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Chapter 80: Invasion

After agreeing on the course of action, an elder stood out as their representative.

"I am currently the one most familiar with the concept of scripting. Although I say that, I can't claim that I know anything concrete about it. I failed to make any sense of it when I pursued it. As such I can only give you some general information."

At the words, Foo was disappointed. He had hoped that someone knew about it. Even if they refused to teach him, he could find ways... But it seemed as if no one knew about it. Else they would certainly brag about it. They were not the type able to pretend a lack of knowledge. Rather the opposite.

Unaware of Foo's thoughts, but noticing his look of disappointment, the elder continued, "The information about scripting is regarded as taboo. For multiple reasons it is being suppressed. Of course, we as an academy with great renown had some information regarding it. However, it was all lost in the accident earlier today."

Foo could only curse at the incompetence of the wizard section head. If he failed, that would be alright. But why did he have to destroy it too!?

Sighing over the damage to the library, the elder then resumed, "Those that have information are often really secretive about it. But if someone have it, it would be The Inquisition. They have been gathering, destroying and suppressing the information for ages. Although it is not forbidden to pursue and use the knowledge, they are especially eager to pin crimes of planning to destroy humanity in such cases."

Judging from his tone, he seemed to have deeper grudges than just them destroying the library just now.

"So your best bet is to seek them out. Or you could seek out other institutes of knowledge. However, you would have to convince them to let you see it first. There have also been some speculations that the dragons knows about it. But there have been no dragon activity for ages. You would have to try to find a nest and hope that they are uncharacteristically feeling magmous."

The plan had unexpectedly resulted in multiple viable options. Foo was really surprised that the elders could be so helpful! But then again, why did it feel like two of the three options would lead to a slow and torturous death? And the one left had an unsure outcome, possible also ending in death...

But that was only from the elders' point of view. Foo had no fear. But then again, thinking back on the old man's tales, it should be parsed; Foo had few fears! And the earlier mentioned options were not amongst them! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After saying his piece, the elder sat down.

As the matter with the cleaning plan was dealt with, the warrior section head then spoke to Foo, "You said earlier that you have spoken with the gatekeeper? And that it had observed the wizard section head... or should I say former section head... had been acting suspicious around the portal? And that it possibly had some relations with The Abyss? Please, do tell us more!"

Not expecting the elders to do their jobs properly and be so thorough, Foo almost panicked as he constructed some believable lies. It was not that hard, it was just a bit unexpected.

But before Foo could share his elaborate and magnificent lies, an elder from the warrior section jumped out.

"I had not expected the wizard section head to be so sloppy! Count yourself unlucky that you happened to stumble upon his traces! You know too much, and have to die!"

The startled elders then noticed that the two elders that were seated at the side of him suddenly had started to decompose. The energic elder seemed to have used some vile poison to kill them as he left his seat!

The whole room flew into chaos as they tried to distance themselves from the corpses. The gas that was currently being emitted from the corpses was most certainly poisonous too! To be able to instantly kill two high level warriors, the poison had to be quite potent.

However, before the elder had even left his seat, the few students that had followed Foo inside the room had already spread out in a protective formation around him. Their speed and gasp of the situation were truly marvelous.

Startled by the reaction from the students, the elder postponed his attack. Such skills displayed by the students was alarming. Although they moved a tad clumsily and slow due to their bodies, every action was well planned and executed.

He had not even bothered to give them a single glance before. But now he could sense a strong battle aura from them. They were no weaklings! They had an even fiercer aura then the warrior elders. They truely must have seen many unspeakable horrors on countless battlefields to become so fearsome!

The elder shivered at the thought. Not that he was scared of them. He was prepared to die if he had to. But the amount of pain and hardship that they would have to go through to have such battle auras tore in the heart that he thought he had lost many years ago.

Even as their enemy, he still felt pain for their suffering. Of course, that would not stop him at all. Just a bit pain or empathy would not be enough to stop him from carrying out the cause.

However, just as he started to resolve himself to do a suicidal attack at Foo, he could sense a presence nearby.

"Haha! Our plan is in motion! Nothing can stop it!"

Turning towards the elders, he then continued, "This is your only chance of survival; join our evil faction or die! After the confrontation with the inquisitor, the army that we have built up over the years was let loose! It is currently slaughtering everyone in the academy! It was originally intended for the arrival of the Devil, but we will have to improvise at this point!"

Giving a mocking smirk to the elders, he continued, "We have intimate knowledge about the academy. There is not use in struggling! The army will butcher the weak minded students in no time at all. Not even the experienced teachers stand a chance! And their sheer numbers combined with their fighting potential will be able to take you on. And if one add me into the mix, you are as good as dead!"

Then turning towards the door, he proudly exclaimed, "And now one of the generals is arriving to report about the missarbly destruction of the academy! You should hurry up and surrender before my patience is up!"

He was a bit surprised that they finished so quickly. The plan was that he should stall for time, so that the elders could not interfere with the annihilation. And when they were done, they would team up against the elders. And he would try to assassinate as many as possible.

Due to the matter with Foo, he could no longer wait, and had to settle with only two kills. But he could not let Foo divulge any more of their plan. There was a tiny risk that an elder could escape, or that they somehow managed to send out information.

As his last words rung out, the door opened. In stumbled a... wretched mass of blood and flesh. It was humanoid, but had so many cuts that it no longer looked anything like human. On many places the bones were visible, all other were drenched in pungent blood.

Although it was hideous in nature, it was clear to anyone that its appearance was not intended, it was simply cut beyond recognition. However, one thing was clear. It was definitely not human. It would be impossible for a human to survive such wounds. If wounds could even begin to describe the amount of devastation that was dealt to the body.

"My lord! It failed! The army is destroyed! We had no chance! They took us with surprise! The students from the third section—"

However, before he could finish, a sword was lodged into the back of his head. Finally unable to bear the unreasonable amount of damage, the body fell to the ground, quickly forming a pool of blood on the floor.

Standing behind him was a warrior student clad in tattered clothing. Clearly a `trash` student from the third section.

Seeing all gazes focused at him, the student embarrassedly scratched his head as he turned towards Foo.

"My body is a bit weak at the moment. As I have not had the opportunity to start my training program yet. But rest assured, you do not have to make a training course for me! As I start training tomorrow, there will be huge improvements! As for now, I have to beg for forgiveness over struggling so much to take down this small fry!"

The elder was speechless. That was one of his generals! They were roughly on the level of an elder, maybe a tad weaker. And this man was calling them... small fry? And he was so sincere and genuinely apologetic!

The traitor felt as if the whole world had gone crazy. His whole army had been destroyed? The highest level of the army was treated as small fry? He had carefully observed the academy's strength, and was sure that it would not be able to retaliate at all. So where did this unknown force come from?

The general said something about `the third section` just before he died? And the man that killed him did indeed seem like he came from there? How was that possible?! They were just trash!

They were just a gathering of students that were too weak to be in the proper sections. Since when did they become so formidable?

Looking at the students around Foo, the traitor then realized that they also seemed to come from the third section. Judging from their aura and movements, he could see how it was possible for a whole lot of them to take care of his army.

But since when did they become so fearsome?! Thinking back on how they seemed to treat his strongest generals as if trash, he felt an urge to puke blood.

He started to feel light headed due to his extreme emotions. His last thoughts before passing out was, ``It must be a trap! The Inquisition had planted their top experts in the third section! That is cheating!``

Had Foo heard his thoughts, he would definitely refute him. He did not cheat, okay?

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