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4.05% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 3: 2nd-Level Hero: Captain America

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Chapter 3: 2nd-Level Hero: Captain America

Chen Feng saw the characters appearing one after another in the operating interface in front of him. This character lights up very quickly and faintly. Chen Feng looked at Bat Man, Iron Man, and Ghost rider etc.

"Are 2nd-level heroes like this?" Chen Feng said to himself.

Suddenly, the blinking speed slowed down, and immediately, a burly man appeared in front of Chen Feng, full of explosive muscles, red and white blue in bright star uniforms, a shield of the same color was his weapon.

Well, this person, Chen Feng immediately realized that he and the Hulk were in the same world. Chen Feng was very impressed.

Captain America!!!

Then, all of this character's information appeared on the other side of the display interface.


>[Character source - Captain America: The Avengers Vanguard]<

>[2nd-level hero]<

>[Captain America]<

>[Name - Steve Rogers]<

>[Main weapon: Vibranium Shield]<

Extractable Ability:

>[Super Soldier Serum: 500 AP]<

>[Vibranium Shield: 1000 AP]<

>[Western Boxing: 7 AP]<

>[Drawing Ability: 3 AP]<

>[Gun Shooting Ability: 3 AP]<

>[Military Command Capability: 10 AP]<

>[English Language: 1 AP]<


Seeing all the information that came out of the system, Chen Feng lightly bit his teeth. There was a desire to strangle the system to death. As we all know, Captain America's best place was that he had Super Soldier Serum. This because of this serum that made the changed of American Captain.

Since the release of the film "Iron Man", Chen Feng had also been a fan of Marvel, and he also knew all the heroes in the Marvel world.

The American Captain was a thin young man from the start, he stimulated his human potential with the Super Soldier Serum and turned it into a "perfect" posture. Therefore, Captain America has a high level of intelligence, strength, dexterity, sharpness, and physicality that cannot be reached by ordinary people. He was able to bench press half a ton without any help. Serum also strengthens metabolic function and is able to fully metabolize fatigue-causing substances such as lactic acid in muscles, which gives it endurance that is completely unthinkable by normal people, such as running in less than a minute. 1 mile (26.6 meters per second), etc., with a maximum speed of 48 kilometers per hour. For this reason he was able to rise again after being frozen for decades after being suspended in a condition of false death. Captain America's somatic cells are immune to alcohol and poison, will not get drunk, have immunity against most diseases, and serum will delay aging.

More than that, even though the captain will be injured by a gun, his physique was different from an ordinary person's body, which will superficially implant bullets that were fatal to ordinary people. Even though it will bleed, the impact of its actions were not large, just like how normal people falling and scratching their skins.

Chen Feng still remembered that when he watched "Avengers", the captain was immediately hit by a gun of the aliens, and in the end it seemed like he was only slightly injured.

"I really want it but...Damn it!!"

"The freaking Super Soldier Serum actually needs 500 Achievement Points. According to my current progress, I can get only 5 Achievement Points in a month. If it requires 500 AP, then it will take 100 months. It takes at least 8 years." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Too long!!"

Chen Feng couldn't help but cry out, at this moment Chen Feng really had a crazy feeling, his eyes continued to decline along with the abilities listed in the system.

Western boxing, there were not enough points for now.

Painting ability?

Captain America still can paint?

Chen Feng could not help but come up with a strange idea, and remembering it carefully, it looked like the American Captain actually can draw the picture, and it looked quite good, 3 AP?

Well, what's the point of learning to draw now? Draw yourself?

Chen Feng felt a little depressed, followed by the mechanical ability of the gun, eh, proficient in Gun Shooting, only requiring 3 AP? it seemed Captain America's gun method was quite bad.

He thought about it for a while, and Chen Feng realized.

Actually, Captain America's gun method might be really ordinary. At least in the film, Captain America didn't show how great his gun shooting was. At that time, in the "Avengers", Captain America held a gun when people fired at each other, Chen Feng estimated that at a distance of less than thirty meters, he really missed the opponent and almost fell from the aircraft carrier.

I remember that the captain of the United States said that following the principle of "not killing people", he did not use pistols or other space artillery after World War II unless he was forced to defend himself.

Is the Captain America gun shooting too bad?

