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Chapter 48: Miracle

At Sihai Street

In the morning, Chen Feng's parents were very busy in their shop. Each day's business was clearly more popular than later.

As soon as the door opened, the customers came to this little shop one after another. Many people who had tasted the Pissing Beef Balls, all of them praised their delicious taste to heaven. Before long, the Beef Ball Family Restaurant became a well-known place and immediately attracted many visitors to Sihai Street.

A group of three men saw an unusually large crowd of people. They watched with a bewildered expression.

"That's weird. In the past, there weren't many people who came to this area. What happens?" One of them said, he felt confused at this sight. His name was Dong Wen. His body was a little fat compared to the other two.

Sun Tao, the middle man in his thirty years old and another one, his name was Gao Fu. His height was shorter in the group. All of them were the worker in the Lu Group Cooperation.

"I heard that they sell Whatever Beef Balls, I never heard of them before. Everyone said that they tasted pretty good." Gao Fu said.

"Ohh...Shall we try?" Dong Wen immediately felt curious and asked to his companions.

Sun Tao, his coworker, his eyes lifted up, he seemed to think about something. Then he turned his head to Dong Wen and asked him.

"Dong Wen, do you know about our Chairman's son?"

"I heard about him before from my teamwork. They said that he was sick and he couldn't eat anything." Dong Wen replied.

"Yes, yes! How about you buy that food and give it to him to try?" Sun Tao suggested his idea.

"Heh!? Is it not appropriate?" Dong Wen hesitated.

"No, you overthink it. Think about it, if his son eats this food that you give to him, will never worry about your future anymore." Sun Tao smiled and he was trying to persuade him.

"So what if he doesn't like to eat it?" Dong Wen still felt caution about his action.

"In this case, you also don't have to worry. At least, you has shown him your goodwill, he'll remember your face and help you later." Sun Tao patted on his shoulder and said.

"You have a good idea. Wait for me a moment then!" He said that and he went in a hurry to buy the Pissing Beef Balls.

Gao Fu who stood nearby, he heard their conversation but he didn't say anything until Dong Wen was out of his sight, then he walked to Sun Tao and said to him.

"Sun Tao, why do you help him? Didn't you know that he was your competitor for the position of General Manager in our group?" He asked in wonder.

"Did I help him? Hehe...Yes, I just help him digging his own grave. I knew Chairman's character clearly. He was the person who hates the bootlicking type the most. So you can imagine yourself what happens when he gives that food to his son." Sun Tao smirked, his eyes were full of coldness.

"But what if the Chairman's son want to eat that food?" Gao Fu thought of the worst scenario, he wanted to remind Sun Tao.

"That's not possible. His son has anorexia for many years already. Chairman had tried all the methods available and even invited many famous doctors to see his son's illness. Do you think a mere food on the street can solve this problem? Dong Wen is no longer my obstacle anymore." Sun Tao laugh happily.


Lu Group Cooperation was a big company that had many brands located throughout the Jiangzhou. There were many types of their products. This company was considered the most significant group that no other company dare to compare with. It was not like they didn't have any rival, it just that they couldn't win against its influence for some unknown reason.

Lu Rui, the chairman of Lu Group Cooperation, he seemed to be around forty years old, and his body was very well-groomed. It looked rather elegant, but at this moment, Lu Rui seemed to have some kind of fatigue syndrome that could not be hidden on his face.

His only son, Lu Ran, had anorexia. For many years, Lu Ran hadn't eaten anything. His body had lost a lot of weight. Lu Rui had invited many famous doctors, but never had a good result. Presently, Lu Ran's life basically depended on glucose serum to sustain his frail body.

Lu Rui's mood was very bad. Lu Ran was his only son. Actually, he could have many children as he wanted considering his wealth and status. However, his wife was sick and dead, he swore before her that he would cure Lu Ran no matter what it cost. He would never marry anyone else in his life as long as his son's health was not be recovered.

At this moment, a man entered his mansion and requested for his meeting.

"Hello, Chairman Lu." Dong Wen bowed respectively to him.

"Who are you? Are you from the company?" Lu Rui maintained his elegant posture and asked him.

"Yes, my name is Dong Wen. I am the worker of the Lu Group Cooperation." Dong Wen took his name card from his pocket and gave it to Lu Rui.

