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100% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 74: Play Dice

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Chapter 74: Play Dice

Just as you guessed, that man was naturally Chen Feng in disguise.

With his newly 'Transformation Jutsu', no one could know that was him unless he showed it himself. This technique was not actually without flaw.

First, when he was using it, Chen Feng needed to spend a lot of Internal Energy to cover up his whole body.

In his estimation, with his current cultivation realm, he could at least maintain this technique for 4-5 hours without a problem. The dosage of spending Internal Energy was less than when he used his cloning jutsu.

Second, this technique only made him change his appearance and his voice, not the habit or the information of the target. Fortunately, Chen Feng had extracted the acting ability from Christina when he was at the Commercial Studio. So he could change himself into anyone as he liked.

His current image, Chen Feng thought about it carefully before he transformed. Fierce looking, mysterious and showing the strong aura. He could change the temperament with his acting ability.

Chen Feng also secretly released a small amount of Internal Energy to anyone around him. In the heart of ordinary people, this type of pressure would make them feel scared and nervous. By seeing the bartender's reaction, Chen Feng already knew that he successfully accomplished his first step.

The target tonight was to attract the boss of these gangsters and forced him to agree with his request.

Walking inside, Chen Feng saw two big guys standing at the entrance. He stared cautiously at him and asked for the body check.

Chen Feng stood still without showing any resistance. He didn't say anything through the whole process. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You! Uncover your hood and show your face!" His voice was hoarse and ruthless. After he got the message from the people outside, he came to check the person himself.

"Oh? Okay." Chen Feng said coldly, his hand then brushed out the hood and showed his whole face.

Gulp* Gulp*

The two guys unconsciously gulped down his saliva after seeing Chen Feng's appearance.

The cold eyes, indifferent expression, especially, they noticed the head of the dragon tattoo on his right neck.

Damn, who is the real gangster? You or me? Why do I think you are more suitable than me?

Chen Feng didn't care about their minds at all. He just asked them "Are you done yet?"

He covered his head again, then continued walking inside.

Chen Feng exchanged money at the counter for some chips.

The atmosphere in this casino was really lively. The slot machine, roulette, blackjack table, etc. There were all kinds of games here.

Where should I start?

Chen Feng strolled down and continued looking inside for a moment until he arrived at one table.

Heh? Dice? If I remember correctly...

"System, do I have Storage Function, right?"

>[Yes, host.]<

"Its introduction said that it could store and withdraw anything on my will. Does it have any condition?"

>[This function allows host to store any unliving items in a limit slots within 2 meters around your body.]<

"2 meters? It should be enough." Chen Feng grinned and walked toward that table.

The man wore the casino uniform shook the dice cup several times, he put it on the table.

Gala* gala* gala*

"Come, come, make a bet, big or small?" He said to the customer.

Without thinking much, Chen Feng sat on a chair nearby and put on Small 1,000.

"1,2,3...6 Points Small."

"Wow, you are lucky, brother. When I saw you bet on Small, I followed you. This time I won big time." A man who wore a hat standing behind Chen Feng shouted excitedly.

Chen Feng didn't bother with him. Then, he collected his winning chips.

Soon, he heard something unpleasant.

"Poor bastard, only win a little make you this happy Humph!" A man wearing a big golden necklace sneered at his chair. He had a bad mood because he lost this time.

But looking at the mountain of chips in front of him, we could understand how rich he was.

"Brother, don't be bothered with him. He is the regular guest in this casino. He likes to make trouble anywhere like that." The man who was standing behind Chen Feng whispered to his ear.

"There he goes again. Sometimes, I really want to slap his mouth."

"Do you have the courage to do that? Zhu Tianlao is the VIP guest in this casino. Even the guard here gives him a bit of face when he makes trouble."

"Everyone here knows about his bad habit, that's why they don't care or pretend to not care about him."

"This guy seems to be news here. I think Zhu Tianlao may target him because of this."

"Let's see how it is going."

Everyone who saw the whole process discussed silently with each other. They came to gamble but they also didn't mind watching the extra drama playing before them.

Could Chen Feng ignore his provocation?

Of course no, instead, he liked to deal with this kind of person the most. The more trouble, the better. His purpose of coming was not to enjoy the gamble but to attract the attention of the boss here.

"Just consider yourself unlucky." Chen Feng secretly thought. He decided to use him as his stepping stone.

"You! Do you want to bet with me?" Chen Feng pointed his finger towards that rude guy.

"Bet? Haha...Do you have enough money to play with me?" That man laughed. He didn't put Chen Feng in his eyes.

"In the next game, we have to place the bet on different sides. Do you dare?" Chen Feng didn't care about his taunt behavior, he only said lightly while staring at his face.

"Why don't I dare? Okay, let's see how long you can play, Haha!" Zhu Tianlao chuckled.

Because everyone here knew about him, they didn't dare to make trouble with him, made him becoming bored. That was the reason he targeted Chen Feng, the newcomer.

In the eyes of everyone here, they secretly pitied Chen Feng in their heart. Zhu Tianlao, even if he had a foul mouth but his gamble skill could not underestimate.

Do you think he is stupid to spend his own money whenever he comes to this casino without winning? The chips in front of him were not for show but came from his skill.

"Hey, what do you think?"

"Even I don't like him, but I'm on his side this time."

"Me too. He is an old player. His experience is rich."

"Okay, let's watch the drama unfold."

The dealer looked at the situation in an interesting manner. He didn't bother to intervene in their bet at all. The more they bet, the more he earned money. Why did he have to stop them? Instead, he helped them to blow the flame.

"Two gentlemen, if you don't mind, I will be your testifier in your case. Now, let's continue!"

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