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29.03% Hello, Wife! / Chapter 18: 18.Moving Into Another House

18.Moving Into Another House - Hello, Wife! - Chapter 18 by NANA_NINI full book limited free

Chapter 18: 18.Moving Into Another House

Chen Yue leaned on the door frame as she watched Su Le with a delicate bag while the superior person dragged a massive suitcase as he blindly followed Su Le from behind. She suddenly smiled like a blooming flower in the spring, "My beloved Xiao Le Le, remember to visit me when you're free."

Su Le nodded as she walked towards the lift and pressed the button before turning back to reply, "I'll visit you during the holidays."

"Good bye," Wei Chu nodded to Chen Yue. Even though the suitcase that Wei Chu was dragging around did not match his style, he was still able to emit pheromones that would attract women to him.

The elevator doors closed and Chen Yue watched as they left from her sight. The smile on her face never slackened. Forget that Zhuang Wei who did not cherish Su Le, because there was now someone who would treasure her from the palm of his hands. Three legged frogs are difficult to find, but a two legged man can be seen everywhere. A man like Zhuang Wei should be kicked as far as possible away from Su Le.


With a new job now, Su Le had been very busy recently and did not have the time to take a look at her new home before. Once she entered the apartment, she was welcomed by the sight of a completely furnished interior with all the furniture and appliances. Su Le was shocked, "Senior, this place of yours …" The apartment was extremely clean and the living room was beautifully decorated. The first thought that Su Le had was that someone actually lives here and it was not an empty apartment.

"What's wrong? You don't like it?" Wei Chu asked as his eyes hid his worry.

"No. It's great," Feeling touched, Su Le lowered her eyes and looked around at the exquisitely decorated apartment. Wei Chu had definitely went out of his way to have someone clean up the apartment in advance. There was no way she would not notice the care Wei Chu had for her, "Thank you."

"There's no need for thanks. It's fine as long as you like it." Wei Chu moved the luggage into a room before walking out to explain, "This room is slightly bigger and it has quite a good lighting from the sun." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_20672419105599905/18.moving-into-another-house_55496578722494191">!_20672419105599905/18.moving-into-another-house_55496578722494191</a> for visiting.

Su Le nodded in response. The two sat on the clean sofa and Su Le grabbed a cushion to cuddle. This apartment was beyond her expectation, much like a dream home. Su Le was deeply moved, "This apartment is very good."

Wei Chu exposed a smile when Su Le liked the place. He then took out a couple of business cards and placed them on the coffee table, "These are numbers of the nearby restaurants and water delivery, but it's best for you not to call for take outs during the night since you live alone."

They were cards for water delivery, electrician, chinese food and even western food. Su Le was grateful of Wei Chu's considerate actions and her heart felt somewhat strange. For someone as successful as Wei Chu, was he truly this observant of others?

The two of them chatted for a while before Su Le initiated, "Let's go out to eat. My treat."

Naturally, Wei Chu would not miss such a good opportunity to be with Su Le, and since they liked chinese food, there was no need for either of them to torment themselves to eat western food. Su Le led Wei Chu to an ordinary-looking chinese restaurant. She ordered a few dishes and said, "I came here to eat a few times before when I was still an intern. The food here isn't bad and also…"

Seeing that Su Le had gone silent and her expression now a little unnatural, Wei Chu understood what she was thinking so he smiled, "Then I will definitely have a bit more later on."

Su Le passed the menu to Wei Chu and generously said, "I don't mind. The food here is cheap so even if you eat till you burst, it still won't cost me much."

"Did you make me drive all the to this place because it's cheap?" Wei Chu used a pen to select a few dishes, "Since petrol prices are high now, I should select a few expensive dishes."

"Senior, men who haggle over minor matters are not elegant," Su Le snatched the menu back and gave it to the waiter who was standing at the side, "Just these dishes please."

Wei Chu stared at the pen in his hands, regretfully, "I had originally planned to order more and pack the leftovers home."

Su Le's impression on this influential figure has once again crumbled. She rested her chin on her hand and sighed, "Senior, a person like you should be more ostentatious like giving a tip to the waiter or fill up the table with different dishes where picking a little from each dish will fill up the rice bowl."

"You've been watching too many TV dramas and they're not doing your brain any good," Wei Chu took a sip of tea from his cup. The steam from the tea drifted and fuzzied his appearance which gave off a distinct sense of beauty.

Su Le unhurriedly withdrew her gaze and secretly lamented that there was really a handsome guy who was perfect in all angles, "Senior, your smile is so good-looking that I think most people can't handle it."

