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Chapter 17: Fighting Style Extraction

Study at school was not the only way to gain knowledge, some students liked to study by themselves. The internet coffee that located near the school had gained popularity amount the student that like to self-study and also the place for group student to start gossiping.

At The Internet Coffee

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"What happen?"

"See this Live Video! Isn't this Lin Hang?"

"Yes, what's the abnormal? Maybe his fan club take video when he practice or something. Tch!"

"This is? Hey, There's also Chen Sanfat in it too."

"Oh..! I heard today is their One on One match. I hate to say it but I think fatty is not that bastard's opponent at all."

"No no no...Look at this. The fatty is winning. Wow, how come he jump so high!?"

"Where? Where? Send me the link hurry up."

"It's true. Has ha...Look at Lin Hang face. Let's me screen shot it."

"You guy are terrible. Let's share it together."


9 minutes later

"Has ha!!! This is epic. Lin Hang's going to cry."

"This fatty is so savage. He doesn't let Lin Hang get even 1 Point haha...!"

"Hey! Look what the fatty plan to do!?"

"WHAT THE HELL!!!? He....!!"

"....." Silent*

"Do you see what am seeing?"

"I think I do."

"Did you record it?"


"Send me a copy."

"Me too."

"Me three."

"Me four."





The news continued to spread, the more people knew and the more surprised they were. The video, the clip and link were shared and posted like crazy amount the internet warrior.

Trending Topic:

"Do you believe the pig can fly?"

"Today I saw the pig can play basketball."

"The Fatty Slam Dunk"

"Miserable Lin Hang" etc...


Chen Feng, the source of topic, didn't aware of his popularity. After afternoon study, Chen Feng and Fang Yue rode their own bikes to go home. On the way, Fang Yue suddenly said.

"Chen Feng, I feel you have changed a lot recently."

"Maybe because I want to change myself!" Chen Feng smiled at Fang Yue and said,

"So, I must continue to work hard. In fact, everything was simple, It was not complicated as I imagined it to be."

If someone else told her this word, Fang Yue may not believe it but Chen Feng was different. She remembered that it only took less than half a month since Chen Feng had changed himself.

Fang Yue couldn't find the reason, and no one knew why Chen Feng suddenly became so strong.

But deep down, Fang Yue was still happy for him. She also hoped to see Chen Feng who was strong and confident. After all, he was the hero who saved her life. At this moment Fan Yue had a slight redness on her cheek.

Unknowingly, the two of them came to a dark road again, but Fang Yue felt peaceful in her heart, and was happy to have this fatty beside her sent her home.

Chen Feng also returned to his home afterwards.

His parents were still working overtime. Chen Feng looked at his parents's bedroom. He couldn't help but let out a gentle sigh. His parents worked hard for themselves and got up early everyday. He knew about their hardships.

"Mother, Father, don't worry, wait for your child to succeed, and you will be proud of me."

Chen Feng clenched his hands quietly, then returned to his room.

He then lie down and want to sleep. Chen Feng suddenly opened his eye, he noticed one thing. It looks like today was the end of March. It will be April soon. System will give himself a free 1st-level hero for extraction.

"What is happening?" Chen Feng could not help feeling surprise for a while. Looking at the system interface, he saw the number of his Achievement Points had increased a lot. Chen Feng didn't hurry to use his AP yet, he waited till tomorrow so he can check a new hero.


It was less than an hour before morning, and Chen Feng couldn't fall sleep at all, he was now full of energy. Even if he didn't sleep for a week, he believed that he would be fine.

After an hour had passed, and Chen Feng quickly opened a Hero Extraction System.

"System, extract a new 1st-level hero!"

After Chen Feng's order was issued. Immediately, an avatar appeared on the large display screen before his eyes. The avatar passed quickly. He didn't know how long it had been, and the light suddenly turned on.

Then someone appeared on the screen.

"This ?? Bruce Lee!?"

Chen Feng immediately recognized the identity of another person, The Kung Fu King, Bruce Lee.

"I hit a jackpot this time, the system immediately extracted this person!"

Chen Feng couldn't help but have a surprise, this was the King of Kung Fu Bruce Lee.

Hey? Is the King of Kung Fu just a 1st-level hero?

Chen Feng said to himself, his eyes were also fixed on Bruce Lee's information.

"What? That's not Bruce Lee!?"


