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Chapter 66: Fate Meeting

Sitting on the chair in the cafeteria, a young man was drinking his coffee while tapping on his phone.

He just scrolled down his phone casually to kill his boredom.

He was Chen Feng.

When he went to the toilet at that time, Chen Feng summoned his clone No.3 to replace him.

He didn't forget to instruct him to not messing around and after finishing the task, he had to go back and released the technique in the same place.

After that, the original Chen Feng changed back to his own clothes, he went to the cafeteria near the company waiting for the end of the shooting.

"Hehe...I am so smart. Why don't I think about this method before? Now with my level of cultivation, I can maintain my clone for 3 hours without a problem." he grinned while holding his cup and took a sip of his coffee.

"Hmm...this is tasty!"


Puzz...! Cough* Cough*

While he enjoyed his drink, the shooting came to an end. When his clone was released, all the information on the events that happened in the studio had sent back to his brain. Yes, of course, including his narcissistic speech.

"What the f*ck is he doing? Didn't I tell him to not messing around? Shit! can I face them in the future? It's so embarrassing." Chen Feng stood up, his face turned black from upsetting.

After he apologized to the waiter for his mess, Chen Feng covered his face with both of his hands while thinking about what he had to do when he went back.

"Hai...! Stop thinking about it. When I see them, I will pretend that nothing happens. Yes, let's do it." He sighed.

Then, he left the cafeteria and walked back to the company on foot.

His location was not far, only two streets away for the company.

On his way back, Chen Feng noticed two children, boy and girl, across the street.

The girl wore the white sweater with the ponytail on her head, she had big beautiful eyes, her height was around 1.50 meter.

The boy had black short hair, wearing the t-shirt that showed an advertising logo on his back. His height was comparable to that little girl, just a bit taller than her.

Chen Feng was sure that he didn't know these two kids before.

But for some reason, he couldn't take his eyes off them. He felt that these kids were not normal. Something about them seemed to catch his attention and attracted to him.

"Who are they? What is this strange feeling?" He muttered by himself, he had a confused look on his face.

Chen Feng couldn't help but follow them while listening to their conversations from behind.

The two walked by holding hands with each other.

"Brother, look! I want to eat chocolate cake~" The girl had a star on her eyes, she pointed her little finger to the shop ahead and said excitedly to her brother.

"Yes, yes, let's go there." The boy didn't refuse her request, he took her hand and went inside the shop.

They walked straight to the chocolate counter. Looking at the various kind of chocolate inside, they quickly found the cheapest one at the corner.

They had three flavors. Chocolate Milk, Rasberry and Dark Chocolate.

"Little Ling, which one do you want?" The boy asked his sister.

The little girl thought about it carefully and said "Well, it has been three months and two days since the last time I ate this. Last time I chose Rasberry flavor, so I will eat Chocolate Milk flavor this time."

"Okay." Sheng Chun took out 20 yuan from his pocket and gave it to the counter.

"Sister, please get me 1 piece of this Chocolate Milk Cake." He said.

"Brother, why don't you buy another one for you too?" Sheng Ling blinked her big eyes and asked.

"Brother is not hungry. I just have lunch not long ago and this is the gift from brother to little Ling for being a good girl." Sheng Chun shook his head and smiled kindly to his sister.

"Okay, thank you brother. Let's eat together when we go back." The little girl smiled sweetly.

"Here, your 2 pieces chocolate." Before long, the counter girl came and brought a box of chocolates to them.

"Sister, I buy only 1 piece..." Sheng Chun wanted to give it back but the counter girl refused him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"This extra one is for you. It's on the house. Don't worry. Seeing you remind me of my little brother. He is a kind boy like you but..." The counter girl said, her face turned sad when she talked about her brother.

"Sister, where is your little brother?" Sheng Ling felt curious and asked her.

"Three years ago, he had the accident. Right now, he was sleeping at the hospital, he didn't wake up yet." She said.

"Don't be sad, sister. I wish for your brother will soon be getting better. By the way, thank you for the cake. Goodbye sister!" after saying this, Sheng Hong bowed his head slightly and left the place with his sister.

When they came outside, Sheng Ling still had a sad face. She felt pity for that nice sister's brother.

"Brother, will he really be getting better?" She asked Sheng Hong.

"I'm sure he will." He said while patting his sister's head.

"Yes, I believe you, brother hehe..." Her mood turned cheerful instantly.


Back to the Chocolate Shop

"XingXing, you are a kind girl." A girl came and hugged her from behind.

"This is nothing, sister. I just feel pity for them, their sister-brother relationship really touches me. It reminds me of my little brother." Her eyes turned red, there were tear at the corner of her eyes.

Her co-workers went to pat on her shoulder, they knew about her situation. XingXing only had a mother and a brother. After the accident, her brother was sleeping in the hospital room for three years without waking up.

XingXing worked a part-time job in a few places to earn money paying for her brother's hospital payment since then.

Ring* Ring* Ring*

"XingXing, your phone!" Her co-worker grabbed the phone on the table and gave it to her.

"Oh, who is calling?" She looked strangely at the screen that showed the unknown number, she then answered the phone call.

After talking for a bit, her face changed. She felt shocked by the news. Her phone unconsciously dropped from her hand. Finally, she covered her face and started crying out loud.

"XingXing, what happens? Why are you crying?"

"Calm down first. Now tell sister, what happens? Who called you just now?" Her co-worker felt panicked and came to comfort her.

"I-It's from the h-hospital. M-My brother, he-he.....He wakes up just now haa...!" After she said that, she continued crying even more loudly than before.

She waited for this good news every day, even in her dream for these three years.

She let out her scream. It was full of emotions, whether it was from her happiness for her brother or her sadness from the hardships that she faced in these past three years. She felt like she was released from the shackle that was binding her forever and gave back her freedom.

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