Wei Chu put his cup down and looked at Su Le. Warmth filled his eyes, "If the beauty trap is effective on you, I don't mind smiling to you everyday."

How many women can handle a top quality man wearing a smile and eyes filled with tenderness staring at them all day? Even Su Le who self-proclaimed that she would not get infatuated by handsomeness was not unaffected as her heart pounded faster.

A bang sound was heard when an appetising and fragrant plate of kung po chicken was placed on the table. Su Le blinked, "This dish …. is really pleasing to the eye, really pleasing, ah."

Wei Chu considerately smiled, "mmm, it does look appetising. It really pleases the eye." While inwardly he thought it was really a pity. It would've been better if the dishes came a bit later.

Su Le patted on her chest discreetly. The destructive power of the handsome man's smile was really too powerful. Su Le picked a peanut from the kung po chicken dish and placed it in her mouth. She could always use Wei Chu as her model for the male lead of her next book. It would let her believe that the perfect male lead from fiction actually do exist.

Half way through the meal, Su Le lifted her head and looked at Wei Chu. She discovered that the other party was now smiling gently towards her. Su Le's hand trembled which caused a spare rib to fall onto her clothes before it rolled until it reached the floor. She coughed dryly and placed her chopsticks down, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Wei Chu took out a handkerchief from his pocket and passed it to Su Le, "Be careful, the floor there is slippery."

Su Le took the handkerchief that was as white as snow. She covered her face and rushed to the bathroom. It was only after she looked at the mirror did she discover that her face was red. She lowered her head and looked at the oil stain on her clothes while feeling bitter, "A calamity, ah, a calamity." Only after she hit her cheeks, did her racing heart gradually calm down.


Wei Chu glanced towards the direction of the bathroom. Suddenly, the mobile on the table persistently rang. Su Le hadn't left the washroom yet. Wei Chu hesitated for a moment, but he was worried that the call may be from Su Le's work so he flipped open the phone. The voice that came through the phone was very familiar.

"Su Le, I heard you moved. Where are you living now?"

The smile on Wei Chu's face diminished a little.

"You just started working and won't have much money. How about moving back? Let's just forget about what happened in the past. I know previously it's…"

"Sorry, but Su Le's in the bathroom," Wei Chu interrupted the other party's repentance and said with an extremely gentle tone, "Su Le is currently doing very well so there's no need for you to worry. If there is anything else, you can call back in ten minutes."

"Wei Chu?" Zhuang Wei's voice held some resentment.

Wei Chu's lips lifted, "Yup."

The phone became silent for a while before Zhuang Wei rigidly said a "Good bye" and hung up the phone.

Wei Chu flipped the phone close and smile slightly while speaking to himself, "This junior's temper really isn't good."


Ten minutes later, Su Le returned to her seat while wearing a calm smile. All the dishes had arrived on the table. Feeling somewhat apologetic, she said, "Senior Wei, I'll return your handkerchief soon." After she spoke, she scolded herself and thought that why does this seem like a scene from an idol drama?

Wei Chu who had originally planned to say that there was no need to return it changed his mind, "No problem, you can return it when you have time. It's just a handkerchief after all."

Su Le bit on her chopstick and felt a little out of balance. That handkerchief is made from pure silk. Is Senior Wei provoking us commoners?

"Right. Just then a Junior schoolmate, surnamed Zhuang, called you. I picked up the call for you since it rang for quite a while. I told him to call back in ten minutes," Wei Chu indifferent said while putting some crispy fish into his bowl.

Su Le frowned, "What did he say this time?"

When Wei Chu heard the phase 'this time', his chopsticks paused slightly, as he looked at Su Le with a smile, "I'm also not very clear. He only said two sentences. It seems like he's worried that you have nowhere to live and that you could stay at his place."

Su Le expression changed multiple of times and it was after a while did she look at Weu Chu, "Do I look like that I'm in dire straits?"

Wei Chu instantly replied, "Of course not. You look very radiant."

Su Le was satisfied, "He really think that I can not live after leaving him, what the …" Realising that she shouldn't carry on the sentence in front of Wei Chu, she sneered then snapped the ribs in half in her mouth.

Wei Chu stared at Su Le's white teeth and felt the hair on his body jump.

Ten minutes later, Zhuang Wei didn't call back. Wei Chu was drinking some soup and tilted his head to look at the sunlight out from the windows. He smiled till his eyes became crescent shaped.

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