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15.78% Harry Potter: Kain’s View / Chapter 2: OLD OLD OLD

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Chapter 2: OLD OLD OLD


Where am I?

It's... dark... I can't see anything...

I feel like i'm upside down...

I try to get up. But I can't feel my arms...

Nor my legs...

Actually I can't feel my body at all!

I turn my head trying to see my body.

But there was nothing


That's all I could say

Actually it's dark so obviously I wouldn't be able to see my body.

Suddenly I heard something...

Perhaps someone

The voice got closer. And I could hear beeping sounds

"Right here!"

I suddenly realised where I was.

I was in the rubble

The debris was making cracking sounds as something was lifting it up

Then the beeping came back.

Next I heard a thud

Then beeping

And over and over and over until


They were right beside me...

No... right in front of me.

"Alright this is the last for the day once we finish this we can go home guys!"

The debris I was supposedly under was being lifted up until...

I saw light.

Not too much was coming out. but it was slowly breaching to me

Then I saw someone


she was familiar.


She noticed me.

Her eyes flashed with horror. Then filled with sorrow, deep within her eyes.

Though I didn't know why

I tried to say

'Could ya help me?'

"Guys! Over here!"

""""yes ma'am!""""

I could here multiple voices

The lifting went even faster

They moved the debris and their eyes flashed in horror, then to sorrow

'Oi. What's wrong with you? It's not like I'm not dea-'

I had look down and to my eyes..

It was my body

Dead not mangled like I might have thought it would but perfectly fine, suit included

She checked my pulse

"H-he's dead." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Oh... we condolences mistress."

"Yes... he will have a proper burial"

Thanks hara.


Well after watching my funeral, hara going to court for taking over my company(getting in court because of my brother)

She was judged not guilty (due to the overwhelming evidence saying she was the right full owner (due to my will, full on signature finger print and photo of me with the will next to the will)

Let's say... he's in jail for fraud and multiple other accounts

By the way he married her...

My funeral...

It was as big and sad to all especially when my will came to light

I think I was hailed a hero due to me helping the world

I might go down in history.

I watched hara take the company, take it to new heights had children(didn't peek when she was doing the deed [authors note: don't think about it Sick peeves—_— disappointed])

She had children with a great man, that did great things

In my eyes I was her parent at their kids wedding

(Well I did see her wedding)

Her kids, for some reason could see me. Weird

When in their presence I could touch things. Very... weird

They told their mom(or mum. Can't decide their country)

She ask for my features

They said the same things

Old. Caring. Told them stories. Like a caring grandfather

Full grey hair soft blackish gray eyes average face mole near his left ear and still looked like a grand father

Next to say she wasn't shocked

She even pulled out a photo of me and her assistant and ceo

She pointed at me and said.

"I-Is this what he looked like?"

"Yeah that's him! That looks like uncle ****!"

What did he say? What did i tell him to call me?

Ah who cares.

Well she cared. She really cared.

She had surprise written all over her face

Then she hugged her kids

And said

"That was your uncle. Was a good man and used to be my boss. he was what people mourn about till this very day."

"Was he a good man?"

"No. A great man."

"Wow! Can I be like him? Uncle **** can I be like you?"

I was taken by surprise

"Y-yeah of course you can be like me. But that is to say will you help the world?"

"Yeah! I'll make mama and papa and you proud uncle!"

"Then work hard! And tell your mother... I'm proud of her."

"All right! I'll do just that"

"No I'll do that!"

"Nuh-uh I will he ask me to do it"

"Sky. Could you let him do it?"

"All right..."


"What is it?"

He grabbed her hand

"Mama! Uncle **** said..."

She started to listen. Very intently.

"Proud... of you"

For the first time since I watched her... she broke down

"Thank you... thank-you thank-you thank-you!"

"Mama what's wrong?"

"uff Nothing... sorry used to say that when we were younger.."

"You knew him when he was young?"

"Yeah. Hew was a charming man even when he "had average looks"

"Did you love him mama?"

"Yeah I did."

"I mean until I met your father he was my first love."

That surprised even me. How dense I am

"Did he love you back?"

"No he was too preoccupied with his work or looking at the sky, or being extremely dense"

All of us chuckled

"Why'd look at the sky"

"He told me he had everything... yet nothing.

He said even when he had everything and had the right to be happy, he felt empty like his happiness had been stolen and locked someplace else never getting it back, nor learning it. That was heartbreaking. Imagine this the man you love had everything he could ask for. But had no happiness whatsoever. It seemed he was bored. Bored of this world and bored of this place."

Her words told the truth

"Uncle is this true?"

She asked

"My heart was broken so even if I had everything it could not heal a broken heart. The only thing that could heal a broken heart was... time... I didn't have enough time but I still watch over you's and I'm proud"


I was at her funeral... she passed away to old age

I was satisfied. she did her part.

She saw me on her death bed she smiled.

she tried to grab my hand

I. Held it.

"Come now it is time. your time here is finished. Let the young do their jobs"

"**** I'm coming"

I smiled

"Come on let's play like old times you can hop on my back again and play cowboy and robbers, oh come on don't cry I'm here"

She was tearing up

"Were you watching me this whole time?"

"Yes. You did great. Now come on"

It was like I knew what to say

She let go of my hand

I could hear a faint ringing

Her kids were looking around

Their eyes were showing the expression of confusion

I know, their grandmother was talking to someone

Other than grandpa

"Could you guys hear that voice?"

"Wait. Abel do you remember when we were younger!?"

"You mean-"


"Mom, uncle what are you guys talking about. who was grandma talking to?"

"When we were younger we had a imaginary friend named uncle ****. One day mom asked who we were talking to we told her about him and she cried and hugged us. He was her first love. And heartbreak, the first CEO of our company mister **** **********"

"He might have been a ghost watching us. He taught me how to do everything I learnt stuff outside by dad and maths and stuff from him, sometime he'd make amazing breakfast. I could not make a good a food as him, mom said he look outside sometimes. And he did. Mom said it was because he was heart broken"

"Mama is that him their?"

One of the young ones said Pointing her finger at me

They all looked over at me with eyes of surprise

"U-uncle **** is that you?"

"Oh you can see me now? Yes sky, Abel it is me."

I said with an expression of how a grandparent shows them a nostalgic video

"U-uncle you're fading"

I look down

My transparent body was going away

"I see it is time. Well have a good life. It seems my last desire has been satisfied i hope to see you in the afterlife live a long good life all of you I've watched you grow up Abel, sky. Sky you're a great cook. Abel keep the company running. Because..."

My neck was fading, it was at my neck

"I'm proud of you."

Gone just like that.

I was in complete darkness


"Ah I found ya."

Avalon_EverDistant Avalon_EverDistant

I know it took a long time to write this and it may come out like shite but this is the best and longest I could come up with without having a head ache and straining my eyes to much

Let’s not talk about my fingers

They hurt while writing this so...

Hope you like it and vote power stones!(jk Much appreciated though)

Comment and add this to any thing be it reading

A playlist or just leave it

This is nooneyouknowthatiscatchingyouontheflipsid

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