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Chapter 49: Poke a Hornet Nest

Seeing that Lu Ran didn't spit the food out, Lu Rui began feeling excited, finally, he saw his son eating something. Then he turned his head to Doctor Zhang Hehai at the side, he saw that doctor also looked at Lu Ran in shocked.

"Doctor! Doctor! Can you examine Lu Ran's body?" Lu Rui called him a few times before he came to his mind.

"Y-Y-Yes...this is surprising. This is the first time that I see the anorexia patient eating something without vomit it out. This is a new discovery."

Doctor Zhang hurriedly walk to Lu Ran, he made a thorough check on his body and also took a bit of his blood. Then, he looked at Lu Rui and said.

"Mr. Lu, can you leave a little bit of that soup and beef ball meat for me? I want to send it to the laboratory."

"Okay, I will prepare it for you." Lu Rui did as he told him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Just as he held the spoon preparing to continue feeding Lu Ran some more, Doctor Zhang quickly warned him.

"I suggest you not to let Lu Ran eating them too much. His stomach is not yet prepared. Just allow him to consume it bit by bit until his digestive system is ready."

Lu Rui nodded his head and let Lu Ran slept back on his bed. His son's condition was getting better, Lu Rui felt that he didn't need to rush it, in case something would go wrong. Now he had to do something first, it was to find that Beef Ball Soup for his son.

He then took his phone and made a call.

"Secretary Ma, come to my place immediately!"

After finishing his phone call, he quickly walked out of the room.

A few minutes later, there was an older man who came to meet with Lu Rui in the living room. He bowed his head to him and said.

"Do you need me for something, Chairman Lu?"

"Hmm...let's go to Sihai Street with me!"

"Yes, sir." Secretary Ma told the driver and the bodyguard to prepare the vehicle immediately.

He didn't need to ask him what he wanted to go there for. Just an order from him was enough. That showed how royalty he was. Soon, four black cars were parked in front of the mansion. There were four men in the black suit in each car. They stood still and waited silently for the arrival of their boss.

When Lu Rui entered in the car, the driver asked him in a respectful voice.

"Boss, where do we go to?"

"Oh...I forgot to ask him." Because of his excitement, Lu Rui forgot to ask Dong Wen about the location of the shop.

Lu Rui took his phone and dialed the number of Dong Wen. When he took a quick look at his name card back then, he already remembered all the information on the card. That showed how fast his brain was working.

A few seconds later

"Hello, Mr. Dong Wen? Yes, I am Lu Rui. You don't need to ask me anything, just tell me where did you buy that food? Okay, I will thank you later." Lu Rui didn't need to talk nonsense, he asked him directly about the shop and immediately ended his phone call.


"Let's go to Sihai Street, address (Bla Bla Bla)!"

"Yes, sir." The driver nodded and he drove the car according to the address.

"Secretary Ma, there is a worker whose name is Dong Wen. Arrange a good position in the company for him. Starting from next month, double his salary and bonus him 1 million yuan."

Lu Rui was not the person who forgot the favor. If someone did something him, he would definitely pay them back in multiple stakes, in both good and bad things.

"Yes, I understand." Secretary Ma wrote down in his note.


At Jiangzhou hospital

Two middlemen entered the VIP room and looked at a youth who was sleeping on the bed. That youth was showing his impatience on his face.

When he saw someone unlocked the door, he suddenly stood up and walked to them. It was Luo Wenhao.

"Dad, when can I go outside of this boring place? I dislocated on my arm, not my leg. Why can't I get out?" He yelled angrily.

The men before him were Luo Yongtiang and his secretary.

"You useless trash! You don't understand anything. The police have started investigating everywhere for the evidence of our crime. Do you think I will let you go out and create any more problems for me?"

Luo Yongtiang knew his son's character the most. Of course, because his son took after himself. He didn't let him get out of the hospital temporarily and waited for the situation to calm down. But Luo Wenhao didn't listen to him at all.

", how can I tolerate this? Look at my arm, look at where I'm staying, all of these are because of that hateful Chen Feng. I want my revenge, Dad!"

Luo Wenhao pointed at his arm, his room and he was nearly going crazy when he thought of Chen Feng's face.

"Hmph! He is just a small ant. I can let you step on him whenever you want. Okay, let me handle it for you then!" Luo Yongtiang snorted arrogantly. Then, he called the man who stood nearby himself.

"Secretary Wang, did you do as I said?" He asked calmly.

He was his right-hand man, Secretary Wang. That man opened his note in his hand and told him.

"Yes, sir. His parents were fired from the company as you ordered. Then, they turned to open a small restaurant in Sihai Street. Unexpectedly, their new food was gained popularity and seemed to earn quite a bit of money."

Luo Wenhao, when he heard this, he suddenly busted furious. He looked at his dad and he screamed at him.

"See that? See how comfortable his life is, and what about me? I just fucking sleep in this room like a prisoner. I-"

"Shut up!" Luo roared loudly.

Luo Wenhao didn't even finish his speech, his dad's scream made him shut his mouth immediately.

Luo Yongtiang frowned, then he took his phone and made a call to someone.

"Brother Quan, I have a favor want to ask you. Haha...It's just a trial matter. Get rid of this restaurant for me. Nothing much, just make them sleep comfortably in jail a few years is enough. 1 million!? No problem."


Luo Yongtiang finished his call. He showed a grin on his face. He felt satisfied when he used his money to solve the problem. He thought himself as the emperor that no one could refuse his order.

" expected from my dad!"

Luo Wenhao also laughed happily. He imagined the scene when he went to visit Chen Feng and his family in prison. He wanted to see their despair faces. Thinking of it made Luo Wenhao felt excited in his heart.

They didn't know that they just poked a big hornet nest, and there were even two giant kings in that. If they knew that this was the reason for the falling of Luo Family, how much they regret their decision at this time.

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