In addition, there was Captain America's fighting skills, which may be good, but certainly not so great. Although he had always been recognized as the strongest melee master among the many superheroes in the universe, but only in the film.

Judging from his capabilities displayed, Captain America's fighting skills could only be said to be staying alive, sometimes even worse than the villain's combat skills.

Well, in Marvel Universe, the villains will not stand still and let you easily catch them. Most of them rely on brute strength to fight back. So if Captain can win against them mean that his fighting skills were really good enough I guess.

"Looks like only the English Language is the exception. Other ability is too expensive."

Chen Feng could not help but curse.

"System, extract English Language for 1 Achievement Point."

A ray of light fell onto the Captain America's body, and then struck directly into Chen Feng's brain. Immediately, Chen Feng felt that something was happening in his brain.

"Am I really learning English?" Chen Feng murmured.

He glanced at the American Captain again. Chen Feng frowned slightly. He suddenly thought of something. He used to collect Captain America information on the Internet. He still remembered one thing.

The Captain America's body will regularly issue Super Soldier Serums automatically.

"Yes, there it is."

Thinking about this, Chen Feng said directly to the system:

"System, does the Captain America's body automatically release the Super Soldier Serum?"

>[Yes! Host]< The mechanical sound of the system echoed in Chen Feng's mind.

>[However, the serum that are secreted automatically by the body of the American Captain only have lower effect compare to the original Super Soldier Serum injected to the American Captain!]<

"So, can I extract the Super Soldier Serum that was released automatically by the Captain America?" Chen Feng immediately asked.

>[Can be extracted!]< The sound of the system continued to echo in Chen Feng's ears.

"I'm counting on you system, so why didn't you tell me early?"

Chen Feng could not help but shout. He could not hold back his anger. Luckily, he liked Marvel films and collected a lot of hero data on weekdays, only did he remember this information.

>[The extractable capabilities listed in this system only provide references, and extraction of the remaining capabilities requires the host's own selection!]< The sound system is still cold and has no emotions.

"Forget it, forget it! It is very competitive to chat with this system, this system is just heartless, unable to have general knowledge with it!"

Chen Feng murmured in his heart, and then quickly said:

"Then the system, I want to extract the Serum that is released automatically by Captain America, how much Achievement Points is needed?"

>[System Analysis]<

After less than a second, a cold voice from the system echoed in Chen Feng's ear again.

>[To extract the serum that is automatically produced by Captain America's body, you need 20 AP.]<

"Very cheap?" Chen Feng was a little surprised.

Although he still can't exchange it yet, but compared to the original Super Soldier Serum price more than 500 AP, it is undoubtedly easier to extract this copy from Captain America's body. Although the effect may not be as good as the original, but it certainly can strengthen his body.

"Too bad, I still can't extract it! However, according to this progress, it seems like I can only extract it in four months. However, the premise is that in this four months, I cannot extract anything else."

Chen Feng keeps asking: "System, what happens if I stop extraction?"

>[The extracted character can be saved!]<

The mechanical sound of the system echoed in Chen Feng's mind.

>[This system can save up to 5 heroes in Level 1]<

"Can you save to 5 heroes? Hmm, great!"

Chen Feng nodded, and a smile appeared on his face: "It seems that the system is still more humanlike this time, and the hero who cannot be extracted for a while can be saved!"

"Save Captain America, wait for me have enough Achievement Points in the future" Chen Feng said to the system.

>[Captain America have been successfully saved.]< The sound of the system echoed in Chen Feng's ears.

This time Chen Feng gained the ability to speak English. That was better than nothing.

"In the future, let's see the face of English teacher when he give the result hehe..." He chuckled happily.

At this moment, the sound of the system was once in Chen Feng's ears again.

>[Host, there is another opportunity to extract the 1st-level hero, do you want to use it?]<

"Is there one more?" Chen Feng could not help but stop for a moment. He suddenly remembered. The 2nd-level hero extraction from the system was the bonus for him getting the system the first time.

But he didn't get the 1st-level hero that system said to give him every month yet.

When he thought about it here, Chen Feng suddenly came to understand.

"The American Captain is a 2nd-level hero. Of course, his ability is too difficult to extract. But how about the 1st-level hero? Hehe...Maybe I will get something useful this time."

"System, start random drawing the 1st-level hero."

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