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Chapter 5: Basket Ball Match 1

"You're right, I did relax on my previous studies, and I will work hard in the future!" Chen Feng suddenly smiled at Fang Yue.

Hearing this Fang Yue could not help but stop. She suddenly felt that Chen Feng had become a little different today. In normal times, he did not respond to everything everyone have said to him. Chen Feng was one usually known as a silent soldier in the classroom.

"If you think so, I'm sure you can do it." Fang Yue smiled slightly at Chen Feng.

Chen Feng came to his chair and flipped through his book.

Since these books were published, Chen Feng really hadn't read them a lot. He then opened the textbook and looked at it briefly.

Since the start of this new semester of high school, he hadn't read books seriously. Reading a book right now made him feels very heavy in his head.


Actually, it wasn't Chen Feng who really want to gave up on himself. Before the high school began, he suffered from a serious illness. At that time, Chen Feng's parents were also sick but they still take him to hispital to cure his illness. Finally, they met an unscrupulous doctors who give him the wrong hormones treatment.

Even though Chen Feng's illness was cured, but his body began to swell violently. He was still a handsome young man, just his body became a big ball at that time.

The most terrible thing was not here yet. Chen Feng's memory had begun to decline, his speed of thought and reaction had slowed down, and he could not remember things for long. Even if he remembered, it was useless because he will forget it soon.

Because of this, his achievements cannot be increased. Over time, Chen Feng began to give up on himself.


"Ah forget about it!" Chen Feng shocked his head and decided to open an English textbook. After opening, Chen Feng's heart trembled slightly. Among many subjects, Chen Feng's worst was English. Partial subjects were very serious. English was often his weakness. Each test was 20-30 minutes long, his score were all depended on multiple choice questions.

However, at this moment, Chen Feng had a strange feeling. He read the English in the book looked like reading Mandarin. He felt like looking at his native language.

"English Language for 1 Achievement Point is really useful."

Chen Feng could not help but be excited. He held a textbook and found for the first time that English was very funny. He even could recite every sentence correctly. Besides that, his pronunciation was very fluent like a native American.

Fang Yue looked back at Chen Feng and saw that Chen Feng seriously looked at the English book in his hand, for a moment, a smile appeared on her face.

Chen Feng put down the textbook in his hand, he felt that he did not need to study English. He did not say it with exaggeration, even the school English teacher might not be better than himself. Why? Because of he had extracted the English language from Captain America. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

As soon as Chen Feng thought about it, he immediately summoned the system. The virtual operation interface immediately appears in front of his eye. Unlike last night, this time it was suspended in front of Chen Feng. It was a virtual stereo screen.


Chen Feng's eyes glanced slightly and found that there were no students around who could see system screen like he did.

"So, regardless of the ability to extract virtual characters, can I extract the abilities of everyone in reality?"

Chen Feng said to himself, his eyes fixed on Fang Yue's body. Fang Yue's academic achievements were the first in his class.

"System, extract Fang Yue's character for me."

When Chen Feng said that in his mind, Fang Yue's avatar immediately appeared on the screen.


>[Name: Fang Yue]<

>[Gender: Female]<

>[Age: 17 year old]<

Extractable Ability:

>[Chinese Knowledge: 1 AP]<

>[Mathematics Knowledge: 1 AP]<

>[Physics Knowledge: 1 AP]<

>[Chemical Knowledge: 1 AP]<

>[Biological Knowledge: 1 AP]<

>[Politic Knowledge: 1 AP]<


"Only 1 Point? The same as English from Captain? If so, isn't there a big gap between us?"

Chen Feng was a little surprised. English choices will appear in the exam. However, Chen Feng had already extracted the Captain America's English skills. One problem was completely gone.

However, even though it was 1 Point, Chen Feng couldn't extract it yet. He didn't have any Achievement Points left now, and he couldn't make it even if he wanted to.

Chen Feng suddenly felt that he did not really need to study hard. He was be able to maintain his score during exam. Everything was fine as long as he gets enough Achievement Points. However, how can he get these damn points?

When he thought about this, Chen Feng couldn't help but slightly scratch his hair, he could feel that the Hero Extraction System definitely did not depend on the 5 AP that were presented to him every month.

At this time, teacher entered the classroom and started giving lectures. The lessons that taught by teacher today were like heavenly tone to Chen Feng. Even if he wanted to study, but he realized that he didn't understand the lesson at all.

He only knew English language for now.

It was really troublesome!

Chen Feng had a headache. When nothing happened, Chen Feng began check his system. Immediately, Chen Feng found something interesting, that is, in terms of knowledge, regardless of other people's ability, he only needed 1 Achievement Point right? So could he extract the ability directly from his teacher?

After two lessons, class teacher Sun Minghai came to the classroom. Chen Feng felt a bit strange. He saw that all students had followed the teacher outside the class.

"Where they go to?"

However, Chen Feng immediately knew what is it. Sun Minghai brought his classmates to the school gymnasium.

The facilities in all aspects of the school were really good. The school gymnasium was even more than that. There were all types of facilities, the students who pass the college entrance examination, and the students who get into sport school that come from High School No. 1 were not in small amount.

