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15.81% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 34: Her name used to be Kresira

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Chapter 34: Her name used to be Kresira

In the higher realm, a withering woman is looking out of the window. Silver strands of hair have appeared on her head. Her skin is yellow and patchy. Her vision is getting blurry. She barely talks or eats. It's like she is waiting for death.

Amadeus Mirin looks at her with worry. "Renasir Mayaeira."

"Did you find the new Renasir?" She doesn't even bother to look at him. She is more than two thousand years old. He is only a few hundred years old. Like many men of this realm, this man has always admired her from far away. But, his eyes always stirred her heart. Still, she could never accept his feelings. She wonders what he thinks when he is watching her becoming old like this. Is he finally realizing how old she is?

It doesn't matter. She knows that death is finally here to take her away. After such a long life, she will be free from this life.

"No, Renasir." Amadeus creases his brows. "However, I heard something interesting. Master Sepher is back from the lower realm. He has picked up three students this time."

"I see." She leans on the window. "I had no idea that the lower realm could produce that much."

"That's not the main news." Amadeus purses his lips. She is going to be angry. "He is sure that there was a Mirin among the contestant."

"A Mirin?" She finally looks at him. Amadeus notices that her eyes are becoming darker by shade. She is still beautiful like this. "Is he sure?"

"Yes, he is. He tested her." Amadeus takes a deep breath. "I checked and found out that there is no fourteen years old girl who is in the lower realm. Her name is also strange."

"What is her name?" Renasir Mayaeira has a bad feeling in her heart. She hides her uneasiness. Is this girl the new Renasir? They have checked all the Mirins. No one has shown the signs.

"Kresi Dunebard," Amadeus replies in a low voice. "She is adopted by a divorced woman from the lower realm. She also has an adopted brother. Her origins are mysterious. I talked to Master Sepher. He told me that she disappeared during the competition. Her whereabouts are currently unknown."

Renasir Mayaeira puckers her brows. That child should keep a low profile. She has warned her to never make appear before another one from the upper realms. Since it has happened, it can't be helped. That child has freed the Dark God and murdered the high queen of Aredes herself. It's inevitable that the child and the chosen one would come across each other someday.

Why is she still alive if that child has freed the dark god? Has she been wrong about that child's abilities? Did she abandon her before that child could show her true abilities? It seems like the child is rather doing well after freeing a god. That only means one thing.

"Her name used to be Kresira."

Before that child changed it to Kresi.

"Renasir, you know her?" Amadeus asks her. He wonders who will give that name to a Mirin.

"Yes, she is my daughter." The Renasir closes her eyes.

"Your daughter?" Amadeus has a complicated feeling in his heart. He has never known that this woman has a daughter. But then, he knows nothing about her.

"Then, could she be the next Renasir?"

"No." If that girl was the new Renasir, she would have died a long time ago. "Go to the lower realm and cancel the adoption. I will acknowledge her as my daughter."

Amadeus accepts her command with a bow. Kresi Mirin. He is interested to know more about that child. Why would she give such a name to her own daughter? What did she mean when she said that the child's name used to be Kreseira? No one can change the name given by a Renasir.


"Ladies and gentleman." Iver looks their expectant faces. A fourteen years old Mirin who is excited about an adventure and not understanding the dangers of the Cursed Sea. A Seer without a spirit who looks like she wants to run back on her heels. A spirit beast who is staring at him intensely for god knows why. A thirteen years old boy who has the intelligence of five years old and pouting at his older sister.

How is he going to guide them to the middle realm? This is a disaster. None of them is serious. Iver wonders if he should rethink about his life. He might never make it out alive with these kids. He has already given his things to Pablo and Belle. If he doesn't make it back alive within a year, they could keep it. The pair had cried their eyes out when they heard his will. But, they were happier to get away from Mogrok's clutches.

"Basically, if you see a soulless creature, you should run. If you see a corrupted beast, you should run. Don't wander around. Don't be curious. Don't look at anything. Just follow me quietly. If you behave, we can make it to the middle realm in a month."

"I thought that we were going to explore the Cursed Realm." Kresi has come up with a new name for the Cursed Sea. It's not technically a Sea anyway. "You told me that I could find power there."

"Yes, I will take you to that place." Iver sighs. This girl knows no fear. "But, we are talking about the Cursed Sea. It doesn't matter what you call it. It's a worse place on Iravan. If any of you become corrupted or get eaten by one, I would abandon you right away. I am not taking any chance in there."

"Aish!" Deia squats on the ground and wails. "I am scared. I keep seeing those creatures. I see them chasing us around. I don't want to go."

Iver gulps when he hears Deia's words. He repeats for the 100th time. "That's why I hate Seers."

