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Chapter 33: Gratitude

"Oh, it's you!"

This sentence made the gangs stun for a moment, and they didn't immediately walked over to him.

"What does he mean by this?"

"Does this child know us?"

Li Wei also frowned slightly. He wanted to let his men to go teaching this outsider, but the other seemed to know them. Then he said:

"Kid, who are you? I don't recall meeting you before."

"Hehe...we only meet a month ago. Why did you forget me this quickly?" Chen Feng laughed.

As he spoke, he suddenly moved. Chen Feng kicked the lower leg of one gangster near him. His body turned 360 degrees and he used his other leg kick to another one.

It happened just in a few seconds. Two of them already fell on the ground and cried in pain.

The other members saw that they quickly rushed to him.

One of them abruptly punched out, Chen Feng caught his hand and squeezed his wrist hard. The gangster only felt that his wrist was almost broken, he could not help but scream out loud.


Chen Feng pulled his hand hard toward him, followed by he used his elbow hit him on the face and threw him out.


That man flew out over two meters away and crashed to a wall.

The group saw his members fell down one by one, they hurriedly taking out the weapons in their hands and dashed towards Chen Feng together.

They started surrounding him. Just that they wanted to attack. Chen Feng snickered, his body trembled, his backbone was stretched out, and his right leg raised like lightning. He kicked them viscous on their stomachs.

Bang* Bang* Bang*

Immediately, the gangs bowed in pain and completely lost his fighting strength.

For these little rascals, Chen Feng didn't have to be friendly. After all, these people wanted to break one of his feet before. Last time, because of Fang Yue that he didn't dare to teach this bunch of trash a lesson but now he had to pay them back with full interest.

"You are looking for death!"

Li Wei suddenly became angry. He took out his favorite machete, his mouth made a gurgling sound and waved violently towards Chen Feng. Chen Feng's eyes bloomed with a cold gleam, and his body retreated slightly backwards. At the same time, his right hand took out the nunchuck from his waist.


Didn't wait for Li Wei to give extra responses, Chen Feng used his nunchuck to entangle his hand while his other hand hit hard on Li Wei's wrist.



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Li Wei couldn't help but show an expression of fear. The scene in front of him was too familiar.

However, there really was no way for him to connect this strong man in front of him with the fatty before because the contrast was too great.

"S-Stop, please forgive me brother, No, master...I, I...was wrong. W-W're just blind. J-J-Just this one, please let us go. We will never bother you again!!"

Li Wei's voice shuttered, his pant was already wet. He really scared out of his shit.

"Ohh...It seem like you really forget about me. Don't you want to break my leg again? Hehe..."

Chen Feng held Li Wei's neck by one hand. He wanted Li Wei to take a good look at his face.

"You, you...I-Impossible!!"


Chen Feng threw him to the ground, he raised his leg kicked and broke one of Li Wei's leg.



Li Wei's mouth suddenly exploded howling like a pig killing. Li Wei cried in pain for a few seconds, then he fainted.

Chen Feng then walked towards Lin Hang casually.

Lin Hang sat on the ground. He did not know why he was feeling relief. Maybe because starting from today, he didn't need to face with endless blackmail from Li Wei anymore.

Step by step, Chen Feng stood in front of Lin Hang. He stared at him with the complex look in his eye.

Lin Hang couldn't help but also remain silent. For the time being, he didn't know what to say.

Sometimes, when people made mistakes, it was very difficult to come back.

A moment later, Chen Feng took his hand out to Lin Hang.

"How long do you plan to stay on the ground?"

Lin Hang grabbed Chen Feng's palm, he didn't know why his tears couldn't stop flowing, he choked and said,

"Chen Feng, sorry!!"

"What are you apologizing me for?"

"They blocked you once that night. It was me who pay them to teach you. That day, I lost basketball match to you, and I was very unhappy, then I...."

"I already forget about it. Is there that kind of event? Oh..."

Lin Hang gritted his teeth and said seriously:

"I am really sorry, I was wrong. It doesn't matter if you remember it or not, I sincerely apologize to you!" Lin Hang suddenly kneel down on his knee.

Speaking of these words, Lin Hang felt that the large stone in his heart had finally landed, and this type of torture since more than a month had actually been laid. Since that day, there was never a moment that he didn't feel guilty deep down inside his heart.

"It's alright. Don't mention it again."

Chen Feng helped Lin Hang up. There was a smile on Chen Feng's face.

"Thank you, Thank you!" Lin Hang said sincerely.


Chen Feng paused for a moment, then he saw that his Achievement Points were jumped by 50 AP instantly. Right when Lin Hang thanked him, his Achievement Points were immediately increased.

Staring at Lin Hang, from his eyes, Chen Feng could feel that it was some kind of gratitude feeling from the bottom of his heart.

("So I can also gain Achievement Points in this way too?")

Chen Feng felt a little strange. He can't help but have many thoughts in his mind.

("Normally, the more people admire me, the higher I get Achievement Points. But in Lin Hang's case, some thing seem different. Is the gratitude feeling can bring me a lot of Achievement Points?")

Viv viv viv*

The sound of sirens coming from outside. Lin Hang's face could not help but change slightly, and he said involuntarily,

"Did you call the police?"

"I told Fang Yue to call the police!"

Watching Lin Hang's face slightly changed and Chen Feng continued:

"You don't need to worry. You are also the victim here."

Lin Hang smiled bitterly, and said helplessly,

"But I, I....."

Chen Feng smiled at Lin Hang and said slowly,

"You don't need to tell police that you hire them to fight me. You only say that they come to blackmail you for money. Even if they confess the whole thing, the police might not believe them. If you don't say it, I don't say it, on one know what really happen."

Lin Hang could not help but hesitate for a moment. He suddenly turned around and looked at police who was coming toward them.

It seems like Chen Feng was quite justified. Will the police believe in them, the outlaw thug, or the weak student?

"People inside, raise your hands!" At that time, the sound of police came from outside the alley.

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