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Chapter 67: Pursue Them

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling walked on the roadside swinging their hands excitedly, especially, Sheng Ling.

"Brother, finally, I can eat Chocolate Cake again." Her face seemed to be glowing.

Looking at his sister's excitement, Sheng Hong could only smile and said "Yes, let's eat the cake together when we go back, okay?"

"Yes." She nodded cheerfully.

They talked and laughed together. Soon they heard the sound of someone crying ahead. They saw a little boy whose age was around 5 to 6 years old. He stood alone. He seemed to separate from his parents.

"Hello, my name is Sheng Ling. What's your name? Why are you crying here?" Sheng Ling approached him, she sat down and asked.

The little boy stopped crying, he felt calm down a little after hearing her gentle voice. Finally, he replied to her.

"M-My name is Kang Ting, my mama call me TingTing." He said with the child's voice.

"Okay, TingTing, why are you here? Where is your mama?" She looked left and right, then she continued to ask him.

"I-I lost from my mama. I can't find her anywhere hik hik..." He looked like he was going to cry again.

Grrr...*(Stomach Sound)

"Ah~ I am hungry. I don't have lunch yet." He put his hand on his stomach and said with a sad face.

Suddenly, he saw the girl took the box in her hand, and handed it to him.

"Here! Big sister has a Chocolate Cake. I give it to you." Sheng Ling was obviously reluctant, but she didn't hesitate to hand it over to the little boy.

The little boy froze for a moment, he looked at her, then at the chocolate box in her hand and whispered "R-Really?!"

Sheng Ling gritted her teeth, she put on a serious face, then nodded fiercely "Yes, I give it to you."

"T-Thank you, Big Sister." He took the cake carefully, and started eating immediately.

Sheng Hong looked at his sister without saying anything from the beginning till the end. He knew how long she looked forward to eating her Chocolate Cake but she easily gave it the little boy without any hesitation. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He didn't feel unhappy with her decision but the opposite. He felt proud of her. Even if they didn't have parents, poor but they were glad to help others.

Watching the little boy ate all the cake in the box, Sheng Hong could only caress his sister's head to comfort her.

And about Sheng Ling, she didn't feel sad at all. Her face was full of smiles. She thought that the cake was only a snack for her. But for the little boy, it was the food to sustain his hunger. So it was better for him to eat rather than her.

After that, they escorted him asking around for his mother. Before long, a middle-aged woman with a panic expression run towards them in a hurry.

Yes, that was his mother.

"Thank goddess, TingTing, my son. Where are you going? I'm looking for you everywhere." She hurriedly rushed to hug him in her hand.

Then, she looked at the two children who stood beside her son. She bowed her head gracefully to them.

"Thank you very much for taking care of my son. Is he causing any trouble for you?" The woman had an apology face, she knew her son very well.

"No, no, TingTing is a good boy~" Sheng Ling replied in a sweet smile.

"Yes, he didn't cause us any trouble. Please take good care of him in the future. It's not safe to leave him alone like this." Sheng Hong said.

"Thank you, I will remember that."

After talking with her for a while, both of them said goodbye to them.

"Goodbye, big sister~" TingTing smiled and waved his hand.

"Goodbye, be a good boy at home, okay?"

"Yes, hehe~"

Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling left.

After a while, Sheng Hong asked her "Little Ling, do you regret your decision back then? You look forward to eating your cake for so long."

"No, brother. You used to say that we, people, need to help each other. If you treat them with goodwill, someday God will help us back. I don't want to cause trouble for anyone else again." Sheng Ling put her palms together and said in a sad feeling.

Sheng Hong knew what she meant. He could only hold on her and said "Don't worry. You still have me, your brother. I will stay with you forever."

"Hmm.., thank you brother." She couldn't help shedding tears while hugging him.


Chen Feng who secretly followed them from behind, witnessed all that happens. At first, he only wanted to know the meaning of his mysterious feeling but over time, he couldn't find his answer.

And by observing them from the Chocolate Shop, he could understand their circumstances.

They were most likely the ophan siblings. Judging by that they had to save money for a few months to buy a piece of chocolate cake, their situations may not be very good.

When he saw them giving their hard-earning cake to the lost boy, he could only smile and muttered the word "What a good kids!" silently.

("What happens to both of them? Why are they crying? Are they hungry?")

Thinking like this, Chen Feng ran back to the Chocolate Shop and bought a whole box of Chocolate Milk Cake. He carried in his hand and hurried back to find them.

He touched his chin while visualizing their happy faces, he couldn't help but chuckle a little.

After running for a while, he discovered them walking ahead. Just as he about to call out to them, he saw a black van was stopping before them. He saw two men in black got out of the car and rushed towards them.

They used the handkerchief in their hands to cover their mouths, and tried to drag them in the car.

"Ahh? Help-Hm-Hm!!" Two of them tried to struggle but couldn't escape from their hands.

"You stupid, cover their mouths property. Hurry up in the car!" One of them shouted to his partner. Finally, they successfully dragged both of them in.

When Chen Feng saw this, he knew immediately what happened.

"Human trafficer? Damn, Hey, Stop! Stop!" He screamed loudly, he threw the cake in his hand and ran in hurry to the car.

Unfortunately, the back van already closed the door and departed from the place.

Chen Feng clenched his fist tightly, he sprinted immediately and followed the car from behind. His body was like a wind, he flexibly passing through the people and the other vehicles quickly without pausing a bit.

"You bastard, you should pray that I don't catch up or I will show you what hell looks like!" Chen Feng felt very furious inside right now.

Presently, his mind only focused on how to catch up with the car. All of his muscles were fully expanded, he also unconsciously released his Internal Energy supporting his feet.

His speed became faster and faster, he pursued the car from behind without leaving his line of sight.

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