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Chapter 35: Chapter 35 - Cover Man Dumbledore

Back in Scottish Highland an hundred and eleven year old man sighed. Around him the gizmos and walls from a thousand year old castle seemed to hum. The sound of laughter and teen drama filled the halls as the centuries old paintings gossips.

Dressed in colorful purple robes with his beard running down to his waist. The aged wizard peered over his crescent moon shaped glasses at the document in hand. It was a letter from the Ministry Department of Education.

'It's a bit slow but luckily I got a replacement.' He thought as he rubbed his forehead.

The letter in hand was basically a warning that the Ministry would install a teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts. As luck would have it and a sigh at politics attempted at entering the school. Dumbledore barely made the unknown deadline stated when he hired Remus in.

'Ah, Dolores Umbridge. I sometimes wonder how Fudge stays in office.' Dumbledore thought as he shook his head.

Nearly all of Fudge's advisors and friends were only looking out for their own goals and money. So it was plain to see the magical world was stagnating and reverting when it concerns the wellbeing of muggleborns.

As for allowing Dolores Umbridge to become a teacher. Dumbledore could only frown as he naturally remembered who she was. She was highly unremarkable during her time at Hogwarts besides a clear dislike to being here and crave for power.

'If I remember she barely passed by the skin of her teeth. So why would Fudge pick her to fulfill the role of teaching?'

While the aged wizard could only guess as he racked his brain. He could only come up with politics trying to interfere.

Tossing the letter to the side, he let out a long breath as he leaned back in his chair. So much more paperwork filled his desk as stacks of new laws suggestions filled it. As the Chief Warlock of Wizengamot, he had to read over the suggestion before the next meeting.

"Ah, it would be nice if Harry's here. He always makes some comment when looking at the pros and cons of the suggested laws."

While he began reading over the stacks of new muggleborn laws aimed at restricting or some other nonsense like increasing their already high taxes. Dumbledore found his office door swinging wide open as Professor McGonagall strolled in.

The look of annoyance and the depressing sigh told him it was a welcome visit. "What has the Weasleys squad done now?"

"It is more what they haven't done. I just received a nearly ten page essay from Percy on school rules and nearly thirty suggestions and why we need them. The Twins charmed the toilet seats in the girls bathroom to flash when they sit on them like a camera flash. The youngest son mailed ordered more quidditch magazines instead of saving for a new wand...again. Finally the daughter is currently moaning to all because Harry Potter isn't at Hogwarts over Christmas."

"That bad?"

"No, more than forty students from all ages and houses are coming up and begging. Somehow young Ginevra managed to annoy most moaning and groaning all break. Even had some Slytherin running up to me. Tracey Davis was the front runner of that one." The Deputy Headmistress mentioned.

"Finally it took nearly forty minutes to get it through to her that she is disturbing others."

"Do we need to take precaution measures?"

Shaking her head, "No, I think we his bodyguard Harry should be fine. Actually not that we are on the topic of Harry. He seems different than last year. Almost if he matured a few decades and his spell work is easily sixth or seventh year if not above."

"It is nice to hear his hard work at studying is paying off." Dumbledore smiled. "As for maturing he is entering his teen years. There is also the effect of having him teach most of the first half of the year."

"Maybe, but it is a bit much. The other odd thing I notice is him hanging out with a few girls and disappearing with Katie Bell, Daphne Greengrass, and Penelope Clearwater. Quite often their robes are a bit wrinkled and a smile covers their faces."

"You're not seriously implying what I think you are. Are you?" Dumbledore asked.

"Heavens no. He is only twelve but I am curious."

"Ah, if I recall Harry mentioned that they are playing a muggle game called Twister. From what I've been told it was a harmless party game where you put your hands and feet on different colors."

"I do know what the game is." Professor McGonagall said. "My nieces and nephews showed me it, but I guess it does make sense."

The two began chit chatting for a few more minutes before she left leaving the olden wizard by himself.

'So much to do, yet so little time.'


In the depths of the Forbidden Forest, a hooded man with blood red eyes and deathly pale skin laughed. Above him the moon hung at peak as the night breeze ran through his ragged robes.

"After nearly a hundred years I have succeeded and have become immortal! Now it's time to spread my terror across Britain and then the rest of Europe."


From the bushes nearby a manticore slowly entered the man's view. It has a hairy human head followed by its lion body and scorpion tail.

"Oh ho." The man sneered. "How dare you roar at me you creature."

Quick as lightning and barely faster than the naked eye. The man moved and slammed his ragged hands into the creature's head. As if cutting through butter, the man's hand slid through the humanoid head effortlessly.

"With this strength and speed I will be unstoppable."

The man laughed as he flicked the blood from his hand. Leaving the corpse of a five X beast rotting on the forest floor.


Down in France, Harry who was sleeping in many teen boys fantasies surrounded by naked beauties. Suddenly his eyes shot open as a bad premonition took root in his heart. A feeling that he gained after years of dealing with Voldemort and working as an Auror.

He could feel something big was going to happen in the future. An event that didn't happen last time around. The last time this happened was in 2019 when the event known as Calamity happened. Right before he traveled back through time chasing after his son Albus.

'Is the effects of time travel beginning to rear it head?' Harry thought as he wondered when it would begin. A new feeling of dread appeared as it took months for it to appear which wasn't good.

'I guess I will have to keep an eye out when I go back.' Harry sighed as he thought it might have been a peaceful couple decades. Clearly he was mistaken and truth be told it was a bit excited as he grew to like life and death adventures. Since he sort of lived in them for nearly three decades.

"Is something wrong Harry?" A sleepy Daphne asked.

"No, just another adventure of Harry Potter beginning." He whispered back.

At his side Fleur just snorted in her sleep as Tonks snored as the blanked fell off. Her lovely breasts fell out in the open as her soft legs crossed onto Harry's waist.

"Breast pillows are the way to go." Harry decided as he leaned back onto Fleur whose soft breasts were in his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Glad you like them." Fleur murmured before going to sleep again.

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