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1_ - His Naive Mr(?) Ji: Resisting Temptation - Chapter 1 by Canpy_Tim full book limited free

His Naive Mr(?) Ji: Resisting Temptation His Naive Mr(?) Ji: Resisting Temptation original

His Naive Mr(?) Ji: Resisting Temptation

Author: Canpy_Tim

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Chapter 1: 1_

Bai Yulin stepped out from a limousine and she proceeded to the red carpet. Her hips swayed right and left as her long legs took steps ahead. Her wavy hair cascaded down like waves. The dark purple dress she wore further complimented her fair white skin.

The slit made from her left waist down until her ankle was prominently showing off her bare thigh as she made movements through her walking.

Reporters swarmed from her left and right side, trying to squeeze their way further closer towards the goddess of beauty. Bai Yulin waved her hand amorously as she had a gentle smile gracing her lips.

"Ms. Bai! A picture, please!"

"Ms. Bai! You're so beautiful!"

"My goddess!"

The plentiful of compliments and sweet-talks made her halt her steps in the middle of the red carpet entranceway. She turned around as she lifted her sunglasses up. Bai Yulin's unnatural- or rare deep green eyes stared at the crowd of reporters.

They all stopped talking as if enchanted. Her eyes were always the most powerful- she could capture anyone's heart with those eyes as she was the goddess of beauty... a queen of modelling industry. She was always the one wearing the crown and bearing the throne. It had been so for these recent years as she managed to conquer the world with her beauty and talent.

"Thank you for your support, everyone. If anything- you can ask my manager." Bai Yulin's figure disappeared into the entrance of the hotel.

This was the venue for Sunflower's Fashion Exhibition. The only fashion show that was made up of two reputable fashion companies from Paris and another two big fashion companies from this country, joining hands together as the sponsors. This particular fashion show only came about once every three years.

Bai Yulin walked inside as her manager trailed after her in a hurry. Li Rou gasped for air as she approached Bai Yulin.

"Why are you so fast?! Don't just leave your bodyguards behind!" Li Rou scolded her model. What a headache for her to actually take care of Bai Yulin.

"You're my manager, you manage." Bai Yulin simply shrugged.

She was actually very excited though she tried not to show it. She had always dreamed of setting foot in this exhibition. It was her goal!

'Ahhh so ecstatic!!' she squirmed inwardly.

To others, Bai Yulin was a goddess bestowing them with her graces. She was an epitome of perfection and beauty. But to herself- Bai Yulin was simply an ordinary woman. A normal woman who had dreams and ambitions. Who craved for success and happiness. She was just like everyone else, periodt.

At home, she would sit in front of the living room watching K-dramas and tearing up at the sight of Lee Min Ho. When that was done, she would watch anime and marveled at the face of Levi Ackerman. Sometimes she would fangirl around and Li Rou had no choice but to listen to her ramblings on how cool Levi was.

Bai Yulin would sit down crossed-legs, slurping instant noodles at midnight while doing a marathon on TV. With her hair tied in a messy bun, her big, round old-fashioned glasses, and an oversized t-shirt with saggy pants. It was her overall routine whenever she didn't have jobs outside and when she was on break.

But nobody knew this, of course. Li Rou did a fairly good amount of jobs in covering up her private life. Li Rou would often warn Bai Yulin not to bring her 'real attitude' outside. She would also tell Bai Yulin to always maintain her image as a public figure. Basically misleading everyone into thinking she was a pristine of a goddess.

"Don't you ever forget the rules, Yulin!" Li Rou warned.

"Tsk- I know. How many times would you repeat this? I'm a professional. Have some faith for your highest paid model, will you?" Bai Yulin said in a hushed tone. Still maintaining her delicate smile.

When they arrived at the main hall, time seemed to stop. Everyone's eyes turned towards Bai Yulin and her entourage of bodyguards. People's eyes started to glimmer- especially men. Some women scoffed but some gave a smile.

At the center of the main hall stood a man in a black three piece suit. He was surrounded by the esteemed CEO's from all four grand fashion companies. He was tall and lean. His entire built screamed 'wow!' and 'tasty!'.

He seemed to be the center of attention but he never cared for anything. He noticed women's relentless gaze on him and he sighed in displeasure. But when he saw people's eyes moved from him towards a beauty coming from the entrance, his eyes followed.

There, he saw an ethereal goddess of beauty. As his eyes were fixed on her, his companions said "She's beautiful in real life than on magazine."

"So that's Bai Yulin, the top model for three consecutive years?" another man asked with an amused expression.

"I wish I could take her home." another seemed to size her up. He had a playful smirk on his face.

Ji Haishan turned away. His gaze didn't linger for long even though he really did find her pretty, maybe the prettiest woman he had ever seen in his life.

"Young master Ji, don't you want to ask her for a dance?" one of his companions asked, he was the CEO of BnQ Co, one of the famous brands in the world. He seemed to notice Ji Haishan's gaze over Bai Yulin.

"Go and ask her for a dance, young master Ji!" another one exclaimed with a smirk. He knew that Ji Haishan didn't dance. He never did.

This celebration was just a warm up. After some refreshments and relaxing drink would only the real fashion show began. People would then make their way to another grand hall for the show. And it seemed this year's initial program included a dance session?

Ji Haishan's eyes turned narrow. If only he knew about this beforehand, he wouldn't come. The figure of his grandfather inside his mind was about to burst like molten lava. This must be that old man's plan!

Bai Yulin was immediately swarmed by some people she recognized. They were all in the same industry as her- modelling. If not, some of them were actresses. She pictured a wide smile as she greeted everyone.

When it was time for the music to start, Bai Yulin looked around. She saw several men approaching. She knew exactly what they were doing. They wanted to offer her for a dance.

'The perks of being a celebrity.' she thought.

But nay...!

Bai Yulin wouldn't settle just for any man. She also had her own preference. Just like her handsome Lee Min Ho or charming Lee Seung Gi.

As a top model on demand, Bai Yulin had another responsibility: to preserve being on top. She took this very seriously as it was her dream to become a model but it was her ambition to stay at the top. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

And so... to do this, she had to sale up her own price. She should make it clear that she was expensive. And expensive beings deserve expensive care. Expensive care came from another expensive beings.

As her eyes circled the parameters, she found it. An expensive-looking man. Her lips curved up into a slight smile. She started to walk towards this man. People's eyes followed her and they were all shocked! She was going to his direction!

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