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Chapter 29: The Deal

"Luo Wenhao?"

Chen Feng frowned slightly, he suddenly recalled that coach Chen Ping introduced this person to himself at that time. This man was a student from High School No.17, and also his self-proclaimed rival.

Chen Feng had already heard about the name of the High School No.17. This was a famous school. Basically, the students whose their scores couldn't advance to good high school mostly will go to study there.

It can be called the Delinquent High School. Their students were basically mixed, and most of them were gangsters.

"Are you Chen Feng, right?"

Luo Wenhao pointed to the sofa in front of him and slowly said, "Sit down! Sit down!" Let's have a good chat."

Chen Feng pulled Fang Yue to sit near him. Luo Wenhao's eyes glanced at Chen Feng's body, and then he froze on the sight of Fang Yue's face, his eyes couldn't help but lighten up a bit, then he said:

"Chen Feng, you are thinner and higher than I thought. I have seen your photo before, it's nothing like the one who sit in front of me right now."

"Well, I recently started playing basketball and had a lot of exercise. My body has slowly become like this." Chen Feng said with just a simple expression on his face.

This was his old style. Chen Feng didn't like to publish himself too high. This was also his habit. He must be high profile in his work but humble in his life.

Luo Wenhao looked at Chen Feng but quietly snickered, a faint smile appeared on the corner of his lips, and he said lightly:

"I believe you already know about our basketball match tomorrow, right? Do you have confidence in winning?"

Chen Feng looked at Luo Wenhao, but said with a smile on his face:

"Of course, I have."

Even though Chen Feng's face had a faint smile, but he was already alert. He was sure that this Luo Wenhao was not a good person. His body always prepared for the worst situation.

("If he really thought that I, Chen Feng, was easy to bully, so he had to pay a painful price for his stupid behavior.")

But Luo Wenhao said nonchalantly: "Don't be tense, I only just want you to do one thing for me?"

As he said that, Luo Wenhao pushed the check in front of Chen Feng, and smiled:

"This is a check for 100,000 yuan. Tomorrow even if you get the title of the best player MVP in town, the most you get is only 30,000 yuan prize money. If you lose to me, this money is all yours."

"Lose to you?"

Chen Feng's eyes fell to the check on the table, and he quietly murmured that Luo Wenhao was truly a rich bastard. He really paid 100,000 yuan just to win one match.

To be honest, Chen Feng was tempted.

He played basketball just to get Achievement Points. As for how much he got from the match, it seemed like he couldn't gain a lot now. And his other goal was also quite important, the 30,000 yuan prize money.

100,000 yuan was definitely not a small amount for a working family like him.

Actually, the High School Basketball Competition in the city was only known to a small local region, not consider a big event to other area.

Chen Feng's basketball skills were still remained. In the future, as long as he wanted, if he could enter a Sports University, he can still stand out later.

30,000 yuan plus a little Achievement Points and then compare them with 100,000 yuan.

Chen Feng will choose the latter. After all, Luo Wenhao's family seemed to have a great career and not easy to offense. Especially, if the fight broke out, he also afraid of Fang Yue's safety.

"Deal!! I will lose to you during the match" Chen Feng simply replied.

Luo Wenhao couldn't help but be a little hesitant. He thought that Chen Feng would disagree with him, but he did not expect that Chen Feng would agree to him this easy.

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A mockery smile appeared on Luo Wenhao's face, then his eyes brushed over Fang Yue's body slowly, and he said, "Is this your girlfriend?"

"She is-"

Chen Feng hadn't finished speaking yet, but Fang Yue took the lead and replied:

"Yes, I'm his girlfriend!"

Luo Wenhao laughed, and then slowly said,

"Hahaha...good!! Your girlfriend is really pretty, how about we make another deal?"


Chen Feng frowned slightly, he suddenly had a bad feeling.

"What transaction do you want to do with me?"

Luo Wenhao smiled, then he pointed his finger to Fan Yue and said:

"I'll give you 10,000 yuan. Tonight, lend your girlfriend to me."

As soon as this comment was made, Fang Yue's face immediately turned pale, her hand tightly gripped Chen Feng's shirt.

Chen Feng's face also changed. It has turned red color. His heart was full of anger.

Chen Feng felt that sometime he could not too kind to some people. The more you didn't want to cause problems, the more people felt that you were bluffing. Chen Feng just agreed to lose the game to him, now he actually wanted Fang Yue to accompany him for one night.

It seemed that If the tigers didn't show his strength, they will treat it like a sick cat!?

"Is 10,000 yuan not enough? No problem, how about 20,000 yuan? You know how much for the high class brothel in the town? Compare to them, 20,000 yuan just for one night is already expensive."

Luo Wenhao enjoyed the expression on Chen Feng's face, he liked the feeling hitting people with money.

He had a lot of money in his house, and of course there was no shortage of women. But for Luo Wenhao, the ordinary women cannot fulfill his wishes. He preferred to get women from someone else's hand.

"This joke isn't good, mister!!" Chen Feng narrowed his eyes and slowly said,

"Sorry, my girlfriend, i won't give to anyone else."

"Isn't 20,000 enough? Then I'll give you 100,000, just one night." Luo Wenhao looked at Chen Feng with a grin. He glanced at Fang Yue's body again, and said with a lustful smile:

"Hey little beauty, I will give you 100,000 yuan per night, how about that?"

"Chen Feng, let's go!" Fang Yue pulled Chen Feng's arm intent to leave.

But Chen Feng didn't move, he stared sharply at Luo Wenhao. His hand slowly took the check on the table, he said:

"Luo Wenhao, right? I admit that money is a good thing. I really like it personally, but I am sorry to tell you this..."

Chen Feng tore up the check slowly while watching Luo Wenhao's astonishing face and say:

"Sorry, I change my mind. The title of the best player MVP in town, I want it!"

Luo Wenhao's face could not help but frown.

Chen Feng stood up. He looked at Luo Wenhao and said calmly:

"Besides, don't you dare touch my woman!! Or you will not know how you die later."

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