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Chapter 22: Misunderstand

Chen Feng really did not want to let them go. After all, they wanted to break one of his leg.

However, Chen Feng only fought for the first time. He was not sure if he could defeat the other party. Secondly, Fang Yue was on the side, and Chen Feng did not have the confidence to protect Fang Yue while fighting them. That's why he must let them go. But If the situation changed to himself alone, Chen Feng will definitely let this group of idiots know how powerful he is.

"Chen Feng, are you alright?" Chen Feng let Fan Yue came to his house. Now she looked at him with a worried look.

"Hehe...I am okay!" Chen Feng showed his muscle and quickly said, "What can happen, which of these little bastards is my opponent?"

"However, I saw them hitting a nunchuck on your back, you take off your clothes and I'll take a look!" Fang Yue said quickly.

"Ah?" Chen Feng looked at Fang Yue doubtfully: "Is this rather bad?"

"What's so bad about this?" Fang Yue quickly said, "You suffer because of protecting me. What if it hurt your bones? If your injury is serious, you should go to the hospital early."

Chen Feng was a little helpless, but he still obeyed Fang Yue's advice, slowly taking off his clothes, and a fat white plump body trembling in front of Fang Yue. Actually, Chen Feng already looked much thinner than before.

"There's a bruise on it!" Fang Yue slowly said, "I'll give you a potion!"

"Okay!" Chen Feng did not refuse. In fact, he didn't feel sick anymore. He just only suffered a little at that. Even though the bruise looked terrible, it was only equivalent to being bitten by a mosquito. In general, it will not hurt him much.

Chen Feng's body was covered by fat shield. His physical fitness was very good, and his physical recovery abilities were also quite equal. This kind of bruising meant nothing to Chen Feng at all.

Well, because there were beautiful girl who wanted to use medicine for himself, Chen Feng did not feel the need to refuse.

Fang Yue, who had experience, immediately found iodophor, took a cotton swab, and gently rubbed it against Chen Feng's back. Traces of coolness appear. Chen Feng's mouth could not resist to make a comfortable sound.

Fang Yue had red face and ears, but she soon found some amazing discovery. She saw the bruises on Chen Feng's back shrink rapidly. The original place was still dark, but, in a very short time, the bruises disappeared and were replaced by faint red marks.

In less than a minute, even the red mark was gone, only the color left by iodophor.

"How could it be? How could its effect is this great?" Fang Yue looked at Chen Feng's back with a little disbelief.

"What is wrong?" Chen Feng turned his head and looked at Fang Yue strangely.

Fang Yue shook her head in haste and said, "Nothing, just your wound healed quickly!"

"Ohh, I've been like this since I was a child!" Chen Feng explained quickly.

"Since I was a child, my wounds recovered very quickly, other people can recover in 3 or 4 days, I only need only 1 day. I will be able to recover completely, and sometimes it will be faster, don't you see any scars on me? There was no trace left after several hours of crashing." Chen Feng examined Fan Yue's expression while wiping his sweat.

Fang Yue wanted to ask Chen Feng some more questions, but soon her face turned red. She just realized that this is the first time she had seen a man with an upper body in front of her. At this moment, when she took a quick look to his fat body, she felt that Chen Feng's skin was very soft, and there was a kind of strong feeling inside his body.

"Okay, it's too late, I'll take you home first!!" Chen Feng said while wearing his clothes.

"En!" Fang Yue nodded gently, stood up and left Chen Feng's room together. But suddenly, as soon as two of them got out, they heard the door ring, then Chen Feng's parents went in.

Chen Feng "....."

Fang Yue "....."

Chen Feng's Mom "....."

Chen Feng's Dad "....."

For the time being, the four people in the house were stunned. Chen Feng's parents had a dull expression and looked at Chen Feng, who walked out with Fang Yue.

Now, the atmosphere in the room sudden turned strange.

"Mom, Dad, you're back early today!" Chen Feng smiled at his parents, then pointed at Fang Yue: "This is Fang Yue, my classmate!"

"Hello uncle and auntie!" Fang Yue greeted Chen Feng's parents politely. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Hello! Hello!" Chen Feng's parents also looked intensely at her. Fang Yue also felt their stared, her face blushed bright red like tomato. After all, they saw that she was coming out with Chen Feng and he was just wearing his clothes.

"Ahem, Fang Yue, you go home first! Let's talk tomorrow." Chen Feng cleared his throat.

"Oh, okay, okay!" Fang Yue looked back, as if a scared rabbit rushed out of the door.

Chen Feng and his parents were left at home. Chen Feng said a little awkwardly, "Old man, it's still too early to come back today!"

