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Chapter 59: Become Cultivator

After Chen Feng finished issue his command, a syringe appeared from nowhere was floating in front of him. He raised his hand and caught it.

Last time, Chen Feng remembered that it stored the light blue substance inside but it was different this time, its color turned to bright yellow.

Chen Feng injected the syringe into his vain without hesitation.

At first, he only felt slightly hot inside his body. As time went by, the temperature became hotter and hotter.

His body was swelling up and down, his sweat dropped nonstop. If we looked at it carefully, we could see the black material was coming out of his skin. This was his remaining impurity that came out.

During the process, Chen Feng gritted his teeth hard the whole time without making a sound. This was not the first time that he had been in this kind of situation. Last time, he even passed out but not this time, because he had prepared his mental state beforehand.

1 hour later, his nightmare time was over. Chen Feng took a deep breath and then he fell softly on the floor.

" swear this is the most painful time in my life, Damn it!!" He couldn't help but swear a few words to calm down his nerve.

Chen Feng struggled to get up. He took his shirt full of sweat and some black spot off, then he began to examine his body.

He noticed that his body didn't change much compared to the time before he used this serum. Just his height was growing a bit taller. Looking at his body in the mirror, Chen Feng could see his muscle was firmer, his skin outside also became much whiter and it looked a lot more robust than usual.

Touching his skin by his hand, Chen Feng could see how amazing it was.

He believed that the standard weapon could not cause damage to him. Didn't forget that not only his skin had become tougher, even his recovery speed also much faster than before. Just like Captain Steve Roger in the movie, Chen Feng believed that his physique was not a bit worst than him.

He felt his cell was screaming excited in his muscle. When he clenched his hand, Chen Feng sensed the strong power inside, it was ready to release at any moment he wanted.

"So this is the full effect of Super Soldier Serum, this feeling is amazing." Chen Feng smiled, he was satisfied with his change.

Next, Chen Feng chose to extract the Inner Energy Mastery from Stephen Chow. He had a prophecy that he had to become stronger for the happiest of his family and himself. He believed that his destiny had changed since the moment he got the Hero Extraction System. So the faster he grew, the better. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Chen Feng opened his system interface, he chose the character "Stephen Chow".

"System, extract the Internal Energy Mastery from him."

>[Deduct 200 Achievement Points. Extract Internal Energy Mastery successfully.]<

Stephen Chow's avatar was glowing and the light fell on Chen Feng's body.

Chen Feng closed his eyes, he could feel that some kind of energy was running inside him. He couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy. He felt very comfortable. Just as he about to fall asleep, a strange sound was heard from his body. He started feeling painful like he was crushing alive by a big building.

Creak* Creak* Creak* (The bone creaking sound)

"W-What happen? Why? Ahhh..." Chen Feng knelt down and screamed loudly.

He just endured the effect of Super Soldier Serum just an hour ago but right now, he had to bear this painful feeling again. How could he endure it?

The creaking sound continued, Chen Feng's roar was echoed in his room until he couldn't bear it and fell unconscious.

After a long time, Chen Feng began to open his eyes.

He first looked at his hand, then he carefully touched his body.

"What happened to me? I recall that I felt a great pain from inside my body, my bone was creaking, then I couldn't see anything and I passed out." Chen Feng furrowed his eyebrows, he tried to remember the detail.

He used his hand supported his body and tried to get up. He still felt slight pain came from his whole body.

"System, do you know what happened to me? Why is my bone creaking up?"

>[System Analysis!]<

>[Host has become the cultivator. You happen to be in the reconstruct body processing in the Nascent Realm and successfully advance to True Core Realm.]<

"What!?" Chen Feng exclaimed in surprise.

Chen Feng shocked, his face showed a disbelief expression.

He just happened to become the cultivator, how could he advanced so fast.

Of course, because of this ability was extracted from Stephen Chow who was initially the True Core Realm in the movie.

True Core Realm was the stage that the cultivator began to develop the core in his dantian. That person could use the Inner Energy (Internal Energy) inside to practice the technique and strengthen his body. Only the one who could use the Inner Energy that was considered the real cultivator.

Chen Feng looked at the system, he saw that he still had 1,350 Achievement Points left and the number was still increasing bit by bit but it was much slower than before.

This time, Chen Feng decided to upgrade his system. He thought that it was the right time. He eagered to see how much surprise this upgrade offered to him.

"System, I want to upgrade to level 2." He said excitedly.


>[Deduct 1,000 Achievement Points]<

>[Upgrade in progress...]<

>[System upgrade successfully]<

>[New function unlock]<

>[Successful unlock the Storage Function]<

>[Successful unlock the Exchange Function]<

>[Saved Slot increase to 7 Heroes]<

>[Monthly Achievement Point increase to 50 AP with the same 1 bonus 1st-level hero]<

>[Bonus 1 2nd-level hero]<


"Wow..." Chen Feng's jaw nearly dropped to the floor.

This reward was really unexpected to him. Not only he could unlock 2 new functions, his salary was also increased and he even had a chance to draw a 2nd-level hero.

"Can you introduce the new function to me?" He asked to the system.


>[Storage Function: You can store the item inside, it only has 5 slots. You can put and withdraw things on your own will.]<

>[Exchange Function: You can exchange the Essence Spirit for the chance to draw the new hero. You get Essence Spirit when you break the hero in the Saved Slot.

*Exchange Rate:

5 Essence Spirits = 1st-level hero

20 Essence Spirits = 2nd-level hero

50 Essence Spirits = 3rd-level hero


Break 1st-level hero = 1 Essence Spirit

Break 2nd-level hero = 5 Essence Spirits

Break 3rd-level hero = 20 Essence Spirits]<


"Hmm...I see. This is an another way to get the new hero." Chen Feng expected it from the beginning, the same as the Achievement Points, the monthly reward was not the only solution for him.

"System, draw the 2nd-level hero for me." Chen Feng said.

The same roulette appeared in the system interface again.

Soon, its speed was slowing down and it stopped on the picture of a handsome man. He had yellow hair, his eyes showed a passionate gaze, there was a black kunai in his hand, he wore the white cloak which had the word "Fourth Hokage" on his back.

Chen Feng, the past otaku, knew him very well. He then started feeling excited.

"T-this is the real jackpot!" He couldn't help saying in a shaking voice.

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