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7.56% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 16: How to find a spirit? (2)

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Chapter 16: How to find a spirit? (2)

What do you do when a stranger says cliche romantic things to you? I would have liked it better if it was a guy who said those things to me.

I agree with Mogrok on his one. This girl is weird. She is a gorgeous girl, but something is wrong with her head. She is saying that she has been waiting for me and she wants to become my friend. I have never seen her before. I wouldn't forget someone like her if I had met her before.

"I can speak the language of the spirits. I can also see the future." The blonde girl chins up proudly.

"She's weird, Master." Mogrok clicks his tongue. "The seers are trouble. You should reject her friendship and stay away from her."

The official on the stage clears his throat to draw attention. "We will start now."

A girl with blonde hair is standing on the stage. She looks similar to the girl who is sitting near my feet and holding on to my hand tightly. Kyo is glaring at the girl, but this girl isn't budging.

"You can stand now." I can feel people's eyes on us. This is awkward. "Look, I don't know you. I am not sure if I can accept your friendship."

The girl clutches on my cloak with her other hand. "My name is Deia Parisa. I am seventeen years old. I am a Wahr. You know me now. Please...become my friend. You are my only hope." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I purse my lips. You call this introduction? Girl, you are acting suspiciously. "I won't lie to you. Please let go of me."

"Let go of her." Kyo squints his eyes. The girl trembles in fear. Her cheeks are wet. Her nose is leaking. It is not a pretty picture. I can see the desperation in her eyes.

"If you don't become my friend, I will kill myself here." The girl's voice is breaking. Still, she stubbornly holds on to me. I know about Kyo's effect on people. It must be hard for her to bear with it. I let out an exasperated sigh.

"Fine." I grab her wrist and pull her up. She is taller than me. "We are friends now."

"Thank you!" She hugs me tightly. "You are the light of my life. You are my savior. Thank you for coming into my life. Please never ever separate me from yourself."

"Master, even if she can speak the language of the spirits, I don't think that she is mentally stable."

Deia points at Mogrok with anger. "What kind of spirit beast are you? You have been calling me crazy for a while. I am not crazy. Now, I am your master's friend. Don't insult me now."

Mogrok shakes with laughter. "My master became your friend because you begged for her to become your friend. My master is a kind person. She is too good for people like you."

"Mogrok, quiet." I am having a headache. "Aizel is going to the stage now."

Aizel goes to the stage. The official starts the questions. Most of the questions are about recognizing the runes, spirits, and the telling about the spells. It is easy. Teacher Shyl waves in my direction.

"We have to go now," I tell Deia with a polite smile.

"I will wait for you. Do your best." She gives me a wink. She doesn't seem like a bad person. She is just a bit weird. I can't call her mentally unstable. However, it won't surprise me if she turns out to be one.

"Kresi, it is your turn next." Teacher Shyl rubs his hands. "Aizel has given three wrong answers. If he makes two more mistakes, he will be out. Our hopes are on you now."

"Okay." I sit with Kyo. He looks uneasy. He hates being stared at. But, he can't hide his natural aura. Gods are captivating to mortals. If I didn't have his core, I might have been acting like them too.

"Kyo, it's your turn after mine. Don't be nervous. Answer everything. If you don't know any answer, don't be afraid. If you know the answer, say it."

He is quite introverted. I am afraid that he might get stage fear.

"I will," Kyo replies in a low voice. "Elder sister, I want to go to the higher realm with you."

"We will go together." I grin at him. "You have a good memory. I am sure that you will do good."

"You will do well too." He looks at me tenderly and runs his fingers through my hair. Kyo is aloof and cold to the world. But, he is always like this to me. I need to open his world to other people. If he doesn't do it, he will become like me at this rate. I don't want him to live a shut-in life.

"Master, don't forget me. I want to go with you too." Mogrok plops down on his seat. "I know that you will do well. I am taking a nap now."

"Go ahead." Mogrok can sleep anywhere at any time.

"Kreshi, I am done." Aizel has answered six correct questions out of the ten. He will make it to the next round.

I pat on his shoulder. "You did well."

"I am relieved." Aizel takes a deep breath.

"Kresi Dunebard, come to the stage now." The official announces my name. All the eyes on me again. I am not a fan of attention either. It makes me anxious. To be honest, I am introvert. That's why I am worried about Kyo. If he turns out like how I was in my previous life, it would be a disaster. I don't want him to live his life stuck inside a house and being unable to open up to people.

"Good luck!" Aizel and Teacher Shyl wishes me. Teacher Hohan gives me a deep look. I shrug my shoulders. It's now or never. I can't let my previous life's issues to interfere with this life. I have changed. I am not a shut-in woman anymore. I am Kresi now. For Kyo, I have to do well. I have to show a confident image of him. I am going to become his ideal big sister.

I stand on the stone stage. The official leaves the stage. A short burly man comes to the stage. His bright green cloak is embroidered with purple flowers. He takes a thoughtful look. He doesn't have any question card.

He holds his hands behind his back and asks me, "Your name is Kresi Dunebard?"

"Yes." Did they change the examiner? "What is your name?"

I want to slap my forehead. Why did I ask his name? Why does it matter? He is an examiner. My anxiety is rising because of the stares.

"Lideon Sepher." He is not annoyed or surprised by my sudden question. "I am from the higher realm."

"Oh!" The higher realm's official is taking my test directly. Why did I ask? It would have been better if I didn't know. Alright, Kresi! This is just a test. What could go wrong if you didn't make it? You would be stuck in this realm forever. Kyo will go without you. His godly talents will be wasted in this realm. Everything can go wrong. It is this big sister's duty to raise him into a fine man.

"Your last name is really Dunebard?" Lideon Sepher keeps a poker face.

"Yes." I hate poker faces. "Mister Sepher, is this a question for this round? Did I get the first two questions correct?"

My questions get a laugh from the audience. I can see Teacher Hohan hanging his head low from the corner of my eyes. Teacher Shyl is fidgeting nervously.

"Yes, you are right." Lideon Sepher gives me a small smile. "This is the first round. If I ask any question, it is the part of the first round."

The audience stops laughing. I am dumbfounded. That's right. He can ask me anything here. I don't know what kind of game this man is playing. Anyway, I feel less anxious now. So, I have tackled down the two questions. Eight more to go.

"Is that your contracted spirit beast?" Lideon Sepher points at Mogrok who is sitting beside Kyo.

"Yes." Three questions are done.

"You are not lying, are you?" Corner of his curl up.

"I am not." I blink at him with surprise. "You can ask him."

Four questions are done.

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