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Chapter 1 (1) The principal’s order is greater than the school rules

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It was another cold winter in the twisted contract, and Dunlideau broke his fingers and he has spent seven springs and autumns in this world.

There have been fragments of superheroes in this Marvel movie world, but there have not been too many changes.

After reading the information and modern news of the previous World War II, Dunliduo learned that this is another parallel Marvel movie world.

Here are the superheroes and super villains of the Marvel world, but the general is somewhat different from the regular Marvel movies, so this may be another parallel world of the Marvel movie world.

In particular, I haven't read any information about mutants here. It is obvious that as far as Dunridor knows, there are not many differences between the mutant world and the superhero world in the world of Marvel movies.

In fact, Dunlideau thought about it carefully. His Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry system was somewhat similar to the Mutant School, except that the Hogwarts system was even more buggy.

Dunridor has acquired the Hogwarts system for five years. The system has made some changes to Hogwarts, and he has some new understandings of Hogwarts.

It can be said that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in this world is a new Hogwarts based on the Hogwarts known to Dunridor.

In the first half of the year, Dunridor was used to prepare for the normal operation of Hogwarts School. After all, the source of the ingredients, the students' living environment, daily supplies, and school supplies must be guaranteed.

Every six months, Dunridor personally conducts a large-scale enrollment. Many of the operations of Hogwarts are done by Dunridor himself.

Because on the one hand, he has become accustomed to this kind of life, and on the other hand, the most important point is that all things related to magic and the construction of Hogwarts are extracted from the system in his brain and cannot be replaced by others.

Although it is difficult for those who rely on technology to believe that the fantasy world really exists, when more and more technologies and myths that transcend technology appear before their eyes, their worldview has experienced shocks again and again. Many people with big brains are already thinking about whether there is really an invisible door in the old train station in Hell's Kitchen, which leads to a vast and enchanted world.

Every winter and summer, these magic apprentices have winter and summer vacations, and this time is also the time period for Dunliduo to organize enrollment.

Before enrolling students this year, Dunridor will sacrifice more than ten or twenty minutes of his spare time to change the school rules of Hogwarts that are hidden in this world.

Because there will be half a year before the first group of students graduated from magic for five years, after graduation, there must be new rules to restrict these magicians who graduated from Hogwarts.

However, due to the age of the original school rules, many loopholes were found by the students, which became an excuse for the scouting boys to confront the teachers.

[Article 1: You must not refute the orders of the teacher and the principal during the school period. If the teacher has irregular operations in the classroom or after class, he can report it to the dean or principal. ]

[Article 2: School forbidden areas and forests outside the school are forbidden. Students are not allowed to enter without the guidance of a teacher. ]

[Article 3: You are not allowed to leave the school privately while you are in school, and you can ask relevant teachers for leave for special events. ]

[Article 4: Students in school are not allowed to use magic in the world outside the school, and the use of dangerous magic in school should also be done under the guidance of the teacher, and it is not allowed to use magic to fight privately in the school. ]

[Article 5: Smoking, drinking, and falling in love are prohibited during school. Boys and girls should have their own private space for activities, and boys and girls are not allowed to step into each other's bedroom. ]

[Article 6: After students graduate, the school still has the power to supervise and manage the use of magic. Graduates who use magic outside the school should avoid unnecessary troubles and cause external panic and suspicion. ]

[(Once a student violates the law and school rules, deduction of personal score, deduction of class score, deduction of college score, detention, physical punishment, expulsion from school, deprivation of the right to use magic, etc., will be given according to the severity of the circumstances.)]

[(Finally, the principal has the final right to interpret the school regulations, and the principal's orders are greater than the school regulations.)]

This new school rule is much simpler and easier to understand than the old one in a large section. It only regulates some rules that students must abide by in the school, and it also avoids all kinds of complaints when students have to memorize the school rules.

It's just that this school rule is more blatant, and in the last supplementary statement it uses the overlord clause that no other school does not have.

Directly using larger letters and words than other school regulations to write "the principal's orders are greater than the school regulations",

So how do students protect their own rights? If the principal's behavior is not standardized, and what yardstick does the principal have to measure the principal's right or wrong, Dunliduo's answer is naturally no.

This simple, easy-to-understand school policy is just a warning board for students to understand what to do and not to do.

In that secret parallel world, the principal has the ability to deprive students of the right to use magic, and has the power to set up someone to pass through the nine and three-quarters platform of the abandoned train station from the Hell's Kitchen, and the external laws cannot threaten it at all. In that parallel world, there is no Ministry of Magic to supervise, and there is no competition from the other three magic schools.

Under this premise, Principal Dunlidor did not arrogantly say that his own words are King Fa, he did not claim to be the main god of Hogwarts world, and he just wrote low-key on the school regulations.

Of course, the first lesson for the students is to memorize the school rules. It is impossible to imagine what it is like when there are waves of "the principal's orders are greater than the school rules" throughout the campus.

In fact, Hogwarts in the original "Harry Potter" also has many unbelievable school rules.

For example, students are not allowed to read black magic books in the forbidden area of ​​the library, so why put these books here? For example, if you are late because of the moving stairs of the school, the students-think they are unlucky.

In the past four and a half years, the school has more than a thousand magic students, but Dunliduo only summarized the necessary living and learning environment. The school has no moving stairs, no beating willows, and no responsive room.

Now that the school is on the right track, it is time to extract some novel gadgets in the system, otherwise Hogwarts is still just a dead thing.

It is worth mentioning that ghosts and vivid paintings in the system belong to decorations. He doesn't even understand who has holes in the brains and decorates them with ghosts!

Regardless of the old and new school regulations, it is mentioned that no entry into the prohibited forest is allowed, which makes the students full of fantastic ideas about the prohibited forest, thinking what a wonderful world it is, in fact, there is no hair except for the tree.

It's time for Dunridor to throw a few spiders, a few unicorns and a centaur, and let them run happily in the forest near Hogwarts.

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