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His Contractual Mistress His Contractual Mistress original

His Contractual Mistress

Author: Elise_Elleneth

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Chapter 1: He's Back?

Glittering city lights before her eyes, Hailey took light steps on the glass staircase of this luxurious penthouse she had been living in for a few months now. 

From the soft light laid in the living room, it was enough to see through the thin fabric hugging her body, which proudly displayed her skin, exposing more of her front. 

The strap of her nightgown hanging on her shoulders only shows the creamy-white skin tone she had from the night light, in which under the sunlight, her skin even illuminates how fair and smooth they are.

When she started living in this city, she noticed how everyone looked envious of her color. 

Anyway, people should be as she spent a fortune to use the best skincare products and invested time to take care of her body, which is why she was thankful she isn't sensitive or allergic to most products she tries on. 

She could use any brand, but she loved a particular one. 

Well, that does not matter at the moment. She has been doing paperwork, and her back is now killing her. 

Hailey did a quick stretch as she swept her gaze to the entire living room. All of a sudden, she felt a bit lonely. But once her eyes fixated on the beautiful scenery before her, it eased up a little, and a smile formed on her lips. 

She appreciates the forge illumination of those fake stars surrounding this high-rise residential building from hundreds of tall skyscrapers occupied by wealthy families worldwide in this city. 

Since Metro City became the capital of the country, it rapidly gained its reputation as the Central Business Capital in Southeast Asia—where International Headquarters appeared—and more exciting things are happening every day in High Society. 

As it became the center field of thousands of companies, it also meant that socialites hunted down hundreds of executives, both prominent and ordinary citizens, dreaming of being the lucky ones. So, associated with this are rumors everywhere.

Upon having discernment, Hailey lightly shook her head with grace as she retracted her gaze from those gleaming lights and focused on her steps on the stairs. 

She aimed to head to the kitchen as she felt thirsty from doing all the school paperwork for this semester. Arriving at the counter, Hailey picked up a clean glass and walked toward the water dispenser to fetch herself some water.

When she was about to take a big gulp, the front door of the penthouse was pushed open. 

Hailey was frozen on the floor, and the glass close to her mouth was hanging in the air. Suddenly, her heart pounds loudly as her chest fills with anticipation.

Only one person owns a key card to this penthouse.

'He's back!?' 

With this thought, Hailey desired to run toward the bathroom, but it was too late already. He would see her if ever she moved a muscle to hide. 

Moreover, it was as if her feet were nailed to the floor to take another step. With a loud thud in her chest, Hailey listens to the rolling wheels of the suitcase.

Remained unmoved to where she stood, she waited to see his handsome but expressionless plastering on his face.

As she gripped the glass in her right hand, Hailey pursed her lips into a smile and greeted the man. 

"You're back..."

Supposedly a warm welcome, but it was the only words formed in her mouth as she was still shocked by his sudden appearance. 

Nodding at her in response, he asked, "Couldn't you sleep yet?"

She knows it is just a simple question, but she finds it hard to answer. But before she flinched, she quickly responded to his query. 

"Ah, I just finished my paperwork. I will go to bed soon," she replied but closed her mouth almost immediately. She does not need to say more words. Then... 

She saw that!

He peeked in her direction. It was only a flash, but he indeed scanned her from the head down to her slipper. It was just a mere second, but he spared a look at her! And that gives her a chill down her spine.

Subconsciously, her left arm crossed on her waist, and her right hand rested above her chest. Then she observed him from the corner of her eyes.

He took off his coat and placed it on the armrest before he sat down on the sofa.

She was actually praying for him to climb the stairs. Instead of heading straight to his bedroom, he chose to stay in the living room and browse his phone!

Hailey bites her lower lip. She wondered what made him come back this early. Besides, he went straight to the penthouse instead of going home to his family.

Thinking about that, she shook her head. Heaving a silent sigh, she gathers the courage to ask him. "Have you eaten dinner?"

"Yes. I have eaten already."

"I see." He must have eaten on the plane. She murmured into her head.

Now that she was out of words, she wanted to run toward her bedroom. But he faced the staircase, and Hailey found it hard to walk past him.

Well, it's not that she was afraid of him; she only felt slightly uncomfortable around him because her chest would flutter crazily. 

Forgetting that she was holding a full glass of water, her hand carelessly poured the contents onto her chest.

'Oh, shit!' Instantly, she suppresses her scream from shock, but her gasps are loud enough for him to hear.

Lifting his chin and glancing in her direction, he asked "What's wrong?"

His sexy voice broke the silence in the living room, which fueled her nervousness.

Breathing in, she responded, "It's nothing. I was just startled, and I almost dropped the glass."

Her poor excuse but the truth is, she was helplessly staring at her soaking nightgown.

It's not just somewhere, but right there in her chest. Gladly, her nightgown is black, and her chest wouldn't be much noticeable.

Hailey is biting hard on her bottom lip, and now it turns red from the pressure. 

What is she going to do now? There's no way she will march before him, exposing her drenched nightgown!

What would Vince think? That she was seducing him?

But she would not startle like this if he at least announced his arrival hours beforehand! However, it's not her right to demand it from him, and it's in their contract. 

Besides, he said he would be gone for a whole week. It's just the fourth day since he left the country for an emergency business trip. 

'Why did he come back so soon, anyway?' Hailey mumbled inwardly.

She could not stop complaining to herself. Of course, she was happy when Vince was often out of town for meetings and out of the country on business trips. Even if that is a personal trip, she doesn't care because it is her chance to breathe and feel the freedom that no shadow of his would suddenly appear at the door.

Yes. She couldn't care less about what she wore during those times without him around. 

And for tonight? She only wears a thin nightgown whose length is just below her bottom.

Vince would see her ass and black lingerie if she climbed the stairs. 

Elise_Elleneth Elise_Elleneth

Hello! Welcome, everyone!

Author Elise here, thank you for giving a try to read this light novel. Please bear the grammatical errors. English is only my third language and I don't have a proofreader and editor, mistakes would be there and here, everywhere! Yay! (covers face)

Hope you will like it! Please feel free to comment, vote, rate, and leave a review (shy).

Thanks in advance! Happy Reading!

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