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18.34% Hired by the Grim Reaper / Chapter 20: Anti-fans everywhere

Chapter 20: Anti-fans everywhere

Just when the dust was settling around the controversial video of Sun Young-mi, a new post came up on Koka and began to gain traction because of the anti-fans who were spreading the link to it everywhere.

On a one hour old account, Ji-ho read the following text.

*Sun Young-mi deserves what she's getting. I'm an ex-trainee from company Y and I have so much dirt on 'Jessica' it'll put to shame everything she's done so far. To prove my claim, here's a pic of us when she was still at company Y. DM me to negotiate. I have pics/videos/stories/more.*

Uploaded with it was a picture of two young girls. One of them was obviously Jessica while the other one was smeared out with black pixels and nothing could be seen of her.

~ Not again.

~ More drama! Is it my birthday today??

~ what are they negotiating? I'm confused.

Only the anti-fans knew what was being negotiated, information and media about Jessica. Photos, videos, rumours, anything they could think of. Their goal was to bury Sun Young-mi 6 feet deep under controversy. A private chat was already being formed and it was led by the person who had released the picture. They went by the handle @DestroyJessica.

~ @Young.mi I'm worried for you

~ How can someone be so malicious? At this point, they're just going out of their way to malign Sun Young-mi.

~ Stop bullying Young-mi!

She was getting tagged so much that Ji-ho had to make a post addressing the worried fans.

*While the truth is still wearing its shoes, the lie will have already travelled around the world once. Be wary of the stories you hear about me online. I'll be more than willing to give you my perspective on the rumours that will no doubt start circulating about me. You know who to tag when you see something malicious spreading. Thank you.*

Ji-ho muted her notifications after posting it. She would be under fire and heavy pressure during the next few weeks but Ji-ho wasn't afraid. When she would emerge victorious from this war, there would be hell to pay for the anti-fans and her enemies who were working so hard to destroy her.


For a few days, there was no movement from the anti-fans save for the same stories about her getting regurgitated. Ji-ho had a busy schedule during this time. Her live sessions continued every day when she wasn't at S.S. meeting and working with the staff assigned to project Phoenix. Lee Tae-Hyun had named it so because he likened Sun Young-mi to a bird that had been turned into ashes but was reincarnated like a Phoenix. He had no idea how close he really was to the truth about Sun Young-mi's incarnation.

Aside from work, Ji-ho kept herself abreast of the news about the murder. Seung-ho had been cleared of the suspicions against him because there was virtually no evidence of wrongdoing aside from that short clip where he was seen talking to Diana Lee.

Ji-ho had been relieved to know about it. Maybe she couldn't be considered a friend to Seung-ho but he had been kind to her despite his lofty status as the prince of the silver screen. From her experience with celebrities, Ji-ho was starting to realise that most of them were too self-absorbed and narcissistic to empathise with small fry like her. It was all the more reason to like him as a person. The same went for Aera and Tae-Hyun who could have chosen to not support her when she was getting attacked by anti-fans.


*Dear anti-fans of Jessica, I'm proud of you. All of you! We've worked so hard to unearth the ugly truth that 'Sun Young-mi' wanted to hide from the public. Some of you must be wondering why we're going out of our way to ruin her none existent career. Well, we just don't like Jessica. And there are several reasons why. For starters, she's a liar!*

A screenshot of a message from Jessica was uploaded and dated one year ago. "I told them I had a stomach ache so I could go on a date with you know who. Hehe! Thanks for covering for me!"

*Want to see more?*

Another image showed Jessica posing with an empty bottle of alcohol.

*And there's more.*

The third image was a short clip of Jessica cursing and shouting abuse at the person holding the camera.

*If you're hungry for even more, join us. Send me a dm and I'll add you to our group. Disclaimer: This is a pay to enter community because we don't want fans to infiltrate and cause problems for us.*

The attacks had begun. Ji-ho was tagged by all her fans and she responded to the accusations in great detail.

*Yes I did lie that day. The anti-fans want you to believe that I lied to skip practise hours but that's not true. Luckily for me, I've been using the same phone for three years since I've been broke all this time. I spent hours scrolling through my messages and I found the rest of it. I've taken a few screenshots for my fans.*

Several images showed the real picture of the conversation. With context, the fans understood that Jessica had bunked the mandatory daily cleaning duty that was forced on the trainees. It was a shocking revelation to the netizens that company Y was forcing its trainees into doing chores.

*As for the empty liquor bottle I was holding, go look at the price for buying one. I was fourteen years old and I thought I was cool for posing with a bottle of alcohol that the bosses were drinking. Do you really think I could have afforded to buy such an expensive drink when I didn't even have money for noodles?*

~ Omg it's 400000 won for 500 ml!!

~ Why is it so expensive?!

~ Go Sun Young-mi!

*The video of me cursing is embarrassing. I just want to let you all know that I was recording myself so there wasn't a cameraman/woman that I was abusing. Your claims are funny. Don't you see how steady the video is? It was mounted on a tripod while I acted out the lines from an old drama called Highschool Queen.*

Sun Young-mi's counterattack was backed up by proof. The anti-fans could not refute her explanations. Still, it was a given that haters would blindly hate. They continued to malign her with even greater vigour. Her fans couldn't understand why they hated Sun Young-mi so much. It was simple. Bitter people liked hating and making other people miserable. They were the initial anti-fans but their numbers soared when they were joined by the jealous fans of the three men whose names had been linked to Young-mi. Now it was just a massive group of haters, jealous netizens, drama enthusiasts, and a secret group of people who were plotting against Young-mi's burgeoning career.

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