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25.8% Hello, Wife! / Chapter 16: 16.Smiley Faces

16.Smiley Faces - Hello, Wife! - Chapter 16 by NANA_NINI full book limited free

Chapter 16: 16.Smiley Faces

Wei Chu's enthusiastic attitude left Su Le somewhat embarrassed, but she assumed that he was helping her because she helped him out before by accompanying him to the business party. Although she did not have a deep understanding of Wei Chu in the past, she could somewhat guess a little based on what she had heard from others. Wei Chu was not a Good Samaritan who tries to help everyone.

If it were a few days ago, she would have probably assumed that Wei Chu was interested in her, but that had already cleared up. In his eyes, she was just a junior sister from the same university.

Currently, renting a place was troublesome so having the option to rent a friend's place was much of a relief. Also, as single woman out on her own, she should think things more thoroughly before making a decision.

Seeing that Su Le didn't immediately reject his suggestion, Wei Chu knew there was still a chance and raised his brows.

"Lao Da, are you talking about that eighty square metres, 2 room apartment?" Chen Xu was slightly surprised, "That apartment of yours is still empty? It's already been a year, there'll surely be spider webs by now." As Wei Chu's secretary, his sights and reaction abilities were relatively good.

Wei Chu looked at Chen Xu with praise in his eyes, "I have been busy so I've forgotten about it."

"Su Le, since there is an apartment available, there's no need go searching for one now. Presently, renting an apartment can get very troublesome. And since that apartment of Wei Chu's is not far from here so even if the lift breaks down, you can still call him to help you carry your things up. No matter what, having someone nearby is better when problems presents itself," Tang Yao lifted a teacup and carried on speaking, "Since we all know each other, there's no need for you to hold back."

Watching him acting so strangely was extremely rare. Originally, Tang Yao had thought that Wei Chu had already successfully pursued Su Le but looking at the situation now, it seemed Wei Chu didn't hold much of a position in her heart.

Su Le found what Tang Yao said was very reasonable so she consented, "Then I'll thank Senior Wei first. I'll probably be moving in next week. Will that be convenient for you?"

"That's fine. You can move in whenever you want. Just give me a call and I'll come pick you up." Wei Chu carried on, "The apartment is already furnished and has all the basic furniture and appliances so it's alright for you to move in anytime."

On one side, Chen Xu was thinking that after the apartment has been refurbished Wei Chu never brought any furniture so how can the apartment be completely furnished? Boss, I always thought you were different from others who just uses flattery when it comes to pursuing a woman, and it seems I've guessed right. You're not like the others, you're even a step ahead, kissing up to her.

If you're already like this now, how henpecked would you be after marriage?


When evening came, everyone bided their farewells. Wei Chu grabbed his car keys and followed them out as well, using the excuse that Su Le didn't drive so he would be taking her home. Similar to Su Le, Chen Xu also didn't drive, but he was left standing alone in the empty streets outside the residential area like a statue.

What's with this world, valuing beauty over friends!


When they arrived, Su Le sincerely thanked Wei Chu as she got out of the car. After closing the car door, she looked at the handsome man that was sitting in the driver's seat and suddenly thought how fortunate she was to be able to be friends with such an outstanding man.

"Good bye," Wei Chu told Su Le and smiled at her before driving away. Under the sunshine, the black car looked dazzling as it reflected the sunlight.

Dazzled by the light, Su Le lowered her eyes and used her hand to block the light before saying ruefully, "So that's what a young and talented person is like." The good feelings she had for Wei Chu was quickly squished to the corner of her heart. Even if that man were more outstanding and considerate, he was not suitable for her.

She, Su Le, is looking for an honest and simple man as her ideal boyfriend.


When Su Le returned to Chen Yue's apartment, she discovered that her friend was still not back and she guessed that her friend would probably not be back tonight. After all, the two elders in the Chen family only had one daughter so it was natural that they would want to pamper her.

