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86.48% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 64: Come to the Advertising Company

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Chapter 64: Come to the Advertising Company

After a night's cultivation in his room, Chen Feng ended up braking through 1 more stage. Now he was in High-True Core Realm, by his fasting speed cultivation, he could estimate that he needed at least 2-3 days for him to advance to the next realm.

This morning, after Chen Feng finished with his work at his restaurant, a black Mercedes had come to receive him in front of his door.

Sitting at the back seat, Chen Feng show a bit unsightly on his face because he could sense the stare from someone since he got in the car.

In the front row seat near the driver, a woman was wearing black business clothes was looking at his face through the mirror without saying anything. Her eyes didn't reveal any hostile, just showing a curious look but it was enough to make Chen Feng felt uneasy.

The atmosphere in the car became awkwardly silent.

Then, finally.

"Sister, is there anything on my face?" Chen Feng couldn't hold it anymore, he decided to ask her.

"No." She replied in a calm manner.

"Why are you looking at me this whole time?" He wrinkled his eyebrows.

"Do you think too highly of yourself?" She smiled slightly and said, without caring about his ugly expression.

"No, no...I'm sure you look at me since we depart from my restaurant." Chen Feng waved his hand, refusing her statement because he was 100% sure in his mind.

"You just imagine thing." She rolled her eyes elsewhere, she didn't explain anything to him. She was holding back her laughed inside. She thought that it was fun to see his depressing face.


Chen Feng didn't keep asking her anymore, he kept looking out of the window, since watching at her face made him felt irritated for some reason. Her eyes seemed to look at him like looking at a monkey in the zoo.

("The woman is an unreasonable species in the world.") He said in his mind.

The woman before him was Ah Sui, Jennie's maid. Last night, Chen Feng received a phone call from Jennie, she asked him to be the model and took a commercial video for his Pissing Beef Balls at the advertising company.

Because she was busy, Jennie let her maid to accompany him instead.

And about Ah Sui, she remembered that Jennie used to tell her that Chen Feng's skin was tougher than her sword. She didn't doubt her word. She knew about her princess's personality very well. She didn't say anything that she wasn't sure of. That was the reason that Ah Sui wanted to inspect Chen Feng this whole time.

(" time, I will stab him a little to test him. Okay, it's decided then.") She secretly nodded her head and determined to test her curiosity.

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt a goosebumps for some reason. He looked left and right in panic because he sensed the danger.

"Why do I have a bad feeling? Is it because of the temperature in this car too cold?" He mumbled by himself.

After checking a few time to make sure that nothing bad happened, then he looked at the woman in the front seat and said.

"Ano...Sister, what should I do when I get there? Tell you the truth, I never do something like this before, this is my first time shooting a commercial video. I don't know if I could do it or not." Chen Feng called Ah Sui and asked her.

Chen Feng couldn't help feeling a bit nervous inside, he wanted to ask her about his job when he got there beforehand.

"You don't need to worry. We have a professional teacher there. He could even teach the monkey to dance, so you take it easy. You only need to listen to his instructions and do as he told you, that's all."

Ah Sui reassured Chen Feng, in fact, she also didn't know that person. She only heard the information from her princess. So she just repeated the word that Jennie had told her this morning to Chen Feng.


After staying in the car for 1 hour long, they finally arrived at their destination.

In the front view of the car, they saw a tall building. They could recognize it at first glance that this was the advertising company because they saw many promotion banners were hanging outside, and there was also a big screen was showing the commercial video nonstop at the top of the building.

Getting off the car, Chen Feng looked at the building with a stunning face. He secretly thought that this building was even bigger than his school.

Actually, Chen Feng never went outside to play like the ordinary people around his age before. Besides his school and his house, maybe he only went to the market to buy his clothes sometimes.

Chen Feng only began to have the confidence in himself since his body had changed to his current appearance by his system in this few months.

Just as they about to walk inside, they saw a woman standing in front of the entrance, she was in an office uniform, she wore a pair of glasses, and her hand also held a tablet. She then walked toward them.

"Welcome to SMK Company, are you Ms. Jennie's agent?" That woman said with a smile on her face, then she looked at Chen Feng beside her and asked "And who is this gentleman?"

"Yes, I'm called Ah Sui, Ms. Jennie's servant. This man is the one that we are talking about on the phone. He is the main model of this commercial video." Ah Sui nodded her head, she also introduced Chen Feng to her.

"Nice to meet you. Okay, you two can follow me. The director and our team are waiting for you inside." She shook hands with both of them, then she guided them to enter the building.

Everyone came to an open room upstairs. The size of this room was so big, with two or three hundred square meters, which was slitting into many sections.

I had to say as expected from the biggest company in the province, the quality of this place was relatively high.

He heard from Jennie that she only called them last night, but looked at this scene before his eyes, it seemed that they already finished the preparation. Chen Feng felt amazing by the efficiency of their works. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Soon, a middle-aged man wearing a cowboy hat walked towards them. He was the director, and he was called Michelle. He welcomed them for a short time, then he turned his head and...

Clap* Clap* Clap*

He clapped his hand.

Everyone in the room silenced.

"Our client has arrived. Everyone go rechecking our device and make sure no mistake happens." The director took the microphone, he spoke loudly through the loudspeaker.

He started appointing the work to his subordinate.

"Team 1 and Team 2, check the scenes and computer program."

"Team 3, take measures of his size and prepare his costume."

"Team 4, test camera and the light."

"Qian Tan, you go and call Christina, tell her to come and teach him what to do."

"Okay, everyone goes do your work now!"

"Sir, yes, sir!" Everyone shouted together and scattered.


A few minutes later, a woman wore a white robe attaching with the black feather all around her costume walked towards Chen Feng and called him "Candy Boy come here~"

Chen Feng frowned slightly when he heard this. He turned his head and saw a woman in a weird clothes waving her hand to him. He nearly jumped from his feet.

"What the heck!? What creature is this?" He couldn't help but exclaim loudly.

When Qian Tan who accompanied her saw Chen Feng's reaction like this, he also unleashed a big sigh of relief from his mouth and said "Thank goddess, I'm not the only one."

"Young Boy~ you are too green to know about my style. It is what we call "Art ". This is the true fashion, you get it?" Christina, he/she explained to them in a proud look on his/her face.

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

Hello, I'm back \(^@^)/

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