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Chapter 52: Returning to the sect

Michael activated the lightning dash and moved towards the direction of Sunrise sect like a bolt of lightning. The battle with the guards had made him completely understand his current combat strength and capabilities, so the battle had provided him with lots of insights on what part he needs to improve and focus on. For instance, he relied on the Responsive too much and didn't have a powerful nonlethal attack.

"Hey Gaya, do you think I beat them enough? How long will it take the guards to heal?" he asked while dashing towards the Sunrise sect.

"Why do you ask?"

"Just curious," he said but Gaya knew that he's brewing something evil in his mind and wanted more information from her. But when it comes to evil things, she liked the way he thinks and considered him a fellow evil-doer.

"I could have beat them more and crippled their cultivation, still, you did mess them up, especially the last guard. Without any expensive healing pills or portions, it will at least take them a year to get out of the bed, even then, they have to use a wheelchair or crutches for a couple of years to move around" He had no sympathy for the guards because they would have done the same to him if he was weak.

"What if they took a healing potion brewed by me?"

"Hahaha" Suddenly Gaya burst into evil laughter after hearing him,

"You're planning to sell Healing potions to the guards, the same guards who were beaten to half death by you in the first place, aren't you?"


"There's a 90 percent chance Jane would buy your Healing potions if you sell them in Bradford. Considering the way she was looking at the guards when you were beating them, I can tell she has a soft spot for them and hate to see her guards broken, after all, she was the reason for their state. I have to tell you human, I like the way you think"

"Thank you, snakey" he chuckled.

"Don't call me that" she shouted at him but he loved making her angry so her shout only made him more amused.

"So the last thing you said to her, is it true?" Although his bluff to Jane before leaving the scene was hushed, Gaya heard it loud and clear.

"What do you think?" instead of answering, he questioned her to see what's her take, after all, she wasn't a simple-minded person.

"I think what you said is half true, you don't have a family but you do, however, have someone powerful behind you. How else would you have learned Alchemy and these weird spells you use?" He was slightly surprised by her answer because it was spot on. The only thing she missed was the powerful person behind him is not an actual person but the system, the all-mighty badass system.

Of course, he wouldn't tell her about the system as only a stupid person would do that.

"Am I right?" Gaya asked and he sensed a tinge of proudness in her voice.

"Maybe" was his answer and then in a few minutes, they reached the outskirts of the Sunrise sect.

The Sect was located between River town and Bradford. Until now, he didn't pay much mind to the location but now he scanned everything while moving towards his house. It was a land with splendid mountain ranges and tall mountain peaks. The natural Arch energy was rich on top of the mountain compared to the mountain base or foothills.

Everywhere he turned, he could see nothing but lush green grasslands and various sizes of mountains. The scene vaguely resembled the Torre a Castello of Italy, only greener and more hills. If this place was on earth, it would have been a paradise for trekkers but he wondered why or how many plants surrounding the sect buildings dried up.

Adding to the beauty of the place, the mountains were surrounded by a faint fog. This place truly gave off a holy and noble feeling.

This mountain range was called Scarlet summit before it was named Sunrise Mountains by the founders of the Sunrise sect. Countless mountain peaks spread across the mountain range. It was said that the founder of the Sunrise Sect had discovered an underground Arch energy vein here, therefore, he occupied this place and established the Sunrise Sect. However, the energy vein of the Sunrise sect grew weaker and weaker with time and became one of the many reasons for the sect's current situation.

The energy vein, aside from it being able to provide the best cultivation environment and gather natural energies, was also a representation of fortune. Each of the three big sects had occupied land with energy veins, this was the reason why they were eternally prosperous and had produced countless geniuses.

"This place is beautiful!"

Stopping at the foothill, he stared at the beautiful scenery filled with light fog and couldn't help but praise it.

"Beautiful but the Arch energy density is weak, no wonder they cant produce powerful cultivators as the other three sects"

Gaya's voice sounded in his mind and her reaction was not like Michael's. Her experience was much richer compared to him. A small sect like the Sunrise sect wasn't qualified to even be ranked in Nagaland.

"Your royal highness, can you get out of my arm now?" Michael said sarcastically,

"For a moment, you sounded nice" she growled and appeared before him in her human form. Both of them started moving to walk up the mountain.

"Brother Ghost"

"Master Ghost!"

Just when they had ascended half the mountain, they heard some shouts, and then a few girls dressed in orange clothes walked towards them with a wide smile on their faces. But when some of the girls saw Gaya standing beside him, their faces lost the color and seemed discouraged.

Others quickly surrounded Gaya and curiously looked at her.

"You must be Sister Aelia"

"And who told you that?" She answered with her trademark scornful attitude as the girls laughed.

"You just like Teacher Mark said, hehe"

"And Brother Ghost, did you kill something on the way? You reek of blood"

One of the girls asked twitching her nose

"Just beat up some guards in Bradford" he casually said and continued to walk up the mountain.

"Yeah, the guards of Bradford Baron's daughter" the girls almost tripped when they heard Gaya and looked terrified

"Oh my god, you messed with Evil Jane? Please tell me, you didn't do anything to her"

"We left that bitch unharmed, for now," She shamelessly boasted to the girls while he chose to remain silent rather than spoiling her moment.

Since Gaya was said to be Ghost's friend, the girls didn't mock her for being a mortal girl as Gaya continued to describe everything that happened in Bradford and centered herself as the main character.

"Then Ghost stopped me from teaching the guard a lesson, if he didnt stop me, I would have broken a few more bones in his body" he stopped walking and stared at her but she gave him a 'let me have my moment' look as he sighed and continued walking up the mountain.

He was really surprised at her talent of lying so convincingly as the girls had already started to believe that she fought the guards beside him despite being a mortal. Looking at the girls eating out of her hands and Michael didn't say anything, Gaya lied through her teeth more boldly and enjoyed the worship and admiration in the girls' eyes.

Although the girls were terrified at the fact these two just messed with one of the most influential and dangerous persons in Bredia, the girls couldn't help but admire Ghost's valor and after Gaya's story, they also admired Gaya's courage, of course, only Michael knew what Gaya boasted was nothing but hogwash.

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