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Hidden Desire of The Alpha's lover Hidden Desire of The Alpha's lover original

Hidden Desire of The Alpha's lover

Author: silvaaresta

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Chapter 1: Bad Past

"No! Hector! You devil! What did you do? After what my parents gave you, you betrayed us! What did they do wrong? They love you like their own son!"

"Love me? I've never felt that way. You and your family are so hypocritical and stupid. Do you think I want to marry a woman like you? Tch! I don't even want to!"

"Damn it! After all the years we've spent together, this is what I get for the love and time I've given you? I love you so much, Hector!"

"Did you say love? I never loved you. You're just a proud woman who has power and is spoiled! In the end, when I become your husband later, you will make me a slave!"

"Who says? I never thought of that! I'd even be willing to give my body and soul for you!" Auristella could only cry. She hugged her parents' bodies which were already covered in blood. Her body shook violently when she saw the person who had made her born in this world, now lifeless.

"They deserve to die! Your family is so hypocritical! Stupid and useless!"

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH! F*CK YOU!" Auristella was already staring at Hector in the eye with a very sharp look.

The brown eyes turned red, the straight teeth turned sharp, the white wedding gown was now stained with blood. Even the guests were all unconscious due to the magic Hector had cast in the room.

But that magic didn't work to touch the power in Auristella's body, a woman with pure werewolf blood.

She smiled like a starving animal, rising from the floor which made her body cold.


A voice whispered behind the woman's ear. Her first name was pronounced clearly. The whispers of the Ancestral Spirit surrounded her at this time.

"Do you want to challenge me? In your dream! You won't be able to do anything! You're just a weak woman!" Hector shouted loudly. He picked up his sword that was lying on the floor and then started to walk towards Auristella.

The woman stood with a weak body, only her eyes were so sharp.

"I ask once again Hector, have you ever loved me?" Auristella asked in a weak tone.

"You are really pathetic Stella. Do you think I have a love for you?" Hector said once again, the man was smiling like a madman.

"So you never loved me? After all that I gave to you?"

"No! I told you many times, I never loved you!" Hector screamed loudly, but not until his mouth closed, that was when Auristella immediately strangled Hector's neck tightly.

The ancestral power of the Werewolf nation had enveloped the woman's body. Her eyes were empty and there was only anger there.

"Then die! If you never loved me, then Death is the only way for a useless man like you!" Stella said.

"Argh!! Stella… it hurts!" Hector tried to rebel, but to no avail since at this time, the strength of the woman was stronger than anyone.

"I love you…" the woman said. Her voice was weak and full of tears. "I love you so much that I would die if I thought you left. But now, I will make you go away forever."

"Stella... I am sorry! Arghh!!!" The woman took the sword Hector was holding, and then she quickly removed her hand from Hector's neck, causing the man to fall helplessly.

Auristella walked slowly then looked at Hector's face one last time.

"You can't kill me, Stella! I will make you fall in love with me. Fall in love over and over again! Even if I die this time, I will live again and make you fall in love again!!"

"Even if you are reincarnated hundreds of times, then I will still kill you again and again. Then I assure you, I will never fall in love with you! Remember that carefully, Hector Giovanni!" Auristella vowed, then with one slash the man's head had rolled to the ground. Blood flowed profusely to the woman's body.

[200 years later]

That morning, a beautiful woman with a busy schedule had to sigh tiredly. Her light brown eyes made her even more beautiful when exposed to the sun.

Today, he had to visit a place that was under construction.

"Mrs. Auristella, these are the names of the workers who will be responsible for the construction in the next 6 months. I have made sure they are trustworthy people."

"Are you sure Bella? You always say that people in this world can be trusted, but in the end, they will still betray. It is so disgusting!"

"Madam, don't be like that. There is nothing wrong with us staying positive. After all, these people only work to survive." Bella smiled so sweetly. She was the only person who could get close to the Alpha. She was also the Beta who had taken care of Pack Cavendish all this time.

"You always say stupid things. Get all the workers lined up right now. I want to see with my own eyes that they are not disgusting people." Stella returned the file to Bella.

Bella just nodded and started to leave. She approached the leader in charge of the construction project this time.

Auristella really hoped that the construction project this time would go well without a hitch because the building they would be working on was a greenhouse which would later become the largest flower garden in the country. And moreover, 6 months later to coincide with the death of his father and mother. 200 years ago, was the bloody tragedy she wanted to forget. But still, she couldn't. Because in the end, all these memories still make her hurt.

Right in the middle of this Garden were the graves of her father and mother. Auristella was eager to provide a comfortable atmosphere for her parents.

"Madam, here are 30 workers who will be in charge for the next 6 months." Bella's voice made her look at some of the workers in front of her.

Bella did hire the best Architects in the country and their workers.

