Adam to be careful for the next few days, and only when Adam promised to be cautious did he relax.

After the conversation ended, Adam had his breakfast, which he repeated three times. This morning he was famished, probably from last night's mental exhaustion.

After eating, Adam picked up a copy of the newspaper and relaxed on the couch. The newspaper was in French, but it wasn't a problem for him, after all, that was one of the languages he mastered, along with English.

Coming from a wealthy family, he took lessons from the age of one, and as he realized from the memories, it was always him in this body. He was extremely easy to learn, and had a maturity and posture different from a child, so he already carried the image of a 'genius', which was good, that way he didn't have to make an effort to hide and pretend to be clumsy, like a normal child.

In the newspaper he read about many things, the French ministry was going through some changes in important positions, some accidents with muggles and other things.

When he felt his stomach drop, he decided to accept that hot bath.

Adam was lying in the bathtub, relaxing, he used this moment to make plans.

''I want to be the greatest Wizard in history'' He said with determination.

It seemed like an unrealistic dream, but he wouldn't settle for less, after being given a second chance, he wouldn't waste it.

Adam clenched his fists and made his wish, he would write his name in the history of the wizarding world, not alongside the greats like Dumbledore, Flamel, Voldemort or Grindelwald, but above them.

Knowing the wizarding world from a different perspective than the characters in the story, he knew that the world had a lot to offer, and the magic found in Britain was not absolute. The world was full of other magical cultures, with unique teachings and philosophies, different ways of looking at magic and even using it.

One of his plans was to study all these cultures, if he could do that, and get the best out of each one, he could make his own understanding of magic.

But there was one step he would need to take before embarking on this quest for knowledge.

''I need a solid base'' Adam understood this, he couldn't try to take a step higher than he could right away, first always comes the base.

First he would need to create his fundamentals, both theoretical and practical, only then would he be able to take advantage of the deeper study of magic.

After taking a shower, Adam went back to his room and dressed in clean clothes. It was time to start training, he knew the sooner he started, the better it would be.

'' Childhood has always been a great time to learn something new. '' He muttered decidedly.

Adam arranged a few distinct objects under the rug and sat down in front of them. With his legs crossed and eyes fixed on the objects he started trying to move them.

Among the objects was a pencil, which Adam chose to start with, due to its lightness. Thus, in a room at the Davies mansion, boy and pencil were face to face for long hours, every day, for more than a week.

As a four-year-old, Adam had no commitments, other than once a week he had etiquette lessons with George, so the days gone by he could focus on his training.

It was the tenth day since Adam had been staring at the pencil, and just like the days before, nothing happened.

Adam was always calm, but this time his impatience and desire for results led him to stress, anger consumed him for a moment and he screamed.

''Move you idiot pencil''

What he didn't expect was that it would actually work.

He felt something change inside him, as if a faucet was turned on, he felt an energy fill his body, he felt more alive than ever, a sense of connection to something extraordinary.

But even more important, in front of him the pencil had moved, like an arrow had shot out and slammed into a wall.

''I got it, hahaha'' He laughed hysterically.

''Finally my story will begin….''

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