>[Character name - Chen Zhen]<

>[1st-level hero level]<

Extractable Ability:

>[Jeet Kune Do - a type of modern martial arts system created by martial arts teacher Li Xiaolong during his lifetime. This is a free full scale fighting technique that combines the essence of various martial arts in the world: 50 AP]<

>[Yong Chun Boxing - one of the Nan Boxing in traditional Chinese boxing skills, was inherited by Ye Wen: 35 AP]<

>[Nunchaku Method - the use of skilled nunchakus: 25 AP]<

>[Fu Huo's Lost Boxing "Huo Yuanjia" - a famous martial artist, based on secret boxing, combines the strengths of each family and develops an original series of "Lost fists", which makes ancestral martial arts reach another peak level: 15 AP]<


There were many abilities that could be extracted, but Chen Feng felt his heart break, because these abilities were too expensive.

You should know that he make Sun Minghai apologize to the teacher and students at the school. And then fiercely beat Lin Hang through basketball, this barely gets 40 Achievement Points, but now, looking at the price of each ability.

However, Chen Feng also had to admit that this martial art was really too interesting. As a Chinese, it's hard not to like Kung Fu, a famous hero. He also had a dream, what if he learned Kung Fu?

Now the opportunity was in front of him.

"I have a total of 40 Achievement Points. No, today is the beginning of the month, and the system gives me 5 Achievement Points. I now have 45 Achievement Points, so I can only take Yong Chun Boxing!"

"Well, Bruce Lee also studied Yong Chun Boxing first too. He must have master it until he reached the peak level."

"Let's extract Yong Chun Boxing then!"

Chen Feng made a decision, but at this moment, his movements stopped a little, and he suddenly thought of something.

"At first, I took the serum released from Captain America first, and it looks like the original Super Soldier Serum is 85 points cheaper."

"I just don't know, if I use it on something else, will it have the same effect?" Chen Feng's mind was rather active.

"System, transfer Mitsui Shou and Captain America data together!" Chen Feng quickly said.

He then saw 3 windows in front of him: Mitsui Shou, Captain America and Chen Zhen's information. Chen Feng thought about it and opened Mitsui's information.

"System, extract his Fighting Ability."

>[Successful extracted Mitsui Shou's fighting ability cost 2 Achievement Points.]<

Mitsui has been a bad boy for a period of time, and he still has fighting abilities. Although, when watching the animation at the time, he felt like trash and was harassed repeatedly. However, he still showed his strength and possessed a certain fighting abilities.

When Chen Feng's voice fell, immediately avatar Mitsui Shou emitted a ray of light, and directly went into Chen Feng's mind. The information of various fighting had played in his head.

Next, Captain America

Chen Feng's eyes were on the Captain America's window. His eyes immediately fell on the choice of Western Boxing. Sure enough, it was originally Boxing Western style that originally needed 7 Achievement Points to be extracted. At this time, the price was reduced to only 6 AP.

Sure enough!!

Chen Feng couldn't help but be excited, and quickly said: "System, extract the Western Boxing!"

The sound fell, the system then gave Chen Feng Western Boxing abilities. When Chen Feng turned his eyes to Yong Chun Boxing style again, it initially required 35 AP, but now it only needed 18 AP.

"System, extract Yong Chun Boxing!" Chen Feng said excitedly.

>[Yong Chun Boxing was successful extracted cost 18 AP]<

Suddenly, Chen Feng felt what was in his brain. It was all about Yong Chun Boxing and fighting methods, layers and layers, and the information was poured too quickly. Chen Feng felt his head was a little dizzy.

When Chen Feng looked at Chen Zhen window again and turned his gaze to Jeet Kune Do, it originally required 50 AP, it only needed 15 AP this time.

Jeet Kune Do was actually from the same source. After learning Yong Chun Boxing, it was easier to learn Jeet Kune Do next.

"System, extract Jeet Kune Do too." Chen Feng no longer care about the price, he had 19 AP now. Even if he extracted Jeet Kune Do himself, there were still 4 AP remaining.

>[Jeet Kune Do was successful extracted cost 15 AP]<

Chen Zhen's countless memories echoed in Chen Feng's mind.

Then Chen Feng glanced at Nuchaku Method, he was surprised to find out that it only needed to consume 6 AP to extract it, and Fu Huo's Lost Boxing also dropped to 10 AP too.

Fu Huo's Lost Boxing and Yong Chun Boxing was not the same a type of boxing. That's why it didn't reduce the price much.

However, Chen Feng also understood that the Hero Extraction System did have a first-come, first-served method. There were gradual processes. Such as the martial arts method, the Lower tier Martial Arts extraction could reduce Higher tier Martial Arts's price.

Although it's more troublesome, but he can use this method to get the most benefits with the fewest Achievement Points.

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