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Hell's Academy Hell's Academy original

Hell's Academy

Author: RazorIsSharp

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Chapter 1: Death to Sleep

Since the day Howard grew horns on top of his head, he always had at least two women sleeping in his bed in order to keep him comfortable.

On his first day in lockup, the doctors told him his nefarious, mysterious horns required him to be monitored twenty-four seven by beautiful women. In a prison in the middle of nowhere, every single staff member was a beautiful and deadly female. With at least 50 percent of them having spent some time with him in bed.

 With the sun rising in the small porter window in the east section of the ten by ten meter cell, complete with a shower, and a high tech gaming computer, Howard stretched his arms and gently pushed himself up off the two women laying on his chest.

The female on his abs, Priscilla, had to be the prettiest guard he met in a while. She had beautiful curly brown hair with a slender frame and pinks lips that felt like the softest silk when she kissed him goodnight. She had gotten hired a year ago, and got to sleep with Howard for the first time, but by the smile on her face, she didn't regret it. 

The females in this prison had the strange job of keeping him happy, so they could keep experimenting on Howard. Of course, he was also the facilities main monster. He smiled and found Priscilla had brandished a silver knife from her back pocket. She had been trained well. Howard got killed regularly by the women on his bed only to wake up in the morning with another beautiful set of babes on his muscular physique.

Strange enough, the girls killed him almost every night, and bullied him into taking part in the most horrible experiments. However, at least he got to have fun with women like Priscilla right before an experiment - in order for his shots to have an affect, he needed to have enough Ki Cells Activated. And women, for some reason, had a way of nourishing Howard in a way most teenagers could only dream of at night. 

It had always been like this for Howard with these women. He got mistreated and bullied and abused but got enough love that the wounds seemed insignificant when he woke up in the morning. 

Regardless, Howard had another exciting day ahead of him of being experimented on by thousands of scientists. Sometimes, he wondered how much the government spent on keeping this facility open. Pushing himself off the bed, he noticed dozens of Gatling guns on the wall, and quite a few voluptuous women pacing back and forth. 

He sighed and looked down at his slippers that had holes in them and saw a puddle of his own blood with a chunk of his black hair in it. He almost forgot they shot him in the head last night. He sighed and tucked his feet into the slippers before groggily walking towards the glass doors. 

Seeing him, a few of the guards blushed before nodding their heads. One blonde girl and one brunette ran in opposite directions. Had he said something in his sleep? Why did everyone seem so upset today?

The glass door gently separated slowly, and Howard turned to his side only to find the bosom of a woman in a black and white uniform yawning while placing a cold, shimmering revolver against the side of his temple.

He spotted a scientist to his right in the white hallway with a cup of smoking, hot coffee, dripping it on the floor while her mouth trembled from the sight of the out of the out of the cage monster. Howard held up his middle finger at the young interning scientist, only to find her screaming and running in the other direction.

"Good morning, little monster. You're up for experiment 97 today," The beautiful woman named Vicky pushed the gun against his head and pointed down the hallway. "Come on, Howard. Don't let them make you sad."

"I didn't mean to grow horns." Howard bit his bottom lip and crossed his arms. "Can I please skip today's experiment?"

"You can skip it if you let me shoot your pretty, little head off." The blonde kicked Howard in the back and pointed down the hallway. "You know we can't do that Howard. Once the horns are gone, then you can go home."

Howard sighed and began walking down the hallway with his little hands jingling from the sound of the chain links connecting his two wrists. At the same time, a machine operated gatling gun tailed his every movement while hundreds of screams sounded all around him from the other prisoners.

Howard depressingly walked down the hallway to a machine with six needles twitching and waiting for his hand to get slid into the entrance of the machine so he could be transformed into even more of a monster. However, adamant to not go into the machine, he stomped his feet and looked at Vicky - the guard pushing the cold steel pistol against his temple and drinking coffee at the same time.

"Go in and get your shot. Afterwards, you can start school today."

"School? I don't remember hearing about that."

"A school for little degenerates. I promise you'll have a good time, Howard. Much better than staying in a box getting shot seven times a day. I won't get to see you anymore, but I promise there will be lots of girls there for you to mistreat. You can see me in a few years, I'm sorry I can't sleep with you tonight."

"I don't get it," Howard put his arm in the machine only for his first shot to pierce into his arm. "I thought you told me I could never go outside again?"

"Take your other shots," Vicky sighed and pulled up Howards sleeve before forcing it further into the machine for his next round of shots. A black fluid traveled into his arm that sizzled as it quickly approached his beating heart. "There, you feel better with some blood inside your veins?"

"I don't like blood, and that hurts!" Howard felt the gun against the side of his head and pulled up his little sleeve. "Can I really sleep with you no more at night, Vicky?"

"Kid, you're so dangerous that there are always 5000 guns aimed at your head. Do you really think you can stay here forever. We made a special place in hell for a boy like you. Now give me a kiss on the cheek and I'll introduce you to--"

"Who are you," Howard interrupted Vicky and looked up at a swordsman that had just appeared. He walked through a wall with a sword, and had an extremely muscular frame. The killing intent in his eyes was palpable, and Howard could feel his heart racing. "I-I don't know how you got here, but I'm just trying to have a good day."

"He's here to kill you so you can reincarnate, Howard," Vicky kissed him on the cheek, and wrapped an elbow around his neck. "If you don't want to die permanently, let him kill you without chopping off your head. We need to transport you to hell safely. Now remember to keep your head on straight for me okay?"

Vicky kissed the other side of his head while Howard laughed awkwardly and stared at the man pacing towards him in the distance. The swordsman walked towards him with a smile on his face while Vicky muttered under her breath. "Promise me in hell, you'll try your hardest to make friends."

"Vicky, do I really have to die. Please stop him," Howard's body began to tremble with rage while the man approached. Fangs appeared on his countenance, cutting like barbs through the side of his trembling lips, causing the small boy to look like a terrifying demon. "I-I'm really nice. I would never hurt anyone."

"Then why do you have horns and those large teeth?" Vicky kissed him one more time before putting her finger against the trigger of the gun and firing at Howard's foot.


Howards blood shoot into the air while a sword pierced into his gut. The next moment, everything went black for Howard. A thousand swords stabbed into him at the same time, from a thousand men at 360 degrees.

The lone swordsman that had dared showed his face smiled, and picked up Howard's body while hundreds of arms disappeared into the walls.

"He's got a real chance to be the demon king. Vicky, you don't love him, do you?"

"Shut up, he'll revive in three minutes and tear your head off. My feelings don't matter," Vicky crossed her arms over her ample chest, and patted Howard's head one last time. "Little Howard, give them hell."

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