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Chapter 38: Extract Culinary Skill

Luo Yongtiang, the head of Luo Family, was a local tyrant that has just emerged in Jiangzhou in this recent years.

Luo Yongtiang's subsidiaries covered in many fields, including real estate, energy factory, transportation, and various high-class clubs, but the prominent pillars of the Luo Family Group's income were still in real estate industry.

In the last few years, the house's prices have surged, and Luo Yongtiang has taken this opportunity to threaten the poor families and bought all their lands and buildings in a low price.

He has established relationships with the local's politicians. As long as there were enough benefits for them, he could do whatever he wanted. Luo Yongtiang used all tricks through all types of intimidation and temptation to cover up his illegal activities.

In an instant, he became a member of Jiangzhou's upper-class society.


Slamming the table violently, Luo Yongtiang shouted angrily.

"What!? Is my son sent to the hospital? What happens?"

Secretary Wang was covered in a cold sweat on his forehead.

"Boss, young master has met an accident in today tournament. The doctor said that young master has dislocated his bone and he has to do surgery on his arm."

"Useless! All of you are useless."

Bang* bang* bang*

Luo Yongtiang threw all the things on his table to the ground.

"B-Boss, young master said that it was the trick of someone."

"Ho!!? Who dares to mess with my family in Jiangzhou?"

"He said that his name is Chen Feng from High school No.1."

"Have you investigated his background?"

"Yes, sir. He is the only son in his family. His parents are just workers. There's no record that he has any connection with anyone special in the past."

"Lowly ant dares to touch my son, he doesn't want to live anymore." Luo Yongtiang gritted his teeth hard. He suddenly pointed his finger and prepared to say something.

"Secretary Wang, you-"

"B-Bad news, boss!!" Secretary Wang held his phone and cried in horror.

"What happens?"

"S-Someone has reported to police about the incident 2 years ago. Right now, the police has prepared to re-investigate that case again." Secretary Wang told him in hurry.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!!? Luo Yongtiang opened his eye big and yelled loudly.

"Fuck!! You send someone to contact with those trashes immediately, spend some money and shut their mouths for good. If anyone dares to protest, you just send some thugs and teach them a lesson. You have to remember to make in clean, get it?" He ordered seriously.

"Yes, sir. I will immediately manage it." Secretary Wang readied to go out.

"Stop! Tell our people to remain low-key in this meantime." Luo Yongtiang didn't forget to remind him this.

"Boss, how about that boy?" Secretary Wang was talking about Chen Feng.

"Don't touch him yet. You contact the boss of his parents's workplace to fire both of them. Just give him some cash if necessary." He sneered and said.

"Yes, boss!!"

Secretary Wang quickly came out of the room and did his job as order.


At a certain place

A man wore a casual cloth and he drunk his coffee in his room. Right now, he was sitting in front of his laptop. He was checking the file lists that were mailed by his subordinates.

Ring* Ring*


"Mr. Lin, everything is done. I already sent the documents to the police box as you order. Don't worry, I use the anonymous account so no one could find out about us, sir."

"Well done. Thank you!"


"Chen Feng, at least I can stop Luo Family to find trouble with you in a while. Just think that is my present to you for becoming friend with my son."

Lin Erli smiled and he continued doing his work again.


Chen Feng arrived at his home. His heart was full of excitement. This was the first time that he got money to help his family. Chen Feng knew about the hardships of his parents. They had to work overtime every day just to earn money for his study.

Sometimes, he wanted to stop his study and find a part-time job but his parents refused. They said that he had to be an educated person, not becoming like them, a worker, in the future. That was the reason that even if Chen Feng didn't do good with his study in the past, he would never give up going to school.


After a while, Chen Feng suddenly heard the door ring.

"Eh?" Chen Feng stopped his posture, turned to the door, and then saw his parents enter with a tired look.

"Mom, Dad, are you back? Why did you come back this early today?"

Chen Feng stepped forward and took his parents's clothes. Then he came to the table and poured a glass of water for his parents.

Chen Feng's parents were full of fatigue. When they saw that Chen Feng gave them water, they could not help but smile happily. Then, Chen Feng's father, Chen Ze, showed on his face with a reluctant smile, he shook his head and said.

"Nothing! You just have to go to school, so don't worry, Son."

Chen Feng couldn't help but frown, and slowly said,

"Dad, what is this? Do you hide something from me?"

Chen Feng's mother, Xiao Sufen, let out a little sigh and said.

"Hery...Mom and your dad also don't know. For some unknown reason, the factory somehow fired both of us."

"What? How can they do that?"

Chen Feng suddenly said in surprise:

"How can you be dismissed? Are the benefits of the factory not good?"

Chen Feng was very clear, his parents were clearly hardworking. They didn't ever be late and came home early, they work seriously every day, and even took the initiative to work overtime.

Chen Ze frowned slightly, he drunk a mouth of water and said.

"I'm not very clear, I only heard from someone said that our family had offended someone who shouldn't be offended."

Chen Ze sighed again and looked at Xiao Sufen.

"Let's go and visit the factory director tonight. I want to know the real reason."

"Old man, we-"

Suddenly, Chen Feng said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Dad, Mom, I think it's fine! You don't have to go to work anymore. You two are very tired everyday. I'm worry about your health. I think we might as well open a small restaurant, sell some food and make money. How about that?"

"What do a child like you know?"

Chen Ze glanced at Chen Feng unhappily, then said coldly.

"All you have to do is to study hard. You don't need to worry about family problems. I will discuss it with your mother. You hurry to go to sleep."

He said that and pushed Chen Feng to his room.

Chen Feng was anxious about his parents. He really didn't want to see them doing that work anymore.

"I have to find some method to earn money. What should I do?"

Chen Feng pondered for a while, then he thought of something and his eye lifted up.

"I found it."

"System, open Stephen Chow character!"

Soon, in the interface's screen, Chen Feng saw a man wore a white cloth chef appeared before his eyes.

"System, extract Culinary Skill, Knife Skill and Pissing Beef Balls Recipe for me!"

>[Culinary Skill, Knife Skill and Pissing Beef Balls Recipe have been successfully extracted. Deduct 65 Achievement Points.]<

Stephen Chow's character emitted light, and the light immediately fell onto Chen Feng's body. The knowledge of Stephen Chow was integrated into Chen Feng's head. Chen Feng couldn't help but close his eye. He saw the recollections in his mind and his hand started waving in the air like he was dancing.

"Wow, amazing. I really want to practice making this "Pissing Beef Ball" tomorrow."

"Time to earn money has come!"

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