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Hidden Marriage With Young Master Feng

Hidden Marriage With Young Master Feng

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Author: Fruit Shop's Bottle


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On the day of the broken engagement, she read his fortune—


And so, it turned out to be a disaster.

He, impressive in uniform and commanding respect, became her immediate boss because of this "disaster."

A broken engagement storm, a hidden marriage journey, a quest to win back his wife.

He treasured her as the apple of his eye, yet she avoided him like a devastating flood or ferocious beast.

Facts proved—

If this person, this feeling, belongs to you, then—you simply can't escape it!

Chu Liangxia could never have imagined, after all the twists and turns, that she would still end up marrying him.

A contract, a marriage certificate, and a handsome but dark-hearted man from then on, Chu Liangxia began her life of covert marriage.

The contract was as follows:

First, post-marriage life, no interference with each other.

Second, in front of relatives and friends, keep up appearances when necessary;

Third, during cohabitation, provide mutual assistance and prioritize harmony;

Fourth, ...

This contract emphasized fairness and justice, absolutely rational, and mutually beneficial.

Chu Liangxia was very satisfied.


Not long after the marriage, Chu Liangxia tragically discovered that she had been tricked!

Where was that dignified and stern young master from before? How did he turn into a shameless beast in gentleman's clothing?!

Damn, where's the face?!


Life before marriage—

Work diligently;

Matchmake attentively;

Swindle enthusiastically.

Life after marriage—

Fiercely deal with troublemakers;

Outwit mistresses;

Bravely confront the lord of the house!

And so—

Chu Liangxia exploded!

"I want a divorce!"

Slamming the table hard, Chu Liangxia brandished her Peach Blossom Sword, pointing it right under the man's chin.

Feng Ziheng's face darkened as he smashed a contract onto her face, "Dare to divorce, and I'll break your legs!"


One on one, warm romance fiction, half in the entertainment circle, focused on a warm and humorous love story, come and dive in.

PS: The setting of this story is purely fictitious, please don't scrutinize it.

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