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78.57% Her "Bleeding Heart" / Chapter 22: Chapter twenty-two: will she?

Chapter twenty-two: will she? - Her "Bleeding Heart" - Chapter 22 by Daoiste4ik3f full book limited free

Chapter 22: Chapter twenty-two: will she?

Belinda sat alone for a long time. She just sat there staring out the window. The sun was setting now. She wasn't sure what to do now. She really thought that was the most logical, rational answer. Wasn't it? What was she missing? Why would it matter if they co-Alpha'ed...or even what difference it made if Juan was Alpha and she was Luna. She was really feeling alone right now. She needed to run. She needed to run in her wolf form. And she needed to do that NOW. She finally stood and realized how stiff she was. She squared her shoulders, walked upstairs grabbed a bag with an adjustable shoulder strap, grabbed her wallet, her passport, hairbrush, toothbrush, concealer, lip gloss, change of under garments. Stuffing the items in the bag, she then walked back downstairs and quickly made her way to the back of the house. She slipped out the back door.

At the edge of the pack village she stripped, placed her clothes in a bag, placed the bag around her neck and shifted. It was easier and easier to do. She took off at a full run. She ran and ran and ran and ran. She ran all night. The sun was rising now. She realized she had run all the way back to Cagayan de Oro. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Belinda shifted back. She grabbed her clothes and dressed then stepped out into the dirt road. A jeepney came by. She got in and asked to go to the airport. There she bought a ticket to Manila. She crossed the airport moving from domestic to international gates and bought a ticket for the USA. She was headed back to talk face to face with her mother.

Belinda zoned out at the gate. She missed Juan and her father and her grandfathers. They had dismissed her solution so it was time to find a new solution. She would talk to her mother and ask the questions she didn't even know how to ask her "men." Her mother had grown up in the pack. She could help her ...question was, would she?

Belinda nodded off a few times in flight. She had forgotten how very long the flight was back stateside. She hoped her new found family was okay. She probably should have left a note. She would email Juan and Rodney when she landed. She dozed off again.

Next thing she knew they were landing at LAGUARDIA Airport. Now to get hold of Molly and see if she could crash at her place. Good thing she remembered Molly's number as she did not think to bring her cellphone. She knew she would need to pick up one of those cheap pay as you go ones for now. What a waste she thought.

She asked a young mom with a baby if she could borrow her cell to call her friend. The lady smiled and handed her the phone, "Lose yours?"

Belinda embarrassingly said yes just to not engage anymore than she has to right now.

Molly answered immediately concerned by a strange number. "Molly?" Molly was stunned and held the phone outing looked at it strangely. "Molly? Is that you?" Belinda said.


"Yes. It's me."

"Can you come get me at the airport and can I crash with you?"

"You are here? What happened? Oh my God, are you ok?"

"I am fine. I will explain later. Please come get me? I will wait outside baggage claim ok?"

"Sure! On my way."

Molly grabbed her keys and ran to the car. She drove a bit recklessly but arrived in about 30 minutes. Belinda was standing waiting for her.

"Where's your luggage?"

"About that...can I borrow some clothes?I left kinda in a hurry." Belinda chuckled while Molly stared at her with her mouth wide open.

Belinda realized Molly probably thought something dreadful happened. "Molly, everything is alright. I promise you. I just had to come back really fast. It's urgent."

"Urgent?" Molly was even more confused than before.

Belinda sat quietly thinking about what she could tell Molly and what she couldn't and shouldn't tell Molly.All of a sudden Belinda realized just how much her life had changed in such a short time. There was no way Molly would understand her changes. How could she tell Molly about werewolves? Right.She couldn't. But she could tell her about her lost and now found family. And while Molly would not understand mates, she would understand a hot guy that caught her attention. She could tell her finding her father alive had her coming home to speak face to face withbher lying mother.

"Molly, my father is alive."

Molly gulped and then gasped.

"I met him. And my grandfather is too."

Molly blinked and was speechless.


Anne stopped taking the witch's pills. It had been two days and she was feeling odd She was irritated. She was lost in thought. Her senses started to heighten. Anne wondered if the witch tricked her.

Did she not kill her wolf but just suppress her? Anne actually started to get excited....wait? ...didn't she want her die? Didn't she want to live as a human? She was young and rebellious then. What about now? Anne sat once again staring out the kitchen window at the tree line. Just then she thought she saw movement just inside the trees. Anne shook her head and walked back to the living room.She had papers grade.

It was late. Anne had begun to fight sleep. Her eyes felt heavy and just as she was about to succumb to sleep a loud growl came.from the backdoor.

Anne jumped up spilling papers everywhere.

A large black wolf broke through the door and snarled at Anne. Anne stepped backwards. "Rodney, don't. Don't ..." Anne was terrified. She knew Rodney's scent and wolf anywhere even after all these years. Rodney circled her snarling. Just as Anne began to believe she would.die tonight another larger black wolf crashed through the broken doorway and snarled then growled at Rodney. Anne's eyes grew huge. She felt.faint all.of a sudden. "Father!??" She sank to her knees and tears began to roll.doqn her cheeks. The largest black wold shifted and stood to his full height (over 6'6") before her. Anne buried her head in her hands and wept aloud. Romero sank to his knees and gathered his daughter in his arms, tears streaming down his face and rocked his baby girl. Rodney shifted as well and stood quietly beside the father and daughter. Anne had been his mate but she had rejected him many years ago. The mate bond was so faint and he had his second chance mate now waiting for him at home. But the sight before him touched him deeply. Romero had been a very broken person since his daughter had run away. He was happy for the old Alpha. The scene was silent except for the two crying on the floor. No one moved. No one spoke.


CRASH. Broken glass being crushed under foot.

Another huge black wolf entered through a hole in the kitchen wall. Rodney rolled his eyes.Just like his father... Roberto in wolf form stood before the three. He chuckled the said, "Well now, isn't this a sight." Romero let out a low.growlmore of annoyance than anger. Anne buried her head in her father's chest and sighed. Rodney spoke, "Way to spoil the moment, Dad."

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