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Chapter 6: Basket Ball Match 2

"What happened?" Class teacher Sun Minghai hurriedly stood up and asked with a pause.

Zheng Qiang also helped the student step by step to the bench with the help of the class teacher Sun Minghai.

"Su Wenhao, are you alright?" Sun Minghai looked at his students anxiously. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"It's alright, it's alright!" Su Wenhao waved his hand and said, "I just kicked my foot, it hurts a little! But maybe I can't play anymore. I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about anything. You two quickly take him to the hospital!" Sun Minghai shouted at the two students around him.

The two students hurriedly raised Su Wenhao, and Sun Minghai looked back at Zheng Qiang and said, "You go back and continue the game!"

Sun Minghai helped Su Wenhao leave the basketball court.

"Your sixth grade is completely useless! Your team is hopeless too, it's really embarrassing!" Lin Hang brought the basketball slowly walked in front of the sixth team's basketball team, he smiled and said: "Five more minutes, I don't think you could catch up has ha..!"

"What are you talking about, Lin Hang?" Zheng Qiang stood up and said coldly, "What does it mean that my team is hopeless?"

"Your team don't have another member to play anymore, which means that people in your sixth grade are rubbish, don't you believe? You know, who else in your sixth grade can play basketball?" Lin Hang sneered at Zheng Qiang.

"Isn't that just a game?" Zheng Qiang snorted coldly and looked back at the boys in the sixth grade seat, "Who's coming?"

The basketball team drops a man, and there is really no substitute. So he had to find someone to play the game.

"Five more minutes left till end the game!" Lin Hang grinned "Look, I'll say, you six classes is a waste!"

"Who are you trash talking about? Really think there isn't anyone in our sixth grade? I'm coming!" At this moment, a voice suddenly echoed in Lin Hang's ear.

Lin Hang couldn't help but be a little stun. Following the source of the sound, his eyes fell on a fat figure. This person was naturally Chen Feng. Seeing Chen Feng, Lin Hang laughed suddenly.

"Has ha...Well, isn't this a joke? Isn't your sixth grade the only have fat pig left? " Lin Hang held his stomach and laughed.

Chen Feng did not bother look Lin Hang, but only focused on Zheng Qiang and slowly said, "Let me play!"

Zheng Qiang couldn't help but be a little hesitant. When he saw excited in Chen Feng's eyes which say that he can't wait to get on stage, Zheng Qiang startled and wondered where his confidence come from. And then he shook his head violently, his heart silently shouted: "How is this possible? Can he even run? Does he know how to play? What is he after?"

He really did not know what Chen Feng had pursue.

"Okay! You can wear the team's uniform and play!" Even though today Chen Feng behaved rather strangely, however, the last five minutes were left, and the others did not want to come but Chen Feng was willing. If we going go lose anyway, who care?

Zheng Qiang gave Chen Feng a set of clothes. Chen Feng took out his basketball uniform, and he couldn't help but excited a little.

He don't know if this is coincidence or not. The number of basketball uniforms in Chen Feng's hand is number 14.

On the 14th, this is Mitsui's basketball uniform number.

He changed into a basketball uniform, but the basketball uniform was so tight. Chen Feng also barely wore it. When he stepped out, it caused a lot of laughter, and many girls even boo at him.

"Who is that man? Is the Class 6 really desperate? Actually let fat pigs play? Has ha..."

Not only students in other classes, even students in grade 6 looked at Chen Feng with a sarcastic gaze. In their eyes, people like Chen Feng only wasted food and drink, and he went to play Basketball? This was just blasphemy.

Zheng Qiang also had some regrets. Is his decision too swallow? But there are still only five minutes. If you lose, you will lose. There is no big problem at all.

"Chen Feng, you go to block Lin Hang!" Zheng Qiang said to Chen Feng when he was in the field.

Zheng Qiang had to defended Lin Hang. But he could stop Lin Hang only a little, and his teammate was also injured. So he decided change to Chen Feng. Zheng Qiang had no hope for Chen Feng, it was only pure hope, Chen Feng could rely on his big body to block Lin Hang a little, and try save time for a moment.

"Yup!!" Chen Feng nodded, and came to Lin Hang with heavy steps.

"Huh? You fat pig, are you here to take care of me?" When Chen Feng came in front of himself, a grinning expression appeared on Lin Hang's face: "This is really hard for you! "

"Lin Hang, you have just humiliated our Sixth Class!" Chen Feng smiled and said without delay: "Then, let me tell you the facts. Our Class 6 is not as gentle as you think."

Lin Hang could not help but hesitated for a moment, then a deep sneer appeared on his face: "This fact, you cannot teach me!"

Soon the match had started again.

"Here, brother!" The Class 2 players had passed the ball to Lin Hang's hands. Lin Hang looked at Chen Feng with disdain.

With his hand on the ball, his body suddenly moved slightly, directly from Chen Feng's right and shifted to the left run past him.

