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66.3% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 59: Abner Stands In...

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Chapter 59: Abner Stands In...

Turning around, Foo notices that Abner indeed have stepped in a deceptively deep crater. He was currently struggling to make it back up.

Rushing forward to help him, the receptionist then pulled him up.

"Ah, thanks..." Abner embarrassingly said. It was not that dangerous, he could have made it up by himself. In fact, he had wished that they did not see his embarrassed state... But the receptionist just had to be so observant that she saw it...

"You dropped this!" he said while picking up the token that she accidentally dropped on the ground when she was in a rush to pull him up. Luckily he had noticed it falling when he was busily averting his gaze in embarrassment.

"Are you alright?" the receptionist asked worriedly, clearly more concerned about him than the token.

"I am fine! I was just... inspecting the depth of the puddles!"

Clearly not buying his excuse, she then circled him to make sure he was not injured.

Ignoring her, Abner then held out the token towards Foo, "It is your token, I presume?"

"Yes, thank you." Foo replied as he stretched out to take it.

However, as he touched it, a message popped up.


Management position not assigned!

Do you wish to assign `Abner` as [Stand-in Section Head]?


Stunned by this unexpected message, Foo thought about the possibilities. He had tried to escape from the position of the section head. It was filled with responsibilities and bothersome stuff after all.

There was probably no way for him to find someone to replace him, and he was quite sure that the academy would not let him just resign. Not that they could stop him, but he did not want to be seen as a quitter.

If he was to quit, he had to at least make sure that the position was filled. And this `Stand-in Section Head` was just perfect for that! It was clearly made for heaping over all responsibilities!

And as he still held the `Section Head` position, he could still boss around in the third section as much as he wanted. Privileges and no responsibilities! This was perfect!

He was a bit reluctant to let go of the section head position, as it should give him some privileges after all, but now he might not have to!

Hurriedly he answered yes to the message, and was rewarded with another message:


`Abner` is now assigned as [Stand-in Section Head]!


A sudden yelp of surprise from Abner seemed to indicate the he had gotten a message too.

"How it is?" Foo asked him.

"Me? A [Stand-in Section Head]?! How is this possible?!"

Abner's wide eyes spoke of his disbelief.

"Was you not just joking around earlier? I am actually the stand-in section head? It even says that it gave me the title [Stand-in Section Head]!"

Overjoyed, he started to get excited, as the last of the doubts were slowly giving away.

"What?" the receptionist inquired, "He made you the stand-in section head?"

Clearly unable to understand his choice, she then asked, "Why him? Have you known him for long? Is he not new to the academy? Is he good at administration?"

Clearly pouting over that she was not chosen.

In fact, Foo had just acted quickly when he saw an opportunity before him. He did not know... this man... ah, Abner! That well. And was new to the academy and Foo had no idea if he was any good at administration. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The receptionist might have been a better choice, as she had some experience with the academy. But if Foo changed his choice now, would that not hurt Abner? And how could Foo admit that he choose the wrong person?

There was definitely deep and profound reasons behind Foo's choice. For example... uh... Ah, yes! The other elders might look down on women, and thus it would be easier for Abner to interact with them.

The fact that he did know for sure if there was such a notion in this world, and the fact that the receptionist might be able to charm her way with the elders, did not make the reasoning any less valid.

Even Foo had a hard time justifying the assignment. Rubbing his temples, he worked hard to find a reasonable excuse. However, he suddenly got a bright idea. Fate! It was fate! Yes, it was meant to be, so one should not question why!

"Oh, right..." Abner then responded dejectedly, "I am truly unfit for this position..."

"Ahahaha! Do not say that! It was fate that guided you towards this position. You are destined for greatness!"

"But I—"

"No buts! You might be a bit inexperienced, but I am sure that... this capable lady would be delighted to help you out! Lets make her your advisor!"

When Foo thought of this arrangement, he suddenly realised that it was quite clever. As the stand-in, Abner would take the blunt of the elders offencive, and that would leave the capable receptionist safe in the background, helping him out whenever he need it.

As a smart woman, the receptionist quickly catched on to the arrangement. Having someone to distract the elders would allow her to work more efficiently. Based on Abner's seemingly agreeable personality, she should be able to be the de facto leader.

But then again, she would have to fix that meek personality of his if he was going to be of use...

Suddenly, she happened to reflect over the name of Abner's position.

"Eh? Why did you make him the stand-in head? Are you going somewhere?" se asked.

Coughing lightly, Foo answered, "You are overthinking things! I will stay here for now!"

He could not tell them that he planned to dump everything on them and run away. They might think of him as irresponsible and lazy or something... And he would stay for now, he had some elders to prove wrong after all...

But right now he could only rejoice in the fact that his perfect plan seemed to unroll without any problems. He just had to make sure that the section was rebuild and that the students were prepared. When that was done, he could run away at any time, free from any guilty thoughts.

Just as he was thinking of dumping more responsibilities on them, he got another message:



Your deep concern about the management of your section have moved the heavens.

The title [Irresponsible Section Head] gained!


[Irresponsible Section Head]

Do your work properly, you lazy cheat!


``The heck! How can you call me a lazy cheat?! It is called optimizing the use of available resources!``

ZombieSpy ZombieSpy

I noticed that I have different styles in the system messages for gaining titles... Which type do you prefer? I might not go back and fix old ones, but I can try to make it more consistent in the future.

By the way, two chapters! The hype!

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