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11.76% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 26: How to let him kiss? (3)

Read His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? - Chapter 26 online

Chapter 26: How to let him kiss? (3)

I pack our stuff in my bag. The coin key to Milegia is in my pocket. It is useless for me, but I have to make it look like I have stolen it and ran back home with Kyo and Mogrok. Teacher Shyl will come up with excuses. I am grateful for them to come up with these.

Where we are going? No idea.

"Sister, you didn't answer my question," Kyo utters in a whiny tone. "Will you kiss me at other places if I become a good boy?"

"Boy, let it go. I don't want to get beaten up again." Mogrok is still cantankerous about the punch. I didn't hit him because of Kyo. I hit him because he has been saying outlandish things. He is not the Dark God with a childlike mentality.

"Kyo, I will teach you how to being an adult after we leave this place." I give him a dangerous look. "You need to learn what not to say and what not to do."

"Sister, do you hate being kissed by me?" He wraps his arms around my waist. "Do you dislike it when I kiss you?"

I take a deep breath. It is not that I dislike it. It's like being kissed by an adorable child. He isn't physically a child. "Kyo, you are grown up now."

"I will become worse if you don't let me do it."

I am getting a headache. He is fixated on kisses. Why did I kiss his forehead? I shouldn't have given him the taste. Now, he wants it all the time.

Either get kissed by him or get killed by him... What kind of choice is this?

"Master, I think that you should send him away." Mogrok attempts to squeeze in between us. "He has evil desires now."


"Fine." I cup his face and stand up on my toes to give a peck on his forehead. "You will get one on each day. You can kiss me once every day. Only once, deal?"

Mogrok looks grumpy. I pick up my spirit beast. "You will get one too. Kiss me here." I point to my other cheek.

"Master, I love you." Mogrok lifts his head to kiss my cheek. But, nothing comes. Kyo is holding him away from my face with his one hand.

He glares at Mogrok. "Only I can do that."

"Master!" Mogrok struggles pitifully, but he can't free himself from Kyo's clutch.

"Kyo, what are you doing?" I can't deal with this. It is like I am raising two whiny kids. "Both of you are family to me. Mogrok gets what you get."

"Sister, I will become worse if he gets to do that."

"Kyo, you said that you will do whatever I want."

"Sister, you said that you will do everything that I want you to do if I become a good boy."

"You are not acting like a good boy right now."

"Sister is not doing what I want her to do right now."

Is he rebelling? what to do when a kid when he is rebelling against his guardian? I have never taken care of a kid before. I have taken care of a kitten when I was in elementary school.

I should have read some books on child psychology in my past life.

Someone knocks the door. I give up first and open the door. It is Deia. Why I am not surprised to see her anymore?

"Kresi, are you feeling well?" She is carrying a bag on her shoulder. I wonder if she is going somewhere.

"Yes." I cross my arms when she gets into the room and put her bag down. She raises her brow when she notices Kyo's and Mogrok's angry expressions.

"Did you two fight?" She asks in a kind tone.

"Seer, what are you doing here?" Mogrok narrows his eyes on her sceptically.

"You are leaving, right?" She turns around and beams at me. "I am coming with you." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I close the door. Did she see this in her vision? "I can't take you with me."

Deia has been prepared. She falls on her knees immediately and bows down. Her forehead and nose are touching the cold floor. Mogrok, Kyo, and I have the same flat expression.

Girl, do you have an ounce of dignity?

"Please let me come with you," Deia begs frantically. "If I don't go with you, I will never find my spirit. In all the futures that I have seen, I can meet my spirit only if I follow you."

Seers are really annoying.

"If I go back to my country, I have to marry a man whom I don't love." Deia's voice is cracking. Her tears wet the floor. "If I don't find my spirit, I will lead a life that I don't want. It is my dream to find my spirit and travel the realms."

I put my hands on my waist. "Coming with me is worse than marrying a man whom you don't love. You might end up killed or..." I glance at Mogrok who is about to burst from anger. "...eaten by a spirit beast who does not like you." He gives me thumbs up.

"I don't care." Deia presses down her face. "Meeting my spirit is important to me. I will live an incomplete life if I don't meet it. It is a life worse than death. A spirit is closer to the wahr more than anyone else in the world. You are a wahr too. Can't you understand my feelings?"

Uh... Mogrok is looking smugly at Kyo. Kyo is scowling back at Mogrok. Closer than anyone in the world? I am not so sure.

"You see futures, right?" I squat down in front of her. "Then, you must have seen something. Did you see that you will meet your spirit safely? Nothing happens to you if you follow me?"

"I have seen us meeting my spirit. I have seen you going to the higher realm." Deia peeks at me with her violet eyes. "I see multiple futures until decisions are made."

Multiple futures until decisions are made? If she is with me, I can keep eyes on Kyo's future. If the Dark God decides to kill me, I will know beforehand.

"Master, it is bad luck to keep a seer with you." Mogrok dashes to my side. "Don't make decisions quickly."

"Hey, that's superstition," Deia yells at Mogrok.

"Have you seen Kyo in your future?" I ask her. I need to know what she can see and can't see.

"Kyo?" She takes a glance at Kyo. "I have seen him going to the higher realm with you."

So, nothing happens before I go to the higher realm. Keeping this God happy is the right way then. I can kiss him. It's no problem as long as it keeps the Dark God away.

"You are coming with us." I grab her hand and pull her up. "Deia, you have to tell me all the futures regarding me, Kyo, and Mogrok. I want to know all the possibilities."

"I will tell you everything." Deia gives me a big smile. She seems to understand what I want.

"In return, I will help you find your spirit," I promise her. Keeping equivalent exchange is a good thing.

"Master, it is a bad idea." Mogrok opposes strongly. I take Mogrok the corner and whisper to him in a low voice, "If she comes with us, we can keep eyes on the Dark God's future actions."

"Master, you are clever. I won't eat her then." Mogrok concedes. "But, Master, can you trust her?"

"I will take the chance."

I will take any chance that keeps the Dark God as Kyo.

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