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Chapter 2: I Choose "Hulk"

The voice suddenly came out of his head, Chen Feng didn't pay much attention to it because he felt that he was experiencing hallucinations.

But by the reminder of fist that came to the his flesh, he started hearing the voice clearer.

>[Host has successfully connected with system. Host can experience use the extraction ability once for free, please choose a Charactor to extract!]<

The voice sound inexplicably in Chen Feng's mind.

"Choose a character?" This time, Chen Feng heard the voice clearly. But right now he was in a state of confusion, he only focused on protecting his vital parts. He didn't have much time to think.

>[Please ask the host to choose a character to extract!]< A mechanical sound appeared in his mind again.

"Choose? Ok, I choose the Hulk!" Chen Feng growled fiercely, and instinctively chose a character that he thought who had a strongest physic in "Marvel".

>[The host chose the Hulk, extracted the ability of Beserker Hulk, and the experiment time was 10 seconds!]< Mechanical sounds said emotionally.

Chen Feng started feeling something stange in his body.

A small gangster swung his fist towards Chen Feng. This time Chen Feng didn't dodge, he could feel the endless strength had arisen from his body. He didn't feel the pain anymore even if the gangster hit him in his chest or his head.



In the middle of the night, a roar like a beast suddenly appeared from Chen Feng's mouth. This roar sounded like thunder. You could feel high anger and insane killer power in this voice.

The thugs who hit Chen Feng suddenly felt that their fists fell on the steel plate. Chen Feng's body began to become bigger and bigger to Four or Five meters tall in an instant. As his muscles expanded, his skin also turned green.


Chen Feng completely lost his mind, he grabbed the punk's right leg in front of him, and slammed his to the ground. He turned his head and ferociously rushed to the other punk on the other side.


Immediately, the two little jerks bumped into each other. With a bang, two people rolled like a ball. Chen Feng used both his left and right hands and grabbed the other two jerks and throwed them to the wall loudly.

Both of them fainted on spot, we didn't know whether they dead or alive.


Chen Feng's crazy roar broke out from his mouth again, and then he froze stiffly, only feeling the strength of his entire body started fading away. His body shrunk instantly, and changed back to his original two hundred pounds of fat man. The whole person fell to the ground without moving, while foaming can be seen in his mouth.


Fang Yue ran for a while, then she heard a strange roar, like a wild animal. Fang Yue's heart couldn't help but jump a little, unable to hold the fear in her mind.

"Is the fat man's life in danger?" Thinking about this, Fang Yue couldn't help but stop running, she gently bit her teeth. Fang Yue decided to came back silently and took a look for Chen Feng.

Then, she saw Chen Feng sleeping on the ground, and the Four punks had also passed out on the other site.

"Chen Feng, Chen Feng?" Fang Yue hurriedly came and shook on Chen Feng's body. Chen Feng's shirt had been completely torn and his lower body pants were ripped.


Chen Feng heard a slight noise by his ear. He just felt that his body was very weak. His whole body seemed to be out of strength. Fang Yue's voice slightly awakened Chen Feng.

"What happened?"

Chen Feng faintly remembered that he got Hero Extraction System, and then he said to extract the full power of the Hulk, then Chen Feng could not remember anything else.

"Chen Feng, let's go!"

Fang Yue looked at the Four punks nearby anxiously and she began helping Chen Feng to get away from this dark road.


At Chen Feng's house

Chen Feng's parents were busy working, and it was normal for them to work late at night. Fang Yue helped Chen Feng return to home, his house was dark at this moment.

Right now Chen Feng's heart began beating faster and faster. Looking at the girl near him, Chen Feng felt that his pain was worth it.

Fang Yue was very supportive to him, the scent of her lovely body continued to pierce in Chen Feng's nostrils, especially at this time, Chen Feng's body was pressed on Fang Yue, through her thin cloth, he could feel her smooth skin.

Even though he knew that there was no possibility between two of them, Chen Feng still had a few evil thoughts deep in his heart. He secretly wrinkled his nose, and wanted to suck in all the faint scent from her body to his lungs.

(Author: Pervert Pig 😒)

Chen Feng suddenly felt much better.

Taking a sip of water, Chen Feng slept tiredly on the sofa while watching Fang Yue and he said.

"Fang Yue, you go home early! It's too late right now. I fear that your parents are worry about you. Don't worry about me. I'm already feel better (Because of your scent). Be carefull on your way home, okay? See you tomorrow." he smiled at her.

Fang Yue hesitated slightly, then slowly said,

"Alright, you take care of your body. See you tomorrow then!"


Chen Feng nodded and watched Fang Yue leaving. He then barely supported his body and came to his room step by step.