"Too easy." Lin Hang though.

But at this moment, Lin Hang suddenly felt his palm empty, and the basketball that was supposed to fall into his hand disappeared. He turned around unknowingly and saw a fat figure came to their three point line.

He jumped, release and shoot!


Chen Feng's body was very bloated. This action was ridiculous, but his basketball pulled an elegant bow directly in the air into the net.

Three points!

No one guessed that Chen Feng won three points for Class 6 soon after he played.

There was a commotion among the audience. Everyone thought that Chen Feng had just come to fill the number, but no one expected that Chen Feng could score a goal, and that was three points at that.

Lin Hang's face was filled with a look of surprise, but then his shock turned into anger, he felt himself very humiliated, and humiliated by a fat man who he just looked down on.

Seeing the audience's shocked expression, Chen Feng's heart had a different feeling for the first time.

Different from the allusions and taunts before, but a profound surprise. Everyone feels very extraordinary. Chen Feng suddenly fell in love with this feeling.

He clenched his fists unconsciously, and Chen Feng quickly shouted, "Get back, Defence!"

The sound of footsteps coming, Lin Hang stopped next to Chen Feng for a moment, and his voice was cold and said: "You dead pig, it feels amazing just score that lucky goal, right? I tell you, that one is just coincidence. Next time, I will let you truly experience despair. And show you what it taste like?"

Chen Feng pulled back his gaze. He looked at Lin Hang deeply. Without fear a bit, he said in serious tone "By chance? Next, I'll let you know if this is a coincidence or not."

Chen Feng quickly returned to his team, Zheng Qiang stepped forward and patted Chen Feng's shoulder while smiling: "Chen Feng, good job, well shoot!"

"Strong brother!" Suddenly Chen Feng said to Zeng Qiang, "I have something I hope you can help me."

Zheng Qiang looked at Chen Feng oddly, "What's the matter?"

Chen Feng slowly said: "Next, try giving me as many balls as possible, I will be responsible for shooting into the basket, and we will definitely scored the next 50 points!"

Listening to Chen Feng's words, Zheng Qiang couldn't help but hesitate for a moment. This voice is still the same, this voice is full of something called confidence. Yes, that is confidence.

"Okay!" Zheng Qiang laughed. He patted Chen Feng's shoulder and said earnestly: "Come on, let's fuck the them up!"

Chen Feng laughed. Even though he gained Mitsui's basketball skills, with his fat body, how much basketball technology could be used, Chen Feng wasn't very clear, but when he touched the ball, at that moment, Chen Feng had a very familiar feeling in his heart.

It seems like he have been playing basketball for years. All the techniques including the three pointer shooting style were all in his head. Even if he didn't have the full power of Mitsui Shou, he can at least play around 70% of the original with his body.

And 60% to 70% strength is enough to fuck them good.

The Class 2 had started attack. Chen Feng came to Lin Hang again. This time, Lin Hang didn't dare not pay attention, he looked at Chen Feng carefully, trying to crush Chen Feng at the most appropriate opportunity.

Shame of lose to Chen Feng must be paid back.

Chen Feng looked at Lin Hang calmly, his eyes became very focused. Most people who watch "Slam Dunk" think that Mitsui Shou is only a three-digit pointer, but in fact, is it really so? Mitsui Shou has a strong ball sense and is second to none in Lingnan's ability to defend notorious from all kind of offensive style.

Lin Hang suddenly felt that Chen Feng was so sticky. This person seems to be able to saw all his movements and easily judge whether he wanted to take the ball.

"How could this happen?" Lin Hang frowned tightly. At this moment, Chen Feng suddenly moved.


Flash shot ,Steal the ball!

In Lin Hang's mind, there was a thought. Basketball is no longer under his control. With a grunt, the basketball had passed into Zheng Qiang's hands, Chen Feng had already run, and he had blinked. Come outside the three point line.

Suddenly, He cought the ball!

Zheng Qiang also chose to trust Chen Feng without hesitation, and gave basketball directly to Chen Feng. Chen Feng toke the stand , aim and shoot.

"In your dream!" Lin Hang rushed in front of Chen Feng, jumping high, trying to stop Chen Feng from shooting.

Lin Hang's movements were still a little slower. His right hand had hit Chen Feng's wrist hard, while the basketball still fell in the perfect arch in the air and shot into the basket.

Whistle sound* "Foul!!"

"Foul?" Lin Hang looked at the scene with extreme disbelief.

This was three points plus a free shot?

Sports Teacher's whistle came, and then, the Sports Teacher's voice echoed throughout basketball stadium: "Violation for the player, a free shot!"

Zheng Qiang happily came to Lin Hang and said, "Our gap is only 48 points, maybe 47 points soon, and this gap will continue to narrow. Do you believe now?"

"Do not dream!" Lin Hang looked at Zheng Qiang fiercely: "This is a coincidence, it must be a coincidence!"

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