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23.94% His Devious Harbinger: How To Tame A Wicked God? / Chapter 55: This bracelet suits you

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Chapter 55: This bracelet suits you

I stop and look behind. Kyo isn't following me. I don't know why I lost my temper when he became stubborn about eating with his left hand. If he grows up, is he going to stay beside me? What if the Dark God takes over and my Kyo disappears completely? Would he need me if he grows up?

I keep walking straight. I should clear my head first. I want him to grow up, but slowly. It's better if he takes a long time. I like taking care of him.

The streets are crowdy today. I stop in front of the shop. It's full of trinkets. The old woman grins at me. She gives me a ring. "Lady, this charm can attract love."

"I am not looking for love." I put down the ring. "Do you have something that can control the lust?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"You want men to lust after your body?" The old woman is excited. "I have exactly what you need."

She brings out a red bracelet. "If you wear it, no man in the three realms can resist your lady charms."

That's the opposite of what I want. "I want men to find me unattractive."

The old woman looks at me with confusion. "You want to repel men?"

Someone laughs beside me. "I don't think that there is any charm in the world that can make you look unattractive to men."

I face the hooded figure. "I didn't ask for your opinion."

"You could just ignore it." He takes the red bracelet from the old woman's hand. "There is not a drop of magic in it. Who are you scamming, old lady?"

Her eyes almost bulge out of her sockets. "That's impossible. There should be magic. I acquired it for a heavy price. "

"There was magic in it once, but it's absorbed by someone else. You were scammed by the person who sold it to you." The hooded figure tosses a gold coin to the old lady. "I will take this."

There is nothing interesting in the shop. I should buy some sleeping potion. If Kyo loses his control again and becomes lustful, I will make him sleep. When he grows up, he will understand why I am doing it.

"Wait." The hooded figure catches up to me. "I brought this for you."

I just met you and you brought a gift. What's this person is trying? "I can't take a gift from a stranger."

"We aren't strangers." He reveals his face to me. Vivid green eyes. Flaming red hair. Creamy skin. An amused smile on his lips and knowing look in his eyes. Physically, he should be around 15 or 16. The boy takes my wrist and puts on the red bracelet. "This bracelet suits you."

He bends down and kisses the back of her hand.


Deia's body is frozen still when she sees the hooded figure from her vision. Just like she had seen, the hooded figure is gazing at the entrance of the inn. He is taking long steps toward the inn. She pinches herself to see if this is a reality. She is finally meeting with her spirit.

Tears of happiness roll out on her face. She widens her arms. "My spirit, come to your master."

The hooded figure walks straight toward her. Finally. Finally. Finally. Her spirit is here to make her feel whole. He is coming closer and closer and closer. He just passed by her and didn't even take a glance. She opens her eyes. The hooded figure is going inside the inn.

"He wants to eat first?" Deia looks at the back with confusion. "It's okay. He has been roaming for a long time."

She follows the spirit inside. The spirit walks to Kyo who is still struggling with food. The spirit bends down on his one knee in front of Kyo and says, "Master, this servant is pleased to see you. This servant has been looking for you since the night you were awakened. Emperor father is waiting to see you. He sent me to take you to his realm. Please accept his invitation."

Though the people in the inn can't understand a thing that the spirit said, Deia and Mogrok could understand each word. Deia is shocked beyond words. Her spirit is choosing Kyo?

"Son of the betrayer." Mogrok glowers at the spirit. "The 12th God is shameless."

Kyo puts down the spoon. He ignores Mogrok, Deia, and the son of the betrayer. He has finished the meal on his own. It's time to find his sister and tell her about it. He walks out of the inn. The hooded figure also follows him behind while keeping a respectable distance. Mogrok feels exhausted. The son of the betrayer has made an appearance. What will happen now? Where is his master?

Kyo walks straight, following his gut to find his sister. Her heart will naturally attract him. Within 5 minutes, he reaches the place. His sister is talking to a man. The man suddenly bends down and kisses the back of her hand. A dark feeling arises in his chest. He strides toward his sister and slaps that man's hand away. "Don't touch what doesn't belong to you."

Aren furrows his brows. Who is this man? The skin on his hand is turning red.

Kyo takes Kresi's hand and looks at the red bracelet. The bracelet is this man's claim on her. He takes off the bracelet from her hand and squeezes in his palm. The red bracelet becomes red powder. He tries to rub off the kiss on the back of her hand.

She stares at him. "Kyo, what are you exactly doing?"

"He made your hand dirty. I am cleaning it," Kyo tells her with unhidden jealous tone. "Sister, you shouldn't let anyone kiss you."

Sister? Aren glances at Kresi. The man is looking at her like she is his woman. Then, why she is his sister? His eyes aren't golden. He's not a Mirin. They aren't biological siblings.

"Master, the son of the betrayer is here." Mogrok hops to reach her. "He wants to take him away."

Deia is standing behind her spirit. She sobs and says, "Kresi, Kyo is taking away my spirit."

"Master, please accept the invitation and come to the Dema continent with me." The hooded figure's voice is husky and deep. "Emperor father wants to see you."

Aren scans each person carefully with his eyes. A Dema. An unknown type of spirit beast. A blonde girl. His only interest is Kresi, the Renasir.

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