"Hero Extraction System, Hero Extraction System?"

Lying on the bed, Chen Feng couldn't wait and try summoning the system. He just mentioned the Hulk casually. Who knew that the system truly gave him the power of the Hulk. Now he didn't even have strenght to go to toilet.

"W-What happens?"

Chen Feng's eyes suddenly turned black, a virtual operation interface appeared in front of him, and he saw an avatar in the operating interface. This avatar was looked like himself. No, it was himself.


>[Hero Extraction System: Level 1]<

>[Hostname: Chen Feng]<

>[Gender: Male]<

>[Height: 172 cm]<

>[Weight: 206 Pound (108 Kg)]<

Skill: None

[Achievement Points: 5 Points.]


"Is this a Hero Extraction System? What is this, what kind of system is this?"

Chen Feng could not help but wonder, he read many books novel, the so-called system was certainly familiar to him.

Big loser system, Big redemption system, Big lottery system!

Whatever the system, as long as the protagonist got it, he or she will definitely become invincible.

What about this Hero Extraction System? Was it the same as them? Where did it come from? Chen Feng pinched his fat face and said to himself:

"Am I dreaming? Is the system really falling from the sky?"

The feeling of pinching his face told Chen Feng that he wasn't dreaming, it was real. Before his eyes, there still was a strange thing that was called the Hero Extraction System.

>[Welcome host!]<

A metallic sound echoed in his head, and a face appeared in the operating interface in front of him. Chen Feng's mouth opened and closed, he didn't know what to say.

"A-Are you talking to me?" Chen Feng asked, staring at the face in front of him.

>[Of course!]< The sound of the system answered.

>[You are the host of this system. Just two hours ago, System had extracted the power of the Hulk for host to experience the power of this system.]<

"I really just became a Hulk?" Chen Feng still felt a little unbelievable.

Suddenly, the memory had returned to his head. He saw a scene when his body started swell violently, turning into a view of the Hulk, who had a turbulent, terrifying force.

"I just become Hulk, are you kidding me?"

Chen Feng couldn't help but shout, and then he said excitedly:

"Tell me quickly, what function do you have? What does the Hero Extraction System mean? What can I extract?"

>[What is called extraction is the ability to extract the ability from others.]<

The mechanical sound of the system echoed in Chen Feng's ear.

>[It can extract, Knowledge, Music, Painting, long as it is the ability of others that host does not have, Or in certain abilities that others are superior to host. Host can extract by consume a number of Achievement Points according to the price of the target's ability, so you can gain the ability of the other party!"

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Chen Feng couldn't help but rub his hands and excitedly said,

"Achievement Points? What are they?"

>[To extract the abilities of others, you need Achievement Points, and the points are the obtained by the host. The greater the achievement, the more Achievements Points you get.]< The sound of the engine system echoed in Chen Feng's mind.


Chen Feng could not help but touch his chin, and said to himself,

"Where do I get my achievements?"

The system did not heed Chen Feng's ongoing question. It used a mechanical cold voice and said.

>[This system is currently at Level 1 Extraction System. This system will provide 5 Achievement Points, and 1st-level hero every months. Hero Extraction System level 2, update the conditions require 1,000 Achievement Points!]<

"Give me 5 AP every month? That means that my current 5 AP are system rewards?"

Chen Feng said to himself. However, he immediately remember that the system also said something important.

Every month, I will get 1st-level hero for supplies and extract?

"Wait a minute?"

Chen Feng suddenly said, "What do you mean by saying that you gave a 1st-level hero randomly? What is a 1st-level hero? Is that really a hero?"

>[The hero called is a virtual character that exist or doesn't exist in reality. That can be a character in Novels, Comics, Movies or Games! The current system is level 1, and you can get a free 1st-level hero every months.]< The system explained patiently.

"Are there still function like that?" Chen Feng could not help but wondered

"If the characters in Novels, Films, Comics and Games can be extracted, wouldn't they be extraordinary? Is it true? Oh I forgot, I just experienced the power of Hulk, even though it was only 10 seconds."

At this point, Chen Feng secretly thought that he should not extract the Hulk, maybe he should extract the Super Saiyan's power instead, in ten seconds were enough to blow up the earth at once.

"Just kidding."

While Chen Feng continued to think, the sound of a mechanical cold voice from the system echoed in Chen Feng's ears again.

>[Right now, this system is only level 1, which can only provide 1st-level heroes for supply and extraction. The host uses this system for the first time. This system can reward 2nd-level heroes for one-time supply and extraction, does host choose to random draw a 2nd-level hero now?]<

"Random draw? of course!"

Chen Feng immediately said excitedly:

"System, immediately random drawing a 2nd-level hero."

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