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91.89% Hero Extraction System / Chapter 68: Save the Children

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Chapter 68: Save the Children

In the black van, there were 6 people inside including Sheng Hong and Sheng Ling.

The traffickers wore a black suit and dark mask on their faces. When they entered the car, they already took off their masks showing a smirk on their faces while looking at the children in their hands.

The little boy and girl struggled constantly, but were held under their arms and could not move.

"Haha, what a good harvest! With these two, we have totally 20 products in our hands."

"Yes, one week later, when our boss comes, I believe they will be sold at a high price."

"We are rich this time haha..."

"Do you think we will have a problem with them?"

"Don't worry. I've done my investigation. All of them are only the ophan who live by themselves at the corner of the city. Even if they disappear suddenly, no one will be looking for them."

"Yes, that's good."

At this time, one of them glanced at the rear mirror, he was startled by his sight. He then yelled in a deep voice "Brother, someone has been chasing us."


Everyone looked back.

When they saw Chen Feng running after them, they couldn't help laughing out loud "Haha, just this shit? And he wants to catch us?"

"Brother, speed up!"

"Okay, let this bro show you my driving skill."

The speed of the car kept getting faster. The distance between the two kept getting farther and farther.

"Haha, see that? No one can catch up with this bro on this road." He said proudly. He didn't forget to raise his middle finger out of the window.

Chen Feng felt very angry and also began to worry in his heart.

At this state, maybe he couldn't catch up with them.

In an instant, Chen Feng saw a man wore a helmet with a big red motorbike stopping at the side of the road.

He didn't hesitate to run towards him.

Chen Feng seized the key from his hand while hopping on the motorbike, then he shouted "Sorry, please let me borrow your bike for a bit."

"Hey, hey, what are you doing with my bike? Thief?" The man shouted while pulling Chen Feng's body hard.

"No, I'm following that black van ahead. I saw them kidnapped the children." He tried to explain.

"Hah? If that's so, I will come with you." That man didn't completely believe in his word, he thought for a moment, then he replied.

"Okay, hop on, hurry up!" Chen Feng waved his hand.

"System, extract his Driving Skill for me." Chen Feng commanded in his mind.

>[System Analysis!]<

>[To extract his Motorbike Driving Skill, host needs 20 AP, Yes or No?]<

"Yes, immediately!"

>[Successfully extracted the Motorbike Driving Skill, deduct 20 AP.]<

Chen Feng shortly learned all that man's driving techniques. He finally realized this person was actually a professional racer.

More than this, he was not an ordinary one but the former king of motorbike racer.

His name was Go Hutong, his nickname was "Red Wolf".

Because of some accidents caused him to have eyes problem. The medical specialist prohibited him from participating in any race until his eyes were completely cured. That was the reason that he missed his chance to be the champion this year.

"Boy, it's better for me to be a driver. I am-" Just as he about to finish his sentence, Chen Feng immediately started the engine and dashed out.


Chen Feng didn't care about him. He only focused on catching up with that black van ahead.

Fortunately, there were not many vehicles on the road at this hour.

His motorbike was running at the maximum speed. With a several twists and turns, finally, they saw the shadow of that car ahead.

Our former racer king has long shut up his mouth.

For a long time, after he saw Chen Feng skillfully drove his bike. Go Hutong couldn't help but ask Chen Feng curiously.

"Are you kidding me? Am I the professional racer or are you? Damn, your technique feels similar, your reflection and vision is way faster than mine. You can't be a nameless person. Who the heck are you?"

"Oh? I'm just a normal citizen who loves peace. Don't mind me!" Chen Feng answered to him casually.

"....." Go Hutong was silently speechless.


The traffickers heard the sound of bashing from behind and it was coming closer and closer to their car.

The driver then turned his head. His eyes were almost fell from his socket. This kind of thing made him feel unreal.

"WTF! That mad man is chasing us again."

"H-How is it possible? Early, don't we leave him already?"

"Shut your mouth, and focus on the road. Speed up the car, hurry and get rid of him!"


The sound came from the black van engine. The black smoke was bursting from the head of the car.

"W-What happens? Don't tell me..."

"I-I...think our car is broken."

In a panic, the driver controlled the car to park at the side of the road.

Chen Feng who was chasing them from behind saw this, he could roughly guess in his mind about what happened.

He stopped the bike and ran towards the car in hurry.

He didn't wait for them to open the door. Chen Feng clenched his hand hard and swung his punch to the window.


His fists pierced the glass and aimed at the man who sat beside the driver.

That man didn't expect this at all, he was punched in his head and fell in a coma instantly.

Three other traffickers saw this, they immediately opened the door and rushed out.

The mask on their faces has disappeared long ago, revealing their fierce scarred faces.

"Damn, without cutting both of his hands and feets today, it's hard me to suppress the anger in my mind."

"Yes, don't let him have an easy death."

Two of three traffickers took out the knives in their pockets and quickly rushed towards Chen Feng.

Chen Feng watched calmly at the two who were running towards him. He then put on the boxing stance, waiting for them to attack him.

The two men didn't hesitate stabbing their knives to him. They planned to finish him up as soon as possible before the police came.

"Too naive." Chen Feng said coldly, he then took a step back, easily evaded the knives.

He used his hands to catch both of theirs wrists and twisted breaking them immediately.

Creak* Creak*

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After that, both of them were directly beaten up by Chen Feng until spitting blood from their mouths and slept on the ground without moving a bit.

Chen Feng then turned his head to the car. He was worry about the children's safety.

The door opened. He saw the children stepped out of the car slowly.

He also saw a man walked behind them while putting his knife on Sheng Ling's neck.

Chen Feng stopped his step. He looked at that man coldly.

"Why do you stop? Don't you want to punch me? Here, here, come on!" That man pointed his finger to his cheek. He had a mockery smile on his face.

"What do you want?" Chen Feng asked.

"Hehe...I want you to turn your back, put your hand up and kneel down."

"What if I do that?"

"Of course, I will release both of them immediately."

At this moment, coincidence or not, that man accidentally stumbled over a stone beside his feet and fell to the ground.

When Chen Feng saw this, he hurriedly pull the children away.

He then creaked his knuckles and walked toward that man step by step.

"B-Brother, no, m-master, can we talk? H-How about you let me go? I will give you a lot of money." That trafficker said to Chen Feng while shaking.

He then looked at his two motionless teammates, he couldn't help feeling cold in his spine.

"How about you show me your cheek again? I seem to be hearing you want me to punch you there." Chen Feng smiled coldly at him.

When Chen Feng walked near him, that man took the knife from the ground and attacked him.


Chen Feng already expected him to do that. His palm was opened up and caught the knife with his bare hand.

"W-What? How...?" That man couldn't believe his eyes, he saw Chen Feng catching the knife in his hand without showing any sign of injury.

"Maybe because your knife is fake hehe..." Chen Feng laughed a little and started beating him up until he half-deadly fell on the ground.

Soon after that, the police has come.

When he was busy fighting with the human traffickers, Go Hutong has called the police and secretly recorded the scene as the evidence.

He then walked to Chen Feng.

But he only saw him standing still without moving, he opened his eyes bigger, his eyes seemed to see something shocking.

Of course, right now, Chen Feng saw a screen popping up before his eyes.

>[Congratulation host, you trigger a temporary quest.]<

>[Recue all the kidnapped children from the human traffickers. Quest in progress (2/20), duration: 7 days]<

>[Reward: Unlock "Quest Function"; 1 random hero]<

>[Fail Penalty: Delay unlocking this function for 5 years.]<

(Description: Show me that you are strong enough to face the challenge.)

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