Chen Feng's father, Chen Ze, looked at Chen Feng and smiled "Hey, you don't want us to come home early? What is your relationship with her?"

"We?" Chen Feng smiled shyly and said, "We are classmates. A very ordinary classmate relationship!"

"Student relationship? Are student nowadays undress in front of each other like this? Old man, we are really outdate."

"Yes, yes. So bold. I like it." (Thumb up)

"N-No, you two really think too much!" Chen Feng could not help but smile bitterly, it was undeniable because this situation was really hard to explain. And he didn't want his parents know about the incident today.

Actually, Chen Feng knew his own problem that he was too fat. It is estimated that as long as the girl was not blind, she will not like him. He had no confidence in himself.

Chen Feng had not thought about looking for a girlfriend before his body fatness diminished so it was better to throw this idea aside.

"Son, if you like her, you can chase her bravely, Mom will support you!" Xiao Sufen on the side smiled and said quickly.

"Ah?" Chen Feng could not help but stop for a moment, staring at his mother with a bitter smile:

"Mom, there really isn't anything between us, sh-she just came to our house, is that right?"

"Why are you asking me?"


For the time being, Chen Feng could not explain anything. He cannot say that he was injured by a fight and he let Fan Yue checked his body.

"Alright, Little Feng, I understand. Let's eat dinner together and rest early! You have to go to school tomorrow. Just bring her to see us frequently." Said Chen Feng's father, Chen Ze.

("Understand my ass!!!")

"Okay!" It seemed that the old man had completely misunderstood, but Chen Feng did not continue to explain anything. Things like this grew even darker, and Chen Feng was too lazy to continue explaining and he returned to his room to go to sleep.

"Old Chen, you haven't noticed yet, this child has changed a lot recently!" After seeing Chen Feng return to the room, the couple also returned to their room. They always fell asleep early on weekdays, but at this time they were insomnia.

"Yea, this child sure has changed a lot!" Chen Ze thought for a moment, then slowly said: "He seems to be more cheerful than before, actually it's a good thing, this is really a good thing!"

"You say, does that girl like our piggy?" Xiao Sufen said again.

"This...but our little Feng...!! Ahem, It's hard to say, don't think too much!" Chen Ze cleared his throat.

"What is wrong? What's wrong with our piggy? Even if he is a little fat, so what? How many people are good as him?" said Xiao Sufen, and than they sighed slightly.

The couple always felt sorry for Chen Feng, and there was always a feeling of guilt in their hearts.

Unlike his parents, Chen Feng immediately fell asleep on the bed. As for who was the one who cause trouble to him, Chen Feng could only think of one person. He did not offend many people at school. If he was not wrong, the only offender was Lin Hang.

But what a narrow mind person he is!!

"Just I won him twice, he want to break your daddy leg? Because of something small like this?"

However, the thing that made Chen Feng happier was that he had gained additional 5 Achievement Points. This made Chen Feng a little unexpected.

He worked hard to attract people's attention, and seemed to have achieved a little bit Achievement Points, but that today he only fought with a dozen punks and gained 5 Achievement Points?

Did it mean that fighting was easier to get Achievement Points? Or did he hit them too hard today, making them feel shock and afraid of him?

With this thought, Chen Feng soon fell asleep.


The next day, Chen Feng got up early, practiced Yong Chun Boxing for a while, took a bath , ate breakfast, and met Fang Yue on the way to school. (The normal routine)

What happened yesterday, Chen Feng seemed to have forgotten, and then began to proceed with his weight loss exercise according to his own plans.

Compared to Chen Feng, Lin Hang's heart was undoubtedly more nervous. He came to Chen Feng's class the next day, and then learned from the mouth of his classmate that Chen Feng didn't come to class.

"Have they already broke Chen Feng's legs?"

Lin Hang's heart couldn't help but had a little fear. At that moment, seeing Chen Feng not come to class, Lin Hang's mind mysteriously emerged from Chen Feng's scene in the hospital.

Throughout the day, Lin Hang spent a nervous atmosphere.

However, in the afternoon, Lin Hang learned that Chen Feng was still jumping on the basketball court, still shaking his body fat, and doing weight training in the gym, nothing seemed to have happened yesterday.

"How could he been fine?"

Lin Hang really wanted to ask hard, but he still pressed his mind forcefully.

"Didn't Li Wei do it? Could it be Li Wei's group who took the money and did nothing? That's why nothing happen to Chen Feng."

Lin Hang's mind could not help but come up with a thought like that, but nobody could answered his question yet until the next hour.

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