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Chapter 12: Big Harvest

"Enron, you're here!" It took a long time for the teacher in the office notice the girl who had just entered the office.

Chen Feng couldn't help but turned his eye look at her too. There was no doubt that she is beautiful lady. Her hair was long reach on her shoulders. She had a beautiful and elegant feature. She was definitely the top rank beauty in the whole school.

She wore the normal school uniform. But the real goddess was really a goddess. No matter what clothes she wears, it can't hide even half of her natural beauty.

Her name was Fu Enron. For her, the most important thing was not her face, but her academic performance.

In terms of gender, she is a goddess, and in terms of academic achievement, she was also the top genius in the academy.

Some people say that beauty and wisdom cannot coexist, either you were beautiful without brain, or you were smart and not beautiful. However, this sentence was not apply to Enron.

"Teacher, I'm going on vacation. Today and tomorrow, I will not come to class." Enron smiled at homeroom teacher and said. Her voice was very soft pleasant to hear like a sound flow of water.

"Okay, no problem!" Enron's teacher agreed to her request directly without even asking reason that she asked for leave.

This is the treatment of God Student. They didn't have to take study seriously, but their score were beyond everyone's reach.

Enron turned her gaze swept over Chen Feng's body a little, without speaking anything, she turned and walked away.

"God Student is truly extraordinary!" Chen Feng could not help but admire silently.

"One day, if I can become God Student, I don't know how many Achievements Points I could get? However, for now, let's get this dessert (Achievement Points) I need before thinking about them."

When waitting for teacher, Chen Feng choose to open his Hero Extraction System. Suddenly, he was surprised to find that he had 2 more Achievement Points.

"No! So many teacher in the office only get me this much? Hai...! 2 Points were better than nothing." Chen Feng could not help but frown a little.

"Teacher, I don't know about my request to you." Chen Feng looked at Sun Minghai and said seriously: "Are you really going to fulfill it!?"

"On Monday, I will apologize to you in front of the teachers and school students. Student Chen Feng, here I will apologize to you first. Sorry, this is my mistake. Teachers shouldn't be suspicious about his student and judge that he cheat on an exam without evident." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Sun Minghai was a teacher who can withstand up and down. Currently, he was very sincere in his apologizing.

At this moment, Chen Feng hesitated.

("Is it alright to make teacher apologize to him on Monday, is it rather selfish for me force him to do it?")

Doubtful for a moment, Chen Feng still let him to do it because he felt that this time he really need Achievement Points greatly. As for apologizing to the public, it didn't cause him much shame anyway.

"Okay, student Chen Feng, you go back to class first!" Sun Minghai waved his hand to Chen Feng.

"This child is a miracle!" After Chen Feng left, teacher En Lin and teacher Li Linzhu gathered: "He can almost be compared to Enron!"

Sun Minghai shook his head and said "There are still some gaps. I think his weakness is that he's slow to do questions and think for a long time. You remember, he can't finish his final question during the exam."

"Except this!" Sun Minghai signed and continued to say, "His writing is ugly, for this reason, Chinese teacher have deduced some of his scores, but if I can teach him properly, hehe..."

Sun Minghai couldn't help laughing: "Teacher Li, you have to be careful about your top student rank's safety, they can lose their first seat some day."

Li Linzhu smiled and said, "You must first consider how to apologize to this child in front of the teacher and school students on Monday first! I really want to see your face that day!!"

"Do you think I'm apology to him for free?" Sun Minghai's face showed a sly smile: "Don't you think there's something I can get from this?"

Li Linzhu couldn't help but stop for a moment. He started thinking about what this old fox going to do.


Chen Feng returned to his classroom. Many students looked at him with curious expression. What happen to him in the office? Did the teacher punish him? They had many question want to ask him, but they didn't dare.

Some students had some though about wanted to ask him about his cheating method. Cheating was also a skill. Sometime you need to have mutiple skill if you wanted to success in your life.

On Monday

The flag-raising ceremony of the whole school ended with a bright national anthem. At this moment, Sun Minghai came up to the podium calmly. Looking at all the teachers and students in the school, he cleared his throat and slowly said:

"Dear students, I am a class teacher from Class 2 and Class 6, Sun Minghai. Today, I will apologize to one of my students, Chen Feng, please come up!!"

