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Hide And Cultivate In The East Palace, Only To Find The Prince Is A Girl Hide And Cultivate In The East Palace, Only To Find The Prince Is A Girl

Hide And Cultivate In The East Palace, Only To Find The Prince Is A Girl

Author: Mechanical Claw

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Chapter 1: Fifteen Years

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the back hall of the East Palace.

The first camp of imperial guards guarded various vital points vigilantly.

Pairs of tiger-like eyes flickered with a cold light, and they were as sharp as swords. They were iron-blooded, ferocious, and had a powerful aura. They were different from ordinary imperial guards, and even the armor on their bodies was the same.

In the black armor, there was a flood dragon on the chest. The sword hanging at the waist was as black as ink. There was a hole at the hilt, like the mouth of a flood dragon. It was commonly called the flood dragon armor and the flood dragon sword. They were also the most elite army of Great Xia—the Flood Dragon Guard.

There were a hundred people in the first camp led by a military general.

As for their general, he was standing in the corner with a lazy gaze, as if he was slacking off at work to pass the time.

He was still very young and looked to be only 15 years old.

His name was Zhang Ronghua, and he was a transmigrator.

He had transmigrated to the Great Xia Empire 15 years ago. His father was a veteran of the Flood Dragon Guard, and his mother was the daughter of a large family. His family background could only be said to be medium-sized and could not compare to those official families.

Ever since he was a baby, his cheat had been active. It was simple and crude. Every day he lived, his cultivation talent would increase by a little. Now that 15 years had passed, his talent had already reached 5,475 points.

No matter what cultivation method he cultivated, he could master it at a glance. He could cultivate it to perfection in a night, no matter how difficult the cultivation method was.

After 15 years of cultivation, he had broken through from the first level of the Postnatal Realm to the first level of the Celestial Realm.

The cultivation realm was divided into the Postnatal Realm, the Connate Realm, the Grandmaster Realm, the Great Grandmaster Realm, and the Celestial Realm. Every realm was divided into ten levels.

Three years ago.

His father's injuries had relapsed when he was young. Although he had been healed, the doctor had said not to use force if possible. Once he used force, it would exacerbate the recurrence of his old injuries, so he could only unleash 70-80% of his strength.

Helpless, he spent some money to pull some strings and got Zhang Ronghua to replace his position in the Flood Dragon Guard.

After working for the Flood Dragon Guard for a year, the previous military general was unlucky and was killed when a demon wreaked havoc in the capital.

The rules of the Flood Dragon Guard were very simple. The strong were above, and the mediocre were below.

If Zhang Ronghua wanted to slack off better, he had to have power in his hands. This way, others could not command him. He could only arrange for others and use the patrol to slack off openly.

Coupled with the fact that the treatment of a military general was quite good and could even enter the Flood Dragon Guard Armory to cultivate higher-level martial arts, he defeated his competitors and sat in this position.

The setting sun was infinitely red, but the speed at which it fell was too slow. The sunset dyed the sky red, reflecting a beautiful scene.

"Sigh! If only I could control this little Golden Crow and let it get off work quickly. It would be worth it." Zhang Ronghua sighed in his mind.

After staying here for nearly an hour, he had to pretend that he was working and not let others find fault with him.

With a cold and expressionless face, the Flood Dragon Boots stepped on the golden-patterned bricks, emitting clanking sounds.

Hearing the commotion, the nearby Flood Dragon Guards were all smart. After interacting with him for two years, they had all figured out this general's temper. Once he patrolled, he would deliberately cause a commotion.

All of them puffed out their chests, their gazes sharp, and they were unprecedentedly energetic.

"Good." Zhang Ronghua nodded in satisfaction.

It was as if the superior was patrolling his backyard and walking around the back hall.

As for the front and middle halls, there was also a general leading a camp of Flood Dragon Guards.

Outside the East Palace, there were still two camps of Flood Dragon Guards. The five camps were made of 500 people led by the Sima as their commander.

The back hall was huge and the scenery was beautiful.

However, they were not as beautiful as the palace maids. Every palace maid was comparable to an A-list celebrity. They wore tube tops and low skirts, exposing their arms and calves to the air.

He walked around.

It was time to leave. After the shift was over, Zhang Ronghua changed into a blue robe in the dormitory. He casually tied his long hair with a thin rope.

He left the East Palace through the back door.

Under normal circumstances, he would not stay in the East Palace because there were many things to do.

He had a home in the capital. His father had been a Flood Dragon Guard for his entire life and had taken a lot of rebates. Coupled with some unspecified income and a gift from his grandfather's family, he bought a courtyard in the bustling area of the capital.

When he arrived at the Marriage Bridge, it was close to the 15th. The moon was very round tonight. Under the moonlight, the river water was sparkling and rippled with a layer of silver light. A night wind blew, and Zhang Ronghua felt a cold murderous aura in the air.

He stopped.

"Clear Spirit Eyes."

This was a pupil-type secret technique. Three years ago, he had obtained it after killing a demon and cultivated it to the Technique Close to the Dao Realm.

Martial techniques were divided into six realms: Beginner Realm, Small Accomplishment Realm, Impeccable Realm, Transcendent Realm, Returning to the Origin, and Technique Close to the Dao.

When mastered, he could see through illusions and point to the origin.

Looking in the direction of the source of the murderous aura, it was dense and solid in the courtyard a hundred meters away. It formed a huge dark cloud above the courtyard.

"I found it." Zhang Ronghua walked over.

In the courtyard.

An old man was wearing a black robe. From head to toe, only his eyes were revealed. His name was Old Ghost, and he was from the Earth Fiend Organization.

Three steps away from him stood a middle-aged man wearing a night suit to hide his true appearance.

"Put away the murderous aura on your body. If it attracts the patrolling army, we won't have a good time!" The middle-aged man was unhappy.

"You're too timid," Old Ghost mocked.

He looked around in disdain. It was pitch-black. This place was so remote. Not to mention a person, there was not even a shadow in sight.

"Not to mention that I wasn't discovered, so what if I was found by the patrolling army? I can casually kill some mere mortals!"

Out of caution, he still put away the murderous aura that was revealed.

On the eaves.

Zhang Ronghua sat down and took out a banana from his bosom. This was taken from the East Palace when he was on duty. He peeled it and ate it. He looked at them with interest and was not in a hurry to attack. He had to figure out what they were up to first.

"I want you to do something," the middle-aged man said.


"Spread the rumors that the Crown Prince is a woman and let this matter spread throughout the capital in three days."

"He's the Crown Prince, the heir to Great Xia. Once we accept this deal, there's no place for the Earth Fiend in the entire Great Xia."

"A Heaven-rank pill!"

"The difference between having a full meal or having full meals everyday. I believe you understand which is more important."


Seeing that Old Ghost still wanted to increase the price, the middle-aged man swung his sleeve and sneered, "Don't push your luck! This is the bottom line. If your Earth Fiend doesn't take this job, I believe the Netherworld will be very happy to do so."

"You're too anxious. Just as I was about to agree, you put on an expression. However, you have to pay the deposit first. After the matter is settled, give me the other Heaven-rank pill," Old Ghost said.

"Alright." The middle-aged man took out a jade bottle and threw it over.

Just as Old Ghost was about to receive it, a huge suction force came from afar and took away this Heaven-rank pill.

Zhang Ronghua played with the jade bottle in his hand and opened the stopper. The dense medicinal fragrance materialized, and a phenomenon appeared. He closed the stopper and put it in his arms. He met their gazes, "There's more?"

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