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4.34% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 2: Beginnings

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Chapter 2: Beginnings

The bright light slowly subsided, and Foo noticed that he stood in the corner of a lively plaza.

"Welcome to the city of beginnings" Sounded a monotone and almost lifeless voice.

Looking around and Foo saw that he was standing inside some sort of ritual circle. And the listless voice belonged to some sort of official that was seated close by. He had the airs of an veteran; one could feel that he had been saying that single sentence innumerable times, and was almost bored to death by it. Although his neat and scholarly robes, along with his frail build, indicated that he was not a warrior, it seemed like he would gladly pick up a sword and charge towards unbeatable enemies, just to vent his frustrations of this boring task.

By looking around to further assess his current situation, Foo noticed that there was multiple of these `teleportation circles` around, and further away was a queue of people stepping inside another lone circle, that seemed to be an outgoing teleportation circle, instead of the multiple incoming ones like the one he had come through. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The people in the queue all had medieval outfits. A couple of knights could be spotted, some that looked like priests, some merchant-like but most looked like the classical adventurers.

"Please step out of the teleportation circle, so that others may use it" Sounded the same dull voice again. Foo then quickly stepped outside of the circle, as one could not be sure if there were any kind of fail-safe that prevented another person to be teleported to the same space he occupied.

By tallying the facts Foo came to the conclusion that after he died, he was sent to this medieval world by the God. Although it could be much worse, he still felt pained over the fact that computers were most likely not existing in such a setting. But suddenly he came back to his senses. ``Priests? Teleportation circles? Magic!!`` Elated, Foo realized that it was quite likely, no actually it was a fact, that magic existed in this world. Magic! How could one not be ecstatic about magic?

And magic could explain why he suddenly had a body, although just some moments before he was just a soul. At that thought he looked down on his body, intent on figuring out the status of his new being.

He found out that his body was like the one he had before, and the clothes he was wearing was now that of a adventurer, not unlike some in the outgoing queue. It even came with a sword, a dagger and a pouch, which after further investigation showed to contain some coins. One golden coin, ten silver coins and ten copper coins.

The clothes was much more stiff than he was used to, although it was probably because it was much more resistant than just normal clothes. As it seemed to be able to protect against some minor attacks, the discomfort would probably be well worth it.

The whole getup reminded him of the fully immersive virtual reality role playing fantasy games he had played back home. Although even after some extensive testing, he could not bring up any kind of menu or status screen.

A bit disappointed that there where no game elements he was at a loss on what to do next. A game would be helpful enough to provide a tutorial, not that he usually would follow it if he could exploit *cough* explore on his own anyway, but it would be nice to fall back on when unsure on what to do.

Another glance at the official and he got the feeling that if he were to initiate a dialog to ask some questions, he would either get into a fight as the official was obviously fed up with his job, or the official would get excited to have something to do, and thus Foo would never be able to escape from the constant blabbering of unimportant information.

Neither of the possibilities was desired, as such he resigned to his circumstances and strolled over the plaza that was filled with people passing to and fro. The plaza had different kind of stands that was selling merchandise. There was food, armor, weapons, potions and curious artifacts.

Although he was interested in the artifacts, he knew for sure that this should be a tourist trap with way higher prices and lower quality than reasonable. And he also had no idea of the value of the currency, not even the exchange rate between the different denominations.

It could be dangerous to even look too closely at the artifact, because from the sly eyes of the seller one could be assure that if they started to speak you would end up penniless with nothing but junk in your pockets. These was masters of their trade, even if you came prepared, as long as they could sense any tiny bit of weakness they would certainly exploit you for maximum of profits.

So Foo quickly left the plaza with only a few glances on the items for sale. The feeling of relief when he exited the plaza was not to far from how it would have been to exit an ocean filled with sharks that were sniffing for blood that you might spill if you were careless.

As a newcomer to this world, Foo knew there was only one thing that he could do in this situation. Register as an adventurer! Anyone would know that this is the proper action to take when arriving in a fantasy world. Of course, there might be a possibility that there were no such thing, but Foo had spotted quite some people that was looking quite like adventurers. There might not be a classical adventurers' guild, but he sure as hell would try to find it if it indeed does exist.

Of course, the next action after that would be to hunt some goblins or similar in the surroundings. A game would have some tutorial and quests as introduction, but this seemed more like a fantasy world, and thus the adventurer path was most likely the correct one.

Foo was no stranger to either games or fantasy worlds. In fact he was quite the avid player of the fully immersive virtual reality games in his old world. He was quite the skilled warrior, although he liked magic more. Of course, normally he could not use much of his martial knowledge in the real world, as the body in the real world was quite different from that in the games.

However currently his body felt free from the constraints that he had in the old world. It felt as if the body was able to follow his mind on a completely different level. He was confident that he could use all the hours of playing martial games to his advantage, were he to be in a fight.

Foo suddenly snapped out of his thoughts as he arrived in front of an imposing building. The words `Adventurers' guild` was hanging above the doors. ``Lucky!`` He thought, although it was more probable it was by design that you could travel directly between the plaza with teleportation circles and the Adventurers' guild. As it was clearly an important building.

Without any hesitation whatsoever, Foo pushed open the doors and entered.

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