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Chapter 8: After the Match

Right now, everyone's attention was focused on the ball. Everyone's heart was looking forward to whether or not this shoot will score a goal.


Basketball gets into the net, score the point!!

Chen Feng was breathing heavily with a big mouth. At this moment, he felt the fatigue coming into his heart. His whole body fell straight to the ground, fainted.

Just this 5 minutes made Chen Feng's physical strength completely depleted.

"Hurry up! Hurry up! Send him to the school clinic! " Sun Minghai, a class teacher on the side, hurriedly spoke to the students around him.

Fang Yue hurried run towards Chen Feng side. She never been nervous like this before. When she saw Chen Feng faint, she felt her heart pounding faster. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

When Lin Hang witnessed the extraordinary results, strong shame continued to increase in his heart. He truly lost and lost completely to Chen Feng. He knew that this was just a normal match. But for Lin Hang, this fact was completely unacceptable.

"Chen Feng, Chen Feng, are you alright?" Fang Yue came to Chen Feng and looked at him with a worried look.

"Fang Yue, why do you care about him, why do you care about him?" Suddenly, Lin Hang secretly growled at Fang Yue. He looked angrily at this scene, even though Fang Yue was in Class 6, however, in fact, she was rank among the top 3 beauty flower in the whole school, and he was always secretly fell in love with her.

Lin Hang gritted his teeth while watching Fang Yue and a few classmates helped Chen Feng escord him towards the School Clinic.

"Just you wait Chen Feng, I will have my revenge one day."


Chen Feng woke up very quickly. As soon as the body moves, he immediately feel a bursts intense of pain in the muscles of his entire body.

"Are you up already?" A soft voice came into Chen Feng's ear.

"I'm okay." Chen Feng raised his eyelids and looked at the source of the voice, and he saw a woman in a white lab coat tapping her legs gracefully, looking at himself. She was a woman in her thirties. The sense of maturity radiated throughout her whole body.

The school doctor "Bai Bingxin"!

"Teacher!" Chen Feng exclaimed, only felt that his voice was very hoarse.

"Here drink it!" Bai Bingxin gave Chen Feng a glass of water containing vitamin C, and said, "You are a temporary syncope caused by hypoxia in your brain. The problem is not big. Drink more water, you will be better soon."

"Thank you, teacher!" Chen Feng said that, his hand wanted to reach for the water glass, but he found that he did not seem to have the strength to raise his arms.

Bai Bingxin also seemed to have paid attention to his action, she couldn't help but smiled. She gave him a glass of water and reached her hand out to help lift Chen Feng up. After all, Chen Feng's weight was heavy, Bai Bingxin was just a women. It wasn't easy to support Chen Feng.

Bai Bingxin supported Chen Feng's back with both her hands. Chen Feng clearly felt that extraordinary softness, pressed tightly to his back. A beautiful touch immediately made Chen Feng started fantasy a lot senario in his head. Addition with the scent of her body pierced through Chen Feng's nose constantly made his hormone even more stimulated. In a while, Chen Feng's face had turned red with shyness.

Bai Bingxin wiped the sweat stain on her forehead. After feeding Chen Feng a glass of water, she told him lightly: "Have a good rest, the problem is not big! Besides that, you at this moment, it's not best to have sexual emotional thoughts!" She winked her eye at him.


Chen Feng almost spray the water out of his mouth. He lowered his head and secretly looked at Bai Bingxin's face and said "I'm sorry!"

"No problem!" Bai Bingxin chuckled a little."You rest well!"

After Bai Bingxin had left, Chen Feng sighed a relief.

"System, open visual interface!!"

Chen Feng said impatiently. His mind was very eager to open his Hero Extraction System. If his judgment was not wrong, then he must get the Achievement Points now.

The virtual operation interface immediately appeared in front of Chen Feng.

Pretty sure!!

Chen Feng's heart was excited. In the character selection bar, the Achievement Points had changed to 10. Chen Feng was rather disappointed. After all, he had shown his own strenght in front of so many people. He thought that he will get a lot of Achievement Points.

However, at least one thing can be confirmed!

What is so called Achievement Points? What is achievement? It meant that he had to be recognized by others. The more people admired him, the more he will get the appropriate Achievement Points.

"Are there only 10 AP? Why it is too low?"

Chen Feng couldn't help talking to himself, but it was better than nothing, and extracting the serum released from Captain America was only cost 20 Achievement Points, and he just had complete half of his goal at once.

Chen Feng couldn't help but look forward to it. If he plays in the next match, how many Achievements Point will he get?

Chen Feng's heart was full of excited.

However, after a period of excitement, Chen Feng immediately calmed down again. He has inferiority for too long. He always likes to think things in a pessimistic way. He soon realized that his own ideas were still too naive.

He had one of his greatest weaknesses, and that was his physical strength.

He though that this was a miracle for him to run around for full 5 minutes. If he play the whole game, Chen Feng can be 100% sure that he will definitely be in the miserable state than this.

After moving a little, Chen Feng's body still felt weak, he might need a good rest.

He tried lying down again, but Chen Feng's brain was still actived.

"How do I get Achievement Points? Continue playing basketball? However, in the high school, study is still the most important thing. And the next basketball game was expected to wait until next month."

"I better extract some knowledge first!" Chen Feng decided. His mind started to become active again.

"Since I have noticed that my Achievement Points come from the shock and admiration of other people to me. What if I have achieved the good results in the next exam? Also, there were monthly exam in the next few days. If I am standing out in this exam, will I get the corresponding Achievement Points?"

When he thought about it, Chen Feng flashed a thought in his heart, and he immediately began to act.

"Hero Extraction System, covering the whole school, collect the Chinese, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics from the best people in this list." Chen Feng's mind silently wait for the result.


Immediately, countless characters' images flashed on the screen before Chen Feng's eyes. Then, the characters appeared on the screen, all of whom are school teachers. If he wanted to extract their knowledge, he only need 1 Achievement Point.

"System, extract...!"

When he was going to say it, Chen Feng suddenly stopped for a moment, and another thought appeared in his mind. The Hero Extraction System had a large extraction range, which meant if the target was in range, they will can be extracted?

Why don't we extend this coverage to all countries?

As soon as this idea emerged, Chen Feng immediately said: "System, can you cover the whole country?"

Unexpectedly, when Chen Feng said this request, and the system immediately refused Chen Feng:

>[The host level is not enough, system refuse your request!]<

"How about the scope of province?" Chen Feng asked again.


This system still coldly rejected again.

"What about the whole city?" Chen Feng continued to lift the envelope.


The system still refused, Chen Feng couldn't help but frown tightly:

"Then, system cover this whole area is also good!"

>[Your request is acceptable, screening begins!]< The sound of the mechanical voice echoed in Chen Feng's ears.

Chen Feng could not contain his excitement. There was a university not far from his junior high school, and it was also a key university in the country. If it covered all schools and districts, it will also included that universities too.


A series of information appears on the screen. Chen Feng could not help but looked at the screen without blinking. They were all university professors. What truly shocked Chen Feng was that only 1 Achievement Point was needed to extract their knowledge.

"Knowledge, is that really worthless?"

Chen Feng felt a little strange. To extract Fang Yue's knowledge, he need 1 AP, to extract the teacher's school was also 1 AP, and extracting a university professor was aslo actually 1 AP too.

This really shocked Chen Feng.

However, that didn't matter. Chen Feng couldn't help but had a hint of smile appeared on his face. Because if it had to be extracted, he had to extract the high quality goods. The price was the same anyway.

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