"Good afternoon, Madam. I am David. I am the architect as well as the leader who will run the greenhouse and flower garden in the future. I am glad to have been selected for such an extraordinary project. Wish me the best of luck." the man said.

"You really have to give the best results in this project. I don't like failure. Besides, I don't like being betrayed. Please tell your workers, don't even touch the graves of my father and mother. You guys are working to make the graveyard into a beautiful greenhouse, so I hope you understand this!" Stella said firmly. The woman looked at one by one the male workers who only bowed respectfully.

But her eyes looked at the man with jet black hair, tall, muscular, grubby, and pitiful. But somehow, there was a difference from the man. His handsome yet unkempt face brought discomfort to Stella's heart.

"You? What is your name?" Stella immediately asked without further ado. She pointed with her finger quite haughtily.

David immediately looked at his designated worker.

"Ahh... His name..."

"I didn't ask you! I asked the man! Don't cut me off!" Stella spoke harshly.

"Answer!" Once again, Stella said to the man who bothered her quite a bit.

"I am Xavier, Madam..." His hoarse voice and eyes that could drown out, instantly made Stella gasp. Her heartbeat seemed to be about to explode. The woman was even holding her chest because she felt uncomfortable.

[What is this? What is this feeling? Why do I feel weak?] Stella thought uncomfortably.

"Sorry, Madam, does his big body make you uncomfortable? He is a new hire. He is only 25 and he's been great so far. Do you want me to replace him?" David asked in a timid voice.

"No need." Stella continued after she tried to sign and calm the strange heart.

"You guys go. I am done talking." Stella added.

"Yes. Ma'am," They all just left. Bella who saw something strange, of course, tried to help the Madam to sit on the bench.

"What's the matter, Madam... You look weird." Bella said.

"That man, don't you feel anything bad about him?"

"What do you mean?" Bella didn't understand.

"I was a little weak when I looked into his eyes. He seemed to absorb all my strength. Do you feel the great energy from him?"

"No, if that man is dangerous, I would have sensed him first. He looks like a very useless weak man. Why does Madam feel like that? Is it …" Bella didn't dare to say anything about the possibility of the man as Hector's reincarnation.

"You are saying he is Hector's Reincarnation? No way! If he was, I would have known sooner. After I killed his last reincarnation 30 years ago, I really haven't found him yet nor smell his presence." Stella held her forehead which was suddenly dizzy.

She wasn't usually like this. For the first time, a strong body could be weak just because of a stupid man's gaze!

"Bella, can you bring me some peach potion? It looks like I need something fresh." Stella asked.

"Let's just go home."

"No, just give me the potion. I will have to see how those guys work first."

"Okay, I will go to the car park and get the potion. Don't go anywhere, just wait here." Bella immediately walked away, leaving the Madame who could only sigh tiredly.

Stella tried to close her eyes while sitting. She felt like enjoying the breeze for a while that day.

"Excuse me, Ma'am ..." the male voice that had been bothering him for a long time now sounded again.

Stella opened her eyes and now could see the man up close. The tall and big man's body blocked the sunlight that had hit Stella's face.

"What!?" Stella asked sarcastically.

"Here, I have brought green tea for lunch. If madam doesn't mind, take it. You look tired. Green tea can make you feel better." Xavier said softly. Even the shabby man smiled sincerely at Stella.

"Tch! Do you think I want to drink that trashy drink!?"

"Ahhh… I am sorry. I forgot that you are not used to getting simple drinks like this. But I am sure, this drink is very good. Try it ..." Xavier's eyes just knocked out Stella's arrogance.

Somehow, the arrogant Alpha immediately snatched the bottle containing the green tea roughly from Xavier's hand.

"If this tea doesn't taste good, I will get you in trouble!" Stella said with an angry face.

But Xavier just smiled and nodded. The man was like an angel who came down from the sky. Stella almost choked on her own saliva from being so hypnotized by the look in the man's eyes. Suddenly, her heart was about to explode, her head dizzy, her body hot, and the strange feeling that couldn't be expressed in words.

Stella was confused. Why did she want to open the bottle cap? Then drink the contents slowly.

When the taste of green tea roamed her tongue, that was when there was a warmth rushing through her throat.

[It tastes like… Since when has green tea tasted this sweet?] Stela who lived for almost 250 years had never tasted green tea like this.

"How does it taste, Madam?" Xavier asked.

"It is okay! It's no different from the tea I often drink! Tsk! What a waste of time, go away! You are interrupting my time!" Stella said so but was still holding the bottle of tea.

"Very well, Madam. I will excuse you then. I hope you are well." Xavier immediately left. He didn't even ask for the bottle that Stella was still holding.

Stella who saw this could only be silent for a moment, the man had a strange aura.


Auristella Cavendish, a 250-year-old woman, was the Alpha of Pack Cavendish.

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