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58.1% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 43: Prepare to open business

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Chapter 43: Prepare to open business

The rich aroma swept through the kitchen and it also unknowingly penetrated to the outside.

"What smell is it? tempted smell!"

"What is this delicious aroma that grabs you by your stomach!?"

"No food that I ate in the past has such a rich fragrance. Is this the new dish? I have to try it."

"Waiter!" A guest waved his hand and called out.

"Yes, what is your order, sir?" The waiter took the paper and asked him politely.

"What is the name of this dish? It doesn't seem to be on the menu." He pointed his finger to the menu and asked.

"Sorry, sir. This food is cooked by the guest himself. He only borrows our kitchen to make food for his friend." The waiter explained to him calmly.

"You call your manager to meet me." That guest didn't give up and asked him to call the manager.

A few seconds later

The manager came, he already knew the story from the waiter. He bowed his head slightly and said.

"Hello, I am the manager of Tianding Restaurant."

"Manager, I want to order the food that that guest made early. You tell him that I don't lack money." He patted his wallet in his pocket and said to him.

"Me too. Give me a copy." Another guest suddenly called out loud.

"I want one too."

"Me also..."

One, two, three...all the guests joined and shouted to order Chen Feng's food together.

"....." The manager was speechless.

He started feeling a headache. In the end, he told them to wait for him to ask for the people inside's response.


In the kitchen

Chen Feng was happy to see that he gained 15 Achievement Points.

He held the chopsticks in his hand and he caught a beef ball put into his mouth.

"Hmm...this Pissing Beef Ball is truly tasty. Sure enough, the God of Cookery's recipe doesn't let me down. I have to save some for my parents."

Lin Hang sat on the opposite chair to him and he chewed the beef ball happily. In the normal time, he was quiet, calm and just a bit arrogant. But when putting the food before him, his personality changed immediately. Lin Hang was actually a foodie.

"Chen Feng, I honestly don't know that you can cook such delicious food. You have to make it often for me to eat. You are really a genius, you know that?"

"I think so. Chen Feng, your food is so delicious." Fang Yue smiled brightly.

"Hahaha...I am just a film lover. It's a coincidence that I can make it in reality." Chen Feng just shook his head and said humbly.

"Chen Feng, if you come out to become a chef, I believe that with your abilities, you will become the top chef in this country!" Lin Erli also satisfied with his cooking skill.

"Don't praise me too much, Uncle Lin. I may become arrogant Hehe...!" Chen Feng chuckled.

Suddenly, they saw the manager walked quickly towards them. He came to Lin Erli's side and said.

"Mr. Lin, we have a situation. The guest outside wants to order your friend's food. What do you think?" He ask nervously.

Lin Erli looked dumbfound, then he smiled and said.

"Manager, I'm not the chef. You should better ask Chen Feng instead of me."

Chen Feng knew that the problem was because of him. When he saw the manager's trouble expression, he quickly replied to him.

"I don't mind but I want you to pack some Pissing Beef Balls for me to take home for my parents. The rest, they can divide it among themselves."

"No problem, we will do as you wish."

"Oh, you don't need to pay for your foods and the ingredients that you use today. Just think of it as the payment of your dish." The manager said with a smile on his face.

"That's generous of you. Thank you!" Chen Feng also smiled back at him. He knew very well how expensive the foods and the ingredients in the restaurant were.

"So we have to go back then. See you next time."

The group left the restaurant together. Lin Erli and Lin Hang drove the car. Chen Feng and Fang Yue rode their own bicycles back.

After sending Fang Yue to her residence, Chen Feng also went to his home. He felt excited and wanted to let his parents tasted the Pissing Beef Balls that he made faster.

"Mom, Dad, I'm home."

"Welcome back, Son! Today you seem to arrive home early." Chen Feng's dad sat on the sofa while watching TV.

Chen Feng took off his shoes and went inside.

"I had a party with my friend this afternoon. Mom, Dad, please come to the living room. I prepare the food for you two." He said that and he walked to the living room preparing the food for his parents.

"What is this?" His parents came and sat on the chair. They looked at the beef balls in wonder.

"This is called Pissing Beef Balls, I cooked this food myself. Come and taste it!" Chen Feng gestured his hand for them to try.

"Ho ho...let's see, let's see."

His parents held the beef ball with their chopsticks and tasted it.

Bamm* Bamm*

"Hmmm...this, this...How can I describe it? It's really delicious!" His father exclaimed in shock.

"Yes, Son. This beef ball is so tasty. I never eat something like this before. Where did you learn to make it?"

"Hehe...Actually, I learn it from the movie. Did you watched "God of Cookery"? This is one of the food that Stephen Chow makes."

Chen Feng couldn't tell them about the Hero Extraction System. So he chose to lie to them that he learned by himself from the movie.

"Mom, Dad, let's open a family restaurant, just a small one is enough. I want our family to sell this Pissing Beef Balls. We will definitely earn a lot of money at that time." Chen Feng said excitedly.

Listening to Chen Feng's words, Chen Ze could not help but fall into contemplation. Even though their family was poor, this does not mean that their tastes were different from those rich people. Since he thought this food was good, it would definitely be sold as his son said.

"Chen Feng, how about the ingredients?" Chen Ze asked.

"No problem, just leave it to me." Chen Feng patted his chest and said to him.

"Okay, tomorrow, let's look for a store together at the market." Chen Ze nodded his head and he decided to truth in his son idea.

Seeing that his parents agreed with him, Chen Feng felt very happy. He felt confident in his Pissing Beef Balls.


Ring* Ring*

The phone rang, a lady opened her eyes. She got up and picked up the phone. When seeing the name on the screen, she couldn't help but be surprised.

The call was from the general manager of Tianding Restaurant. His name was Fa Lan. He was a smart and also reliable person. His business methods could be said to be very skilled.

A moment ago, he just called her to ask about Lin Erli's request. Since he called her twice today meant that something will happen in the restaurant.

Her small finger pressed the answer button.

"Hello, Miss." Fa Lan's voice softly echoed in her ear.

"Oh, Uncle Fa Lan, what's wrong?" She said slowly.

"There are some problems with Mr. Lin's friend."

"So what did he do?"

"He cooked a dish. The problem was that that dish was very delicious and had strong aroma. It made the guest outside interested, now they were all noisy and they wanted to eat that dish again." The manager Fa Lan explained in helplessness voice.

That lady suddenly felt interested. She had never experienced anything like this before. She quickly said.

"What is the name of that dish?"

"Miss, have you watched God of Cookery before?" Fang Lan asked her carefully.

"God of Cookery? I've seen it, but it's been a long time. Why do you ask this?"

"The name for that dish is called Pissing Beef Balls!" Talking about it, Fa Lan secretly swallowed his saliva and continued.

"Miss, you can't believe it at all, the method is exactly the same as in the film, using the stick beat the beef meat, then mixing all kinds of seasonings, and the cooked beef ball can actually bounce like a ping pong."

"Okay, I can imagine it." She nodded her head and she gave an order.

"You tell our people to close their mouths, don't spread the news outside. You also tell the guest that this event is confidential that can affect our restaurant's name, don't let them tell anyone else. You go and do as I say, get it?"

"I understand, Miss."


The phone hung up. That lady had a smile on her face and she softly said.

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"As you order, Princess." The voice out of nowhere echoed in the room and replied to her.

Reaperurgo Reaperurgo

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