At this moment, Chen Feng understood it. This should be a basketball game in the second divisions. In addition to a good learning atmosphere, the high school will also hold a number of school activities besides intensive learning to relax. An unsettled learning life.

Events it looked like this but this was considered relatively a large events, and 24 classes from all ministries will participate.

24 classes, each class forms a team, and then plays against each other. In fact, this activity has been started from the beginning of school. So far, 24 classes have been played to get Top 6. This game was to determine of the Top 3.

At this point, the game can be said to be very interesting.

Seeing the game in front of him, Chen Feng's mind suddenly moved. Last night he just extracted Mitsui's basketball abilities.

"If I can participate in this game, if I can shine, I don't know if I can get Achievement Points?

This damn system is just a very general statement. If I get a certain achievement, can I get Achievement Points? How to assess this achievement? You damn system need to explain it clearly." Chen Feng though to himself.

"But how I join playing in the match?" Chen Feng glanced at the class teacher Sun Minghai, doubtful whether he should ask him or not.

In the Top 6, Chen Feng's classmates were actually quite strong.

While Chen Feng hesitated, the game had already begun.

"Lin Hang, Lin Hang, Lin Hang!"

While Chen Feng was thinking about how he should consider playing, girl cheers interrupted Chen Feng's mind, and he saw a group of men in blue shirts coming to the basketball court in second grade.

"Lin Hang?"

Chen Feng muttered, this Lin Hang, can be said to be the handsome of the old leader, not to say, he was good at playing basketball, and also good at scoring. His score was in the Top 50 in the whole school.

He participated in the school basketball team and had good results can be considered in the Top 4 in the city.

When Chen Feng saw Lin Hang playing, the faces of all the players in Class 6 dropped. Even though Class 6 was ranked in the Top 6 in the school, it wasn't enough to face with him. Lin Hang's strength was parallel to them.

"In this game, let's try to stabilize it and try not to let the score develop!" Zheng Qiang, a member of the basketball team, also spoke with four players around him.

As a member of the basketball team. Zheng Qiang knew clearly about Lin Hang's strength.

"Zheng Qiang, what a coincidence! I didn't expect to see you here." Lin Hang walked with a faint smile on his face: "What are you discussing about? About preventative measures?"

Zheng Qiang frowned slightly, and then said, "Yes! So what?"

But Lin Hang laughed with a cracked mouth and continued: "Not so good, rest assured, I will be mercy. Besides, you are in same school as me. I would put a controlled score of around 50 points. Yes, that won't embarrass you much."

Zheng Qiang's face could not help but change slightly, and then he bit his teeth and said, "Lin Hang, don't be too proud of yourself. Whoever wins and loses is not sure."

Lin Hang laughed and turned around.

Looking at Lin Hang's back, Zheng Qiang could only bite his teeth hard, his heart was also very unhappy.

When the players on both sides were in place, Sports Guru carried the basketball into the middle, and said out loud: "The match will start!"

As soon as the drip sound, the basketball in his hand was thrown high.

Zheng Qiang shot towards the basketball in the sky at the same time. Zheng Qiang's jumping ability was very good, but clearly, Lin Hang's jumping ability was better, and he was 1.90 m after all.


Lin Hang quickly threw the basketball to his teammate. As soon as they landed, everyone rushed towards the basket in a flash. Zheng Qiang hurried run and stood in front of Lin Hang.

Almost when Lin Hang had just gotten the ball from his teammate, Zheng Qiang had already blocked Lin Hang, but Lin Hang snickered, his body trembled slightly, Zheng Qiang's eye suddenly shrunk suddenly, he tried to see the direction Lin Hang will come.

When Zeng Qiang hesitated for a while, Lin Hang had already made a breakthrough with the ball in his hand. He comes to the basket and flaps the layup with the ball.


There was a thunderous cheer immediately outside the field. Lin Hang had a lot of fans at school. When they saw Lin Hang wink at them, a group of girls shouted loudly.

Lin Hang came to Zheng Qiang with a smile on his face, and still proudly said, "Calm down, 50, it's 50, I will never let you be ashamed!"

Squeak! Squeak!

Zheng Qiang bit his teeth, wanting to break Lin Hang's smile.

Furthermore, in the first round, Class 6 was seriously harassed. That's really abused. The first round has just ended. The difference score of both parties has reached 32 Points.

"Second match start!" The referee had blowed the whistle.

Zheng Qiang's heart is still very unhappy, but there was nothing he could do. After all, the distance between each other's level was too big. Lin Hang was the main strength of the basketball team, and Zheng Qiang was only on the cold bench regular visitor.

Deep down, Zheng Qiang also hoped he could hold Lin Hang down, even if he knew the distance between them was not small, but Zheng Qiang found himself unable to hold him back at all.

The second half was still the same situation which the class 6 being harassed, the score difference has reached 54 points, class 6 had no desire to play anymore, their bodies turned stiff, just waiting for the end of the game.

They had five more minutes left!

At this time, a member of the sixth player suddenly called out, and he was huddled in pain.

Looking at the situation, Chen Feng had star looked in his eyes, his eyes were full of excitement.

"The opportunity is here."

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