"You can go back home if you are afraid to come with us." Kresi pats her head in the same way she pats Mogrok's and Kyo's head. Both spirit beast and the boy look at her as if she has betrayed them. Now, they have to share her affection with the Seer too. Next, it will be Iver.

Deia actually finds it calming when Kresi pats her head. She looks up with a resolution. "If you are going, I will follow you."

"That's more like it." Kresi nods at her.

"Sister, don't pat her." Kyo can't hold it anymore. He has been trying to act like an adult, but it is impossible to do it if she does that to other people. "You can only pat me."

"And me." The jealous Mogrok is not doing anything better. "Master, Seers are bad. This broken sorcerer is also bad. You should rely on me only. I will eat anything that tries to harm you."

Deia and Iver are speechless.

"Mogrok, you can't always eat your problems. It might give you a bad stomach." Kresi shakes her head sternly. She looks at Kyo and smiles lovingly. "Kyo, be a good boy. I will pat you a lot later."

"And kisses." The boy will never forget about the kisses.

Deia is used to it by now, but Iver looks at the Mirin girl strangely. "Is he really your brother?"

"He is adopted." Kresi makes a face. "He is pure. Don't take strange meanings to his words."

Iver decides not to care. It's not his problem anyway. The boy is mentally handicapped.

He brings out the space rings. These rings can store any non-living items. He has filled it with the necessary things like food and weapons. "Kresi, your ring has both weapons and books. When we are travelling, finish reading ten books every day."

"Ten books?" She raises her brow. "How thick are they?"

"When you use this ring, imagine your hands going inside and pulling out the item. It will come out on its own." Iver ignores her and moves to the next person. "Seer, don't misuse this. Don't speak about the future. Keep your visions to yourself."

Deia glares at him. "I could prevent a disaster."

"Or invite one." He walks to Kyo. He doesn't think that he should give this invaluable ring to this boy, but Kresi might protest if he doesn't. The boy might be useful in some situations too. He never knows. "Try to act like a man."

Kyo takes the ring. He looks at his sister as he thought of something. He runs to her side and takes her hand. "Sister."

"Yes, Kyo?" Kresi wonders if he doesn't know how to wear a ring. "Do you need help with the ring?"

Kyo puts the space ring on his sister's left ring finger. "I take you as my bride."

Deia can't help but squeal, "He is so cute. My sister and I also did fake weddings with my childhood friends."

Iver covers his face and mumbles to himself, "I didn't mean this when I told you to become a man."

Mogrok opens his mouth and closes it. This God will regret saying this.

"I can't become your bride." Kresi chuckles. Where did this boy getting these ideas? "Where did you hear about this?"

"I heard it from him." Kyo points at Mogrok.

"Oh." The vein on her forehead throbs with anger. "Mogrok, you are teaching him these strange things."

"That was a long time ago." Mogrok steps back in fear. He has done it a long time ago. Back in the capital, he once joked about a certain human wedding customs for in front of Kyo. His master was away at that time. Kyo didn't understand much or cared about it back then. After Deia explained to him what marriage is, Kyo must have connected the dot. Who knew that Kyo has a remarkable memory? Mogrok keeps forgetting that he is a God.

"Sister, please become my bride." Kyo shows his finger to his sister. "Please put that ring on my finger. I want to get married to you."

"No." Kresi wants to scold him, but her voice becomes softer when she sees his watery eyes. Kyo's lips tremble. He looks like he is about to cry. He sits down on the ground and grabs her leg.

"Sister, if you don't marry me, I will become a bad boy."

"Kyo." Kresi also looks like she will cry tears of frustration. "I can't become your bride."

Mogrok doesn't know what to say. Somehow, he is the cause. But, he is afraid that the Dark God would wake up if he opposes this. What should he do?

"Boy, you can't get married this way. I lied." Mogrok tries to save his master.

"You are lying." Big drops of tears roll down on Kyo's cheek. "You are bad, Mogrok."

"..." Mogrok wants to slam his head. Why does he feel guilty? This boy is the Dark God.

Iver has a headache now. This is crazy. "For Eshyal's sake, put that damn ring on his finger. So, that we can move now."

"Yeah, he is just a child." Deia can't help but feel bad for Kyo. He is really a child mentally. "It's not a real wedding anyway."

"Master, I don't think-" Mogrok wants to warn his master, but Kyo starts bawling loudly.

"Fine." Kresi puts the ring on his finger. "There, happy?"

"You didn't say it." Kyo blinks his tears. "Sister, you don't know how to do it properly. You have to say that you take me as your husband."

"I take you as my husband," Kresi tells him nonchalantly. "Satisfied? After we reach the middle realm, you and I need to have a talk about adulting. I am sure that you will laugh at this type of wedding when you grow up."

Kyo kisses her on her lips suddenly. "Now, we are married."


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