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8.69% How Can You Call Me a Cheater? / Chapter 6: Exposed?

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Chapter 6: Exposed?

Foo was at a complete loss when he read about the titles. But as a grown up man he could handle this in a mature way; put the head in the sand and pretend it is not there if he do not see it.

Quickly averting his focus and thoughts about this status pane, he noticed an odd atmosphere. Hurriedly he assesses the situation and notices that everyone present is staring dumbfounded at the glowing stone. A quick glance at the stone in question reveals that in the space above the stone there are three screens in a triangular structure so that one can read the contents from everywhere in the surroundings.

``Oh shit!`` Foo thought. ``Do not tell me that this is one of the settings where your stats are shown to the public?!`` With great worry Foo the reads the content of the screen:


Name: [Techno Wizard] Foo

Class: Hacker


With a sigh of relief, Foo reflected: ``Thanks God that the, obviously incorrect, `Cheater` title did not show up. Wait! No! Do not thank God, it was his fault to begin with! Obviously tampering with the titles! ... But still, the amount of information displayed can still be quite hard to explain... Oh, well, lets just let the situation resolve itself.``

Pretending to be ignorant of whatever they was stunned by... Well, no, he was truly clueless of what they were reacting to, but decided not to disturb them.

Some minutes ticked by.

"This... What is `Hacker`?" Einar finally asked no one in particular. "It is definitely not a simple class, but i never heard about it being legendary either?"

A bit more knowledgeable and an expert regarding classes Wissian explains: "It is indeed unusual. I have never heard of it before. However if we study its meaning, it should roughly mean something like `Slasher`? Not that i have heard of that being a class either. It should be pertaining around a certain movement with the sword? It is basically a specialized warrior class?"

Enlightened Einar exclaims "Ah! So that is how it is! Does not sound like a legendary class though. But warrior classes are quite good, and a specialized class on top of that is even better!"

Wissian then continues: "But what I am confused about is why there is the [Techno Wizard] title... Lets ignore the fact that it is really hard to gain a title, but it is actually a wizardly title, while his class is a warrior one. Although there are cases where warriors use magic, that would usually require a special class, like the holy magic of the `Paladin`, the curses and black magic of a `Death knight` and the all around 'Magic warrior'. There might be a case when you cover multiple classes before the awakening puts your final class, but i have never heard of anyone that have mastered magic without the help of the system! The only way to get magic classes is to use scrolls and to pursue knowledge, but that would not give an actual wizardly title, maybe a title pertaining to knowledge like `Scholar of magic` at most." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Wrecking his brain for an answer, Wissian continues: "And i have never heard of the element of `Techno`." After thinking for a while he comes to an conclusion: "Ah! I know! This `Techno` should thus pertain to knowledge in some way, it basically means that one is knowledgeable in magic, but cannot use it yet!"

``Oh!`` Foo thought. ``That is perfect! I would say that i know about magic, lots of different kinds of magics in fact. But i have yet to use any, so the explanation is perfect! It might even make it easier for me to get into a magic school or anything similar. And it is not too far away from the truth either, as Clarke's law says: `Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.`, so it is not a lie to say that the title is regarding magic. Waiting for others to prepare the facts for you is indeed a wise move. Desperately trying to explain things will only increase the risk of being exposed.``

"How clever of you! Your insight is really deep! I have indeed some knowledge about magic, but i have never seen it in action, and i do not know if the information is correct. Some things i have learned are even contradictory, so i would have to do some proper study before i would dare to say that i know magic." Foo explained, making further safety nets in order to explain himself if he were to be completely clueless about the magic in this world.

"Ah, such a shame that i cannot help you!" Wissian exclaimed. "I can only use holy magic, with is an entirely different concept. And mages are really secretive on how magic works, as they are afraid of magic and warrior hybrids. Special classes would still be acceptable, but if all warriors were somehow able to learn magic, the standing of mages would diminish significantly."

Although Foo also wanted to know about this holy magic, he felt it was best to end the discussions. What if it led to talking about himself? That would definitely not be good! Although he was an expert in lie... er... linguistics, it was always best to minimize the risk factors.

While the other audience was conflicted on whether this `Hacker` class was awesome or not, Foo turned to Einar. "Well, lets go back and do the ranking test, shall we?"

"Yes! I really want to know how a `Hacker` fights! What better way is there but to do actual fighting?" Einar agreed.

"Hoho, then i must join in too." Wissian exclaimed.

"But what about the temple?" Einar suspiciously asked.

"Ah, God is looking over us, and fate is not be defied. Everything will work out." Wissian assured with a bright smile, while chasing them out.

``Right...`` was the collected thought of those present.

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