"Hmm...does the company meet any problem?" Lu Rui took a quick look and nodded his head.

"Err...No, sir. Actually, today I found a new food at Sihai Street, its taste was very delicious. And I heard about your son condition, so I bought it for him. I just want to try if he can eat it or not." Dong Wen held the plastic bag in his hand and showed it to him.

"That's it?" Lu Rui frowned and asked in annoying.

Lu Rui seemed to be disappointed in him, his evaluation of Dong Wen was greatly reduced. The most annoying thing in his life was this kind of opportunistic character. Actually, he remembered him at the company. This Dong Wen usually showed perseverance and hardworking, he really didn't think that he was this kind of people.

Lu Rui looked into his eyes, and he had judgment in his heart. He couldn't handle this type of people. His son, Lu Ran, was suffering from anorexia, many people wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to him.

("My child is deadly sick and sleep in the bed right now. But people are using this reason want to come and have a relationship with me? How could I, Lu Rui, don't know about your trash's motive?")

"Okay, put everything here. You can go back to work. Quickly!" Lu Rui waved his hand and yelled coldly at him.

Dong Wen bit his teeth. He naturally knew that his behavior might cause Lu Rui to be dissatisfied with him. He just sighed helplessly and he slowly said.

"Chairman Lu, it's better to let the young master to eat it while it's still hot."

Dong Wen no longer spoke anymore, he put down the Pissing Beef Balls and left the hall silently with his head down.

Lu Rui glanced at the plastic bag in front of him, he grabbed it and wanted to throw it in the trash bin. However, in the midst of his action, Lu Rui's hand stopped.

"Well, it's such a waste to throw it away."

For his son's sake, Lu Rui had tried many ways before. Even if the hope were small, as long as there was a little possibility, he would try everything he could for his child.

Lu Rui took the plastic bag and walked to his son's room. When he opened the door, he saw a thin teenager lying weakly on bed. His age was about fifteen to sixteen years old. His skin showed a kind of pale gray color, his face looked very pale.

"Mr. Lu!" A doctor came and bowed to Lu Rui.

This was a professional doctor specially recruited by Lu Rui, his named was Zhang Hehai, who was a big name in the field of anorexia. He was responsible for take care of Lu Ran's health.

Lu Rui looked at many foods that were placed beside the bed, then he looked at Doctor Zhang and asked in a low voice.

"Did he eat anything?" Lu Rui asked Zhang Hehai with expectation in his eyes.

"He just ate a small bowl of porridge, but they were all spit out. I'm sorry, Mr. Lu." Zhang Hehai shook his head and said slowly.

"It seems like a long-term care is needed. This process can buy us some time before we can find another method."

Even though he said this in his mouth, Zhang Hehai secretly sighed, it was almost impossible to cure Lu Ran's illness. He just said that to comfort Lu Rui and himself.

Lu Rui's face was shown a bitter smiled, and then he said.

"Oh, yes, I got something for him, it might work, so I want to try!"

"Try again?" Zhang Hehai could not help but shock his head. He never saw a father like Lu Rui before. Ha was the person who he respected the most in his life.

Lu Rui put the food on the table and he slowly opened the lid.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

Lu Ran slowly opened his eyes, and his mouth made a weak voice.

"Father, I-I am hungry, I-I want to eat that food!"

"Son!" Lu Rui hurried run to his son's side and looked at him nervously.

"What do you want to eat? Tell Dad, I'll bring it for you!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"That...that...I will eat" Lu Ran held out his tremble finger and pointed to the Pissing Beef Balls on the table.

"What?" Lu Rui was startled, he looked at the food in the plastic bag in disbelief.

"H-Hurry up, dad!" The weakly voice of Lu Ran woke Li Rui up from the shock. Then he quickly brought the Pissing Beef Balls to him.

Lu Rui held the spoon and helped to feed his son by his hand.

Lu Ran's throat moved and he swallowed the soup slowly. His eyes showed the eagerness and then he tried the chew the beef ball next.

Looking at his son eating, Lu Rui couldn't help shedding tear in both his eye. He dreamed of this moment every nights, every days and every times.

"F-Finally, finally, my son can eat again. Finally, m-my light of hope that was about to vanish had bright up again."

"Today, the miracle really happens! Ahh....."

Lu Rui cried out loudly while hugging his son in his hand.

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