Switching on the computer, Su Le signed into Weibo and posted a picture of the fish in chili oil and pepper with preserved eggs that she took in Wei Chu's kitchen. She also wrote a line for the description.

She quickly typed 'I haven't made pepper with preserved eggs in a long time, finally made some today. It seems like my skills hasn't degraded yet. The fish in chili oil was made by a handsome, dashing, and good man. Unfortunately, that man is not for me. [Lamentable, lamentable]'

Soon after posting, people started to comment on it. Some said she was lucky, some said to introduce him to them. Su Le started to scroll through her Weibo as she typed in her comments.


"Doesn't these dishes, the peppers with preserved eggs and fish in chili oil, look like the ones we ate this afternoon at Wei Chu's?" Tang Yao was carrying a tablet near the bed and pulled on the sleeves of Laing Guang's pyjamas, "Look, doesn't it look similar?"

Liang Guang glanced at the enlarged picture on the tablet's screen. "It's not just similar, it's the same ones from Wei Chu's. Look, even the pattern on the plates are identical. There's only one conclusion."

"So Su Le is 'Qi Jiu'?!" Tang Yao's hand shook slightly and then she pulled on Liang Guang's arm, "Then there is a method for me to get a set of completely signed books! No wonder I found Su Le so pleasing, it's because she is the author I like!"

Liang Guang couldn't stop himself from trembling a little. Previously, Tang Yao had forced him to read many books from someone called Qi Jiu. In Qi Jiu's novels, the female leads all spoke sharply and had a strong personality. As a man, he sometimes thought that if he had met such a woman, he would surely lose half his life very soon…

The image of Su Le in Liang Guang's mind has immediately upgraded from a clever woman to a scary woman. Women are normally not scary but smart mind as well as possessing a strong personality, that's what it takes to make a woman scary. At the same time, Liang Guang was amazed at Wei Chu and respected him.

He sure was brave for liking such a woman, ah …


Meanwhile, in another location, Wei Chu was also looking at the pictures Su Le have posted. He felt happy yet frustrated at the same time. Happy because she had praised him and thought he was a good man, but frustrated because she had thought that they were not suitable for each other. Wei Chu could not help but write a comment as well.

[ Waiting For Happiness: Since he's a good man then why not consider him? Don't let other women have the advantage.]

After a few minutes, Wei Chu actually got a response from the other party. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20672419105599905/16.smiley-faces_55496497134889101">!_20672419105599905/16.smiley-faces_55496497134889101</a> for visiting.

[It's because he's a good man, rich and handsome, that there are too many women who likes him. It'll be too much of a pressure for me. With such a commoner face, I can't bear to ruin such a good man ah.]

Excuses. Those were all excuses. Wei Chu touched his face. Could it be that he …. he really had to get some plastic surgery done?


After finishing a chapter and posting it online, Su Le's phone rang. It was a text message from Wei Chu.

[Have you eaten dinner yet? Remember to rest early, I'll drive you to work tomorrow morning ^_^]

Su Le stared at the 'smiley face' and was motionless for a moment before quickly replying. [Senior Wei … did your phone get hacked?]

[No, what's wrong?]

Su Le suddenly blanked and replied. [Nothing. It's just that I never thought Senior would use emojis.] [En. Actually, a few days ago, I realised that grouping up punctuation marks can form expressions. It's very interesting. ^_^]

Su Le felt that the image she had of Wei Chu, a powerful and smart young man, had collapsed a little. She looked at the cute emoji and she couldn't stop her face from twitching.

[Yes, ah. It's very interesting.] Su Le stopped spacing out. As expected, maybe the influential and outstanding young figure was just an illusion, an illusion![What time do you need to be at work?] [8:30am] [Alright. I'll pick you up tomorrow, remember to have dinner. ^_^]

Her phone soon quietened down. Su Le looked at the smiley face on the final text and she suddenly burst out laughing. This Senior Wei is really too adorable.

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