Chen Feng was among the students, he was trembled slightly, then slowly ascended to the podium.

Instantly, all teachers and school students focus their eyes on him.

"What happened? How did he get up?" Lin Hang in the crowd looked at Chen Feng who walked to the podium with a little disbelief face. He really did not understand. Why was he calling going up there?

Sun Minghai continued to speak with the microphone in his hand: "Mr. Chen Feng got a high score of 706 points in this monthly exam, which is the 24th place in the Ministry. Because I did not understand the situation, I mistakenly believed this was a consequence of Chen Feng's cheating. However, after his reexamination yesterday that supervised by many teachers, I decided that his score was entirely correct. Here, I want to sincerely apologize to student Chen Feng!"

"What!? His score is real?"

"Hey, is he Chen Sanfat? The three-pointer pig!?"


The whole school was in an uproar. Fang Yue could not help but clench her fist silently in the crowd, but a hint of happiness and unexplained excitement appeared in her heart.

While Lin Hang on the other hand was stun speechless, how could he believe that Chen Feng could get a good score? If he was the 24th in the school, so it mean his score was even higher than himself.

"Hey, Is it him?" Another surprised person is Enron.

She saw Chen Feng once in the office the day before yesterday. She though that Chen Feng was bad at study and invited for teacher to scroll him in the office. However, this did not seem that to happen at all.

Enron surprised for a while, then her face turned back to her calm expression.

For her, the God Student, this much was nothing special.

When talking about this, Sun Minghai looked at Chen Feng and said seriously: "Sorry, Chen Feng!"

As he spoke, Sun Minghai gave Chen Feng a deep bowed.

"Teacher! Teacher!" Chen Feng hurriedly reached out to help Sun Minghai. He suddenly felt that what he doing was too much. He felt very uncomfortable in his heart.

"Chen Feng, this is what that must be done." Sun Minghai said calmly.


Chen Feng did not know what he had to say for a while. Sun Minghai turned his head to the other students and kept saying,

"Dear students, do you know? A month ago, student Chen Feng is just an average like all of you here. But one day, he wants to change himself. He has been studying hard for more than a month. When he has problem, he always come to consult with me. He's always going home late everyday and ...bla bla bla..."

Chen Feng couldn't help but roll his eyes, he suddenly had a feeling of being used.

"Well, at least I don't feel bad for him anymore." Chen Feng signed.

In fact, this indeed was a big benefit for Sun Minghai, how could he shame about apologized to his students? It seems embarrassing, but if you do it right, this is clearly not a shameful thing, but a matter of lifting your face.

Apart from that, this was really something to show off. Think of it this way, a student in his class spends a whole month counting on him untill he get rank 24th in the whole school. According to this, even if he get into 1st Rank in the future, that's still have his achiement in it.

He had seen Chen Feng's true strength. Put aside his ugly writing, just his correct answer rate 100%, he might have the ability to compete with Enron in the future.

In addition to praise Chen Feng, Sun Minghai also described about himself, how responsible he was, even if Chen Feng was poor in his studies in the past, he would never give up him. And he had been trying to teach Chen Feng one by one untill he became who he was today.

"Never stop studying hard, never give up on yourself, classmate Chen Feng, and I hope you can continue to work hard to achieve better results, teacher has very high hope for you!" Sun Minghai finally arrived at the last sentence and then he signaled Chen Feng with his eye ("Hurry up, thank me now!!")

"Rest assured, Teacher, I will study hard and will not disappoint you!" Chen Feng understood him and said with a serious face.

"Okay, you can go back!" Sun Minghai smiled satisfied and said to Chen Feng.

Chen Feng returned back to his classmate. He can't wait to open his system and then he saw a dramatic change in number of the Achievement Points above, from the original 7 directly to 27 AP.

This time, he got 20 Achievement Points.

"Great, now I am able to extract the Super Soldier Serum released by Captain America!" Chen Feng's heart was excited.

"I just don't know whether this serum can